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Examen la dublu

Bulă şi cu Ştrula merg la examen. Strulă da primul examenul: – Care este cel mai bun scriitor român? – Mihai Eminescu. – Cand s-a unit Romania cu Transilvania? – 1918. – Există viaţă pe altă planetă? – Nu se ştie, încă nu s-a descoperit! Ştrulă trece examenul şi îi spune lui Bulă, care era […]

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Stressed At Work? Not To Worry…Creative Agency Imaginarte Has The Solution For Everyone Stuck At A Desk with “NiceBalls”

Creative ad agency Imaginarte presents Niceballs : A pendulous prosthetic supplement that sticks to your desk in a simple, discreet and efficient manner.

Its suspension rate generates a Euclidean curve relaxes and provides those seconds of escape that we all need from time to time. Thus, after touching the balls , you can change your "mode" to let the balls .

“The thing I miss most when going back to work is sitting around playing with my balls. Work is all about backlogs and stress. A few months ago we set about finding a fun solution to the problem,” says Antonio Piñero, Manager of Imaginarte. He adds: “The main idea was to find that difficult balance between being continuously productive whilst, quite literally, playing with your balls.”

If you were hoping to get your hands on these dangle doodles, don't get too excited yet. NiceBalls is the first product designed to be launched completely out of stock. It will be available in an extremely limited collector edition that we haven't figured how to get...yet.

The Credits:
Creative Agency: Imaginarte
Raúl Rodríguez Romeo
El Taller de Piñero
Offbeat Estudio
Marta García Esteve
Rafa Pérez Calvo
Almudena Gómez Jiménez
Ángela Rico Almodóvar

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See This Young Couples Tranquil Moment After Doing The Deed In Black Cow Vodka’s Newest Advert: “Meadow”

RSA Films’ Jake Scott directs this mesmerizing new film for England’s Black Cow Vodka, the only vodka made entirely from the milk of grass grazed cows and nothing else. Playful and oozing sex appeal, the dreamlike ad is set in the English countryside where a young couple is glowing in the aftermath of enjoying the uniquely distilled spirit ... and perhaps a little something else.

The Credits:
Creative Agency - RSA Films
Director – Jake Scott
Producer – Cindy Burnay
DP – Mark Patten
Editor – Dave Webb, Final Cut
Sound – Oliver Tarney
Post – The Mill

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In Light of Camera Market Decline, Canon to Start Selling its CMOS Sensors

Nikkei reports that Canon will supply image sensors to other manufacturers for the first time, anticipating demand for the technology in building self-driving cars, robots and other smart devices. The plan is to start sell sensors within two years. The company has already assembled a team to launch the business.

Canon manufactures its image senors at two plants in Kanagawa Prefecture near Tokyo and one in southern Japan's Oita Prefecture. So far, all the capacity is used in the company's digital cameras and some video cameras. With the camera market shrinking, Canon aims to offset a decline in sensor output.

Not to clash with Sony and others already holding substantial shares of the market for general-purpose CMOS sensors, Canon intends to supply specialized devices for automotive and industrial applications. Besides cars and robots, it envisions its sensors helping guide drones, as well as sharpening the vision of traffic-monitoring systems. However, other image sensor manufacturers are also pursuing automotive and industrial applications.

Canon's in-house supply of CMOS sensors ranks fifth in the world in terms of value, with a roughly 5% market share, according to Tokyo-based TSR. Sony leads the market, with a 40%-plus share, followed by Samsung Electronics at nearly 20%.

Canon is working on Super Machine Vision (SMV), a next-generation vision system that surpasses the abilities of the human vision system, by leveraging its dual-pixel AF from cameras and business machines while also taking advantage of the image-recognition and data-processing capabilities employed in face-detection and character-recognition technologies.

In an unrelated news, Canon develops a global shutter CMOS sensor that achieves expanded DR through new drive method. When the newly developed CMOS sensor converts light into electrical signals and stores the signal charge in memory, the new drive system is said to achieve a significant expansion in full well capacity. Also, because it employs a structure that efficiently captures light and each pixel incorporates an optimized internal configuration, the sensor makes possible increased sensitivity with reduced noise. The expanded full well capacity, realized through the sensor’s new drive system, and substantial reduction in noise, enabled by the new pixel structure, combine to deliver a wide dynamic range, facilitating the capture of high-image-quality, high-definition footage even when shooting scenes containing large variances in brightness.

Canon will explore various industrial and measurement applications for the newly developed CMOS sensor and consider deploying it in the field of video production for cinema production applications, TV dramas, commercials and more.

Canon GS WDR sensor prototype

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