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Autosens Detroit Agenda

Autosens Detroit conference to be held on May 14-16, 2019 announces its agenda with a number of interesting imaging presentations:

  • Infrared Camera Sensing for ADAS and Driverless Vehicles: Applications, Challenges and Design Considerations. Workshop by Rajeev Thakur, OSRAM Opto
  • Material interactions for autonomous sensor applications. Workshop by Jim Howard and Jonah Shaver, 3M
  • Keeping eyes on the passengers - developing an in-cabin omni-sensor, Guy Raz, Guardian Optical Technologies
  • The FIR Revolution: How FIR Technology Will Bring Fully Autonomous Vehicles to the Mass Market, Yakov Shaharabani, Adasky
  • The Future of Driving: Enhancing Safety on the Road with Thermal Sensors, Tim Lebeau, Seek Thermal
  • RGB-IR Sensors for in Cabin Automotive Applications, Boyd Fowler, Omnivision
  • The Next Generation of SPAD Arrays for Automotive LiDAR, Wade Appleman, ON Semi
  • What’s in Your Stack? Why Lidar Modulation Should Matter to Every Engineer, Randy Reibel, Blackmore
  • Addressing LED flicker, Brian Deegan, Valeo
  • From Camera to LiDAR systems alignment and testing in mass production of ADAS Sensors, Dirk Seebaum, Trioptics
  • The influence of colour filter pattern and its arrangement on resolution and colour reproducibility, Tsuyoshi Hara, Sony
  • Highly Efficient Autonomous Driving with MIPI Camera Interfaces, Hezi Saar, Synopsys
  • Tuning image processing pipes (ISP) for automotive use, Manjunath Somayaji, GEO Semiconductor
  • Computational imaging through occlusions; seeing through fog, Guy Satat, MIT Media Lab
  • ISP optimization for ML/CV automotive applications, Alexis Lluis Gomez, ARM

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