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Calvin Klein – “Downtown” Featuring Rooney Mara and Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The beautiful Rooney Mara and the music of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song "Runaway" make up this great black and white commercial for Calvin Klein's new fragrance "Downtown".

The ad was directed by the one and only David Fincher who works his brilliance setting Mara as a young Hollywood star with a human element in the ad.

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Dolce & Gabbana’s Latest Campaign features Eclectic Mix of Fashion Models, YouTubers and Kids with Famous Parents

Dolce & Gabbana's Fall 2018 ad campaign is a swirl of color, textures and unique patterns that die hard fashionistas absolutely love. In true D&G style, The Morelli Brothers are selected to photograph the latest campaign in Rome.

The womenswear campaign basically features a tour of Rome with models depicted in front of the Trevi fountain or the Colosseum. You can also see them eating pasta or posing in front of a gelato stand. As well as interacting with street performers dressed up as Roman gladiators.

Furthermore, there’s a sprinkle of religion thrown in since Rome is the home of the Catholic Church. You’ll see scenarios where the models find themselves in — i.e. sandwiched between two nuns — and in the clothing itself. One top reads "fashion sinner" in sparkly letters, while a dress spells out "fashion devotion."

Meanwhile, the menswear campaign has gone with a different, but tried-and-true Dolce & Gabbana tactic: the casting of young celebs and stars from outside the fashion realm, many of whom are the children of celebrities. Once again shot by the Morelli brothers, the menswear portion of the campaign features P Diddy's son Christian Combs, Pierce Brosnan's son Paris Brosnan, Jude Law's son Raff Law, Gary Oldman's son Charlie Oldman, and internet star Cameron Dallas.

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