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Calvin Klein – “Downtown” Featuring Rooney Mara and Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The beautiful Rooney Mara and the music of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song "Runaway" make up this great black and white commercial for Calvin Klein's new fragrance "Downtown".

The ad was directed by the one and only David Fincher who works his brilliance setting Mara as a young Hollywood star with a human element in the ad.

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Clever Ideas, Great Ads 2017-09-19 21:43:00

In collaboration with YARD NYC, “Meet Me in the Gap” demonstrates the magic that can happen when you bring unexpected people together – going beyond simply telling to actually showing what it means to meet in the gap. So, they found creators from all over the country with entirely different backgrounds, and put them together in unexpected, surprising combinations to collaborate.

The campaign features five spots, which will run across TV and social.

Each collaboration was intentionally unscripted: YARD didn’t know what would happen when the team put a yodeler, an auctioneer, a flutist and a beat boxer in the same room and asked them to create together. The resulting spots show the amazing things that can happen when you put people from unexpected backgrounds together communicating that when we meet people who are not like us, and take a chance to close the gaps between us, we find we have more in common than what keeps us apart.

Stephen Niedzwiecki, Co-founder and CCO of YARD NYC, notes, "Meet Me in the Gap demonstrates what’s possible when people from all different backgrounds and talents come together. They all met for the first time the day before they went into a studio and created the track together. The spot was then shot based on the original track they had recorded. One of the things that makes the Meet Me in the Gap campaign really unique is it was created in real time, each spot coming together based on the magic that happens when great talents meet."  

The Making of Bridging the Gap Cher meets Future for a musical collaboration Yodeler meets auctioneer, and flutist meets beat boxer Jazz genius meets skate team
Client: Gap
Craig Brommers, SVP/CMO 
Agency: YARD NYC
Stephen Niedzwiecki- Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Dave Clark- Executive Creative Director
David Oscroft- Creative Director
Jay Chapman – Design Director
Ahyoung Moon- Art Director
Steven Williams- Designer
Kira Pack- Copy Writer
Ruth Bernstein- Co-Founder & Chief Strategic Officer
James Denman- Executive Director of Strategy
Jarrod Bull- Managing Director
Bobby Bush- Account Supervisor
Judy Anekal- Head of Production
Kirsten Arongino – Executive Producer
Peter Schwab- Associate Producer
Production Company: Missing Pieces
Director: Director X
Edit House: Rock Paper Scissors
Editors: Ted Guard, Carlos Arias
Music Supervisor: Good Ear
Colorist: CO3
Photography Production Company: North Six 
Photographer: Dan Jackson 

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