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Essential Dual Camera Tuning

Essential startup tells what does is take to tune an image processing pipeline for smartphone dual camera (RGB + Monochrome):

"Objective tuning is meant to ensure that each camera module sent to production is operating at an acceptable baseline level. It began with picking the correct golden and limit samples from the factory.

The golden samples are the modules whose characteristics most closely align to the average of our camera and the experience that most of our users will have. Once golden samples were collected, we used them to capture a series of images under various laboratory-controlled test conditions. The images from the golden samples were then used to train the ISP to recognize the unique characteristics of those modules. In other words, we taught the ISP to see the world in a certain way. We also tested other limit and random samples, which have different characteristics that are saved in the factory calibration data, to ensure that they are behaving like the golden samples in those scenes too. The objective tuning process lasted three months. By the end, all of our cameras were responding to the predefined lab scenes in an accurate and predictable fashion.

But even when a camera can repeat actions in a lab, it still needs to be taken into the field— because in real life a camera must be able to take the right picture in millions of different scenarios. Subjective tuning is what makes this possible. It is a painstaking, iterative process—but also one I find incredibly rewarding.

Our subjective tuning process began in January 2017, and during that time, we have gone through 15 major tuning iterations, along with countless smaller tuning patches and bug fixes. We have captured and reviewed more than 20,000 pictures and videos, and are adding more of them to our database every day.

Via: DPReview

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Deutsche Bank Analysts on Apple 3D Sensing Plans

Deutsche Bank analysis of active alignment (AA) systems supplier ASM Pacific Technology (ASMPT) has interesting info on 3D sensing adoption in future iPhones and dual cameras in future Samsung phones:

"We expect ASMPT’s AA machine sales to grow only 10% YoY in 2018 and stay flat YoY in 2019, after 56% YoY growth in 2017 (Figure 8). Most camera module makers should upgrade their AA machines in 2017. Notably, we believe Apple will not implement 3D sensing for 4.7” and 5.5” iPhones in 2018. This means Apple supply chain will not procure new AA machines for 3D sensing from ASMPT in 2018 (i.e., ASMPT is benefiting from Apple’s adoption of 3D sensing for 5.8” OLED iPhone in 2017).

We estimate camera module makers could upgrade their AA machines every three years due to rapid specs migration in dual cameras for smartphones. This is shorter than the normal duration of five to six years for a CIS (CMOS image sensor) machine. However, ASMPT’s AA business could still see a sales growth deceleration in 2018/19, even assuming a shorter duration of AA machines.

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#ShowUp Stories: Patricia | Birmingham, AL

Meet Patricia, Alabama’s first and only openly-gay legislator who is representing the community, rainbow flag in hand. Everyone has a reason to #ShowUp – in spirit and in person, at parades and marches, in cities big and small. This year we traveled to Prides all across America to talk to …

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