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Bing Extras Commercial Song Clash

This commercial shows us Bing with connecting at face book. Very Interesting and easy searching one. More, You can do anything with Bing. Microsoft has a good idea for us and to win other searching ones. Let’s enjoy with Bing for our life.

Bing: Extras Commercial
Song: Clash by Junkie XL

After Ben used Bing to search for a movie and ask his friends for recommendations, he ended up as an extra in a local movie shoot! It’s amazing what you can do when your friends are part of your search.

This song is so catchy. The song is “Clash” by Junkie XL. very good song. i love this song. This songs is soundtrack of “FIFA 08 ( Football video games)”. FIFA 08 soundtrack is amazing. 2008 best soundtrack. Sounded SO much better in the bing commercial…

Song: Clash by Junkie XL
Released: 11 March 2008 (From the Album Booming Back At You)

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