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New work from Amsterdam’s BSUR for Princess Yachts “Experience the Exceptional”

BSUR was asked to create the first ever global brand campaign celebrating the exceptional Princess experience. Our challenge was to find a fresh approach within the category and reach enthusiasts beyond the boat world with unique stories of quality time at sea.

Contrary to what many boat magazines communicate, yacht owners do not eat lobster and caviar daily. Challenging category clichés, we shot four images portraying people in normal situations heightened by the fact that they happen offshore on a yacht. No actors or models, just real people enjoying diverse casual and personal times. The scenes, in black and white are understated and were shot in an intimate way to make the viewer feel part of the moment. The campaign shows that you can be highly sophisticated whilst remaining down-to-earth, while at sea.

Client: Princess Yachts International
Ad Agency: BSUR Agency, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Chief Creative Officer: Joost Perik
Creative Director: Shandor Gancs
Art Director: Bob Booms
Copywriter: Ben Holder
Photographer: Roger Neve
Strategist: Antonin Jamond
Account Director: Niels Spaans
Project Manager: Marianne Johnston-Wood


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Cafe Calmo & Little Italy BIA Took To The Streets Of Toronto To Get Us To “Go Slowly”

To celebrate the rebrand of Toronto's Little Italy, and to give people a literal "taste" of the uniquely relaxed neighbourhood, Little Italy BIA brought “Cafe Calmo” into busy Toronto neighbourhoods to let people enjoy free Italian coffee and a calm cafe setting during their manic morning commute.

The Cafe Calmo popup cafe brought Little Italy’s relaxed pace to three other busy Toronto neighbourhoods during the morning rush hour (between 7:30 am and 10:30 am) between September 20 and 23. The popup introduced Little Italy’s leisurely lifestyle to the downtown core, offering a serene cafe sanctuary and some free espressos and Caffe Americanos to frenzied morning commuters.

Everything about Cafe Calmo — from the impossibly friendly street team to the accordion player to the relaxed cafe setting — was designed to grind foot traffic to a halt. And, to ensure that patrons could really slow down and take their time to enjoy their coffees, Cafe Calmo also provided them with “late notes” to give to their employers that explained why they are late for work or why they've been missing from their desks. The coffee popup was created to celebrate the rebrand of the iconic Toronto Neighbourhood, both of which were developed in association with Toronto-based creative agency Blackjet Inc.

“Everything is fast-paced today. Things happen quickly on College Street too, but Little Italy BIA found that there’s a bigger idea uniting the community: it’s a nice place to slow down and spend time in,” says Lenny Pasqualino of the Little Italy BIA. “Little Italy has delicious food options, stylish boutique shops, and a very European sense of comfort and familiarity. And now, with the rebranding, there’s never been a better time for people to come for a visit.”

Little Italy is very much a neighbourhood in transition. In the 1960s, Little Italy was a working-class Italian neighbourhood, and also Toronto’s Italian cultural hub. But since the 1980s, as residents became more affluent and moved out of the city, and younger families and trendy restaurants and cafés moved in, the neighbourhood has struggled with its identity, and has not updated its branding since the 1980s. But one theme that unites its working-class Italian roots and its eclectic vibe today, is the idea of slowing down to enjoy.

"Go Slowly,” is the tagline at the heart of the new branding developed for Little Italy by Blackjet, which also includes the phrases “Sip Slowly” and “Eat Slowly.” The identity was refined to retain the neighbourhood’s Italian roots, and modernized to be more inclusive of the eclectic nature of the new College St. A rebranding of the annual "Taste of Little Italy" was implemented this summer and permanent wayfinding signage is currently in development.

“Cafe Calmo was developed to export Little Italy to the rest of Toronto and to remind them to ‘Go Slowly’ and re-visit College Street,” says says Rob Galletta, Managing Partner of Blackjet Inc. “The new branding embraces the laid back pace that Toronto’s Little Italy offers people in the heart of a manic city.”
via: GlossyInc


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Kent County Council Launches Lego Animation Video Urging UK Residents to ‘Think Before You Buy’

The UK's Kent County Council and Tom Sawyer create a Lego animation video to raise awareness of consumer rights that urges them to Think Before They Buy. Research carried out by Kent County Council shows that a majority of Kent residents are unaware of their consumer rights before they buy, often only finding out when something goes wrong.

The findings raise concerns that a large proportion of residents are at risk of being a victim of consumer crime and are unaware of their basic consumer rights. To highlight this issue, Kent County Council is urging people to ‘Think Before You Buy’ with the launch of their new Lego video.

The video, although playful in tone, highlights an important issue that’s on the rise in the county - customers falling victim because they do not know their rights with goods and services they buy.

Advertised Brand: Kent County Council
Advert Title: Know Your Rights: Think Before You Buy
Advertising Agency: Tom Sawyer Effect

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