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15 Secret Things All Men Wish Women Knew

There is a huge stigma that women are the only ones who are complex, hard to figure out and downright baffling but they’re definitely not alone – men have also earned their place in those categories!

Now, ladies, if you have done everything to try and decipher your man and simply nothing is working – take a look at these top secret things that guys wish women knew about.

From talking about feelings to how he shows you he loves you – you might be missing out on some tell-tale signs that your man really does care!

So, if you’re intrigued to find out the inner-workings of your man’s brain, check out these 18 secrets you would never have guessed about your man…

1. Men Need Time To Themselves

man 1

Just like women need retail therapy, some times with the girls or just the peace and quiet of a good book – men need these things too! Whether it’s a golfing trip, a pint with their mates or just some time to himself – women need to realise that although they love to spend time with you, they also need some ‘me’ time.

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