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18 facts about planet Earth you must find out!

The planet we are living on is called Earth but i guess you already know that, right?

Earth is the third planet closest to the Sun and is the only planet that human life has being found (at least for now)!

Our planet has a lot of interesting facts that we should all know and as you all ready know, we should all treat our planet with respect!

Here are some facts for you to know! 

          1. Earth is the only planet that has not got it’s name from a Greek God or Roman deity!
          2. Earth has only one natural satellite and you already know it’s name! The Moon!
          3. Ancient scientists once insisted that Earth was the center of the universe!
          4. The earth was created -based on science- about  4.5 billion years ago.
          5. The shape of our planet is oblate spheroidal but through the years it has become flatter!
          6. Earth’s is composed by elements such as iron , oxygen,silicon, magnesium , sulfur, nickel , calcium, aluminium and some other elements less known!
          7. All people thin they are standing on Earth but we are actually moving because our planet spins about 1.000 miles per hour!
          8. The hottest spot on Earth is in Libya!
          9. The coldest spot on Earth is Antarctica!
          10. According to some scientific studies, Earth used to have two Moons! \
          11. Lakes on Earth can explode!
          12. Shil DasSarma, a microbial geneticist at the University of Maryland, claims that the Earth used to be purple!
          13. Over 70%o of the earth is covered by oceans!
          14. Cosmic dust is all over Earth but you are not able to see it!
          15. Τηe driest spot on Earth is the Atacama Desert!
          16. Space scientists claim that there are Earth ”lookalikes” orbiting distant stars!
          17. The densest planet in the Solar System is Earth!
          18. Earth is considered to be a living organism because it  burns energy, it renews its skin and regulates temperature!


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