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30 facts about Aquaman you need to know

We are looking foward to the Aquaman movie!  Aquaman is a cgaracter we first saw in DC comic books and now we get to see him in the ”flesh”. These are some facts you should know before you see the movie!  It is directed by James Wan.The movie is produced by Peter Safran and Rob Cowan.The […]

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30 facts you must find out about cats

Cats are fascinating creatures and a lot of people choose these beautiful animals as their pets! If you are a cat person and you really love cats, then you must find out these interesting facts about them!  Cats are mammals!There are more than seventy cat breeds recognized by various cat registries.Cats are known for their strong […]

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50 facts about the world nobody ever told you!

Life is beautiful and we should cherish every moment of it! These are some facts about life that, probably, nobody ever told you! Human skin ”replaces” itself about 900 times, in an average lifetime! 3 months of our lives are spent on the toilet. Do you have a lot of friends? That’s good because you […]

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