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LiDAR News: Livox, Apple, Canon-Pioneer, ON Semi

Livox goes though a learning cycle that incumbent LiDAR companies like Velodyne went a long time ago:"After hearing from end-users about their specific needs, we’re releasing three new Livox Mid Series firmware for special application testing. Multi-Re...

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NHK R&D Journal Issue on Image Sensing Devices

March 2019 issue of NHK STRL R&D Journal devoted to imaging devices being developed by the company:Dark Current Reduction In Crystalline Selenium-Based Stacked-Type CMOS Image SensorsShigeyuki IMURA, Keitada MINEO, Kazunori MIYAKAWA, Masakazu NANBA...

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Twelve Challenges Perceptions of Insurance Marketing with New Co-Op Insurance Campaign: ‘For Life’s Adventures’

Co-op Insurance has launched a social media brand campaign created in partnership with award-winning creative agency, PSONA Twelve, titled ‘For Life’s Adventures’.

The campaign was designed to challenge the existing negative tone of many insurance adverts and instead celebrates the wonderful, positive adventures in life that insurance enables us to do.

The centrepiece of the advert is a unique branded podium featuring a button labelled ‘press for adventure’. The adverts show curious pedestrians walking towards the flashing sign before receiving cards with a suggested adventure on it: a little girl is encouraged to give a+ gift, a woman dances with a hula hoop, and a holiday-goer is challenged to pack a suitcase as quickly as possible.

The work advertises Co-op Insurance’s full range of services including Travel, Car, Pet, Life and Home, each scenario reflecting that the company is there to take care of customers as they embark on their life’s adventures, big and small.

Neame Ingram, Creative Director at PSONA Twelve, said: “When it comes to insurance, most brands typically sell it on price, prangs and peace of mind. We wanted to take a different approach that brought people’s minds back to fun and away from seeing buying insurance as mundane or complex.”

Chris Twigg, Head of Digital added: “We wanted PSONA Twelve to deliver a campaign that fit with the persona and voice of the wider Co-op Group: friendly, helpful, and community-focused. Their work has achieved this brilliantly and illustrates that insurance doesn’t have to be something to be afraid of.”

The campaign launches on the 18th April for one month across social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Stories).

The podium that has been created will also be used at events throughout the UK, allowing Co-op Insurance to maximise value of the campaign.

Title/Project: Co-op Insurance: For Life’s Adventures
Agency: Psona Twelve / Twelve
Agency contact: Kate Knight
Agency contact job title: Group Account Director
Client name: Debbie Aspery
Client job title: Social Media & SEO Specialist

Client name: Anna Morley
Client job title: Digital Engagement Lead
Creative Director: Neame Ingram
Creative team: Dave Paul & Natascha Davis
Planner / CSU director: Pierce Calnan
Exposure: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

About Co-op Insurance:
Co-op Insurance is part of the Co-op, one of the world’s largest consumer co-ops, owned by millions of members. Alongside Co-op Insurance, we have the UK’s fifth biggest food retailer, the UK’s number one funeral services provider, and a developing legal services business.
As well as having clear financial and operational objectives, the Co-op is a recognised leader for its social goals and community-led programmes.

About Twelve:
It’s in our people and our work.
People who do more: experts in every area, whose energy and ideas spill into every other area.
Work that works harder: advertising that creates action, experiential that makes headlines, shopper that builds brands, B2B that touches people and social that sells. Ideas that do a lot, sometimes with not a lot: without huge budgets or lots of time. We think that matters, especially now.
For more information go to: https://www.twelve.agency/

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How to Inspire Your Kid to Work Harder in School

“But I don’t want to do my math homework.” This is a common statement heard around the world every night as parents try to convince their children to complete school assignments. It can be hard to persuade kids to get their work done. Here are some strategies you can use to inspire your kid to work harder in school.

1. Help Them Create a Positive Studying Environment

Healthy studying habits are easier to create when your child is young. Let your child help you design a positive studying space. You can include motivational words or vision boards to keep your child on track with their goals. Other elements of a positive studying environment might include somewhere your child can sit quietly and work. Stock this area with plenty of paper, markers, and other materials to help make learning more fun.

2. Encourage Your Child to Find Balance

Finding balance is something even adults may struggle with. Life is a juggling act. For students, they must find time for extra-curricular activities like clubs and sports, while still getting their homework done and finding time for chores, sleep, and a social life. Teaching your child to budget their time better can drastically improve their efforts. Get a schedule and some highlighters and encourage them to try and plan their week.

3. Put Things in Perspective

School is the stepping stone to the next stage in life. Some students will use their education to gain a scholarship for sports, while others might focus on a specific career. What does your child want to do when they get older? Help them see how school is the stepping stone to the things they want in the future.

4. Reward Effort

Is your child struggling in school because they have trouble with a specific subject? It can be discouraging to be reprimanded by parents when a student is struggling. Instead of focusing on your student’s errors, focus on the effort they put in. Encourage them to keep trying when they fail and reward them for having the gutsiness to try something they do not believe they are good at.

5. Make Learning More Fun

Anything that makes learning more enjoyable for your child can encourage them to work harder. They will see the things they once struggled with as easier and find a new perspective online. One way to make learning more fun is to get other people involved. Encourage your child to have study dates with their friends. You can also try visual or hands-on learning to demonstrate difficult concepts. Pay attention to how your student learns best. Over time, you’ll develop a strategy that works well for both of you to encourage your child to work harder in school.

Not every child is going to be excited to go to school every day. However, by following these tips, your child will be able to AceMyPaper and score higher on tests in no time. They will complete assignments more effortlessly and generally do better in school. That is something that benefits you and them. 

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