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Electric Theatre Collective Urges You to “Use Your Vote,” Collaborating on Levi’s Campaign with FCB West

Electric Theatre Collective gets in on the all-important message from Levi’s to “Use Your Vote,” providing VFX and color for the multifaceted VOTE campaign developed to ensure that eligible voters can exercise their right to vote on November 6. Created by FCB West, the integrated campaign features people from around the world unified by one common theme: using their voice, casting their ballots and participating in their right to stand up and advocate for what they care about.

The campaign kicks off with a national television commercial entitled “Use Your Vote” directed by Benito Montorio of Pulse Films. The varied hues of life are masterfully represented in the spot, which follows people around the world on their journey on voting day – powerfully set to the lyrics of Aretha Franklin’s “Think.”

Shot on the ALEXA using anamorphic lenses, the wide-ranging vignettes serve to remind the viewer of the power a vote holds. Electric Theatre Collective’s VFX team utilized Flame to add drama to the visual, which runs the gamut of moods, from brooding to triumphant.

Working on Baselight, colorist Jason Wallis composed a filmic palette to pair with the emotional tone of the narrative. Grading on the darker edge of the scale, this required a delicate approach to ensure the viewer could clearly see the imagery and connect to the characters, their expressions, and background details within a dimmer-lit world.

Wallis’ incredibly cinematic treatment brings together the varied mix of true-to-life scenes with cohesion. From the sweeping scope of the outdoor shots to the mud streets of a village to the dimness of gymnasium-style polling places, it feels like one film, with the consistency of the color and tone representing that common thread.

With the November Midterms around the corner, “Use Your Vote” is one component of Levi’s® comprehensive VOTE campaign, spanning TV, limited-edition product, non-profit partnerships and influencer engagement. Levi’s has also joined forces with other companies and national organizations such as Rock the Vote, Patagonia and other CEOs in a nonpartisan CEO Challenge called “Time to Vote Campaign.” Please visit levi.com/itsyourvote for more information on the complete effort. #RocktheVote #TimeToVote


Client: Levi’s
Jennifer Sey - CMO
Chris Jackman - VP, Global Marketing
Rachel Sundberg - Director, Global Marketing

Agency: FCB West
Karin Onsager-Birch - Chief Creative Officer
Justin Moore - Executive Creative Director
Mike Long - Executive Creative Director
Bruno Nakano - Art Director / Creative Director
Christopher Penman - Copywriter
Charlotte McConnell - Senior Producer
Lauriann Lamoreaux - Production Assistant
Sarah Ranney - Art Director (Digital)
Sara Mason - Copywriter (Digital)
Arlene Bae - SVP, Group Management Director
Lauren Geismar - Account Supervisor
Alek Weltin - Assistant Account Executive
Simon White - Chief Strategy Officer
Ryan Riley - Planning Director
Jentri Flores - Project Manager

Production – Broadcast
Pulse - Production Company
Benito Montorio - Director
Dav Karbassioun - EP
Simon Eakhurst - Producer
Steve Annis - DOP
Carmen Amos - EP
Cartel - Editing House
Lauren Bleiweiss - EP
Greer Bratshie - Producer
Leo Scott - Editor
Dan Gutterman - Edit Assistant
Electric Theatre Collective - Post
Kate Hitchings - EP
James Howell - Producer
Jason Wallis - Colorist
Lime Studios - Sound
Loren Silber - Sound Engineer

Production – Digital
Fuel Content - Production Company
Nikki Leigh Piper - Producer
Andy Lund - Director
Josh Rowe - Director
Jonathan Flookes - Editor

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The Leading Municipal Bond Insurer Launches New Advertising Campaign, ‘Bright Shining City’ Created by The Gate NY

NEW YORK – The leading provider of municipal bond insurance, Assured Guaranty, launched a new integrated advertising campaign this week, “Bright Shining City.” The campaign, created by The Gate | New York, introduces a new tagline for the brand, “A Stronger Bond.” Billings for the new campaign were not disclosed by the agency.

The new campaign focuses on the products the New York-based Assured Guaranty offers by looking at the ways municipal bond insurance can protect your investments should something go wrong. This is done by imagining the ideal city – the only place on earth that wouldn’t need the insurance Assured Guaranty provides.

The campaign will span across TV, digital and print channels, clearly cementing Assured Guaranty as the leader in municipal bond insurance. The commercial will appear on CNN, CNBC, Fox Business, Fox News and Golf Channel and be seen here:


“In the TV spot, we create the perfect city,” said David Bernstein, Chief Creative Officer at The Gate. “A place that never has any problems. Because that’s what it feels like when you’ve got the financial strength of Assured Guaranty behind you.”

While municipal bonds are widely considered a very safe investment, there are times when an economic, financial or political issue can cause an issuer to default on its payment obligations. Assured Guaranty ensures that investors receive 100% of their principal and interest should this happen. With strong capital resources and over 30 years of experience in the municipal bond industry, Assured Guaranty also helps municipalities lower the interest rates they must pay on their bonds.

About Assured Guaranty
Assured Guaranty Ltd. is a publicly traded Bermuda-based holding company. Its operating subsidiaries provide credit enhancement products to the U.S. and international public finance, infrastructure and structured finance markets. More information on Assured Guaranty Ltd. and its subsidiaries can be found at AssuredGuaranty.com.

About The Gate Worldwide
The Gate | New York is part of The Gate Worldwide, an international advertising agency network that works with clients in tough, complicated industries to make their considered purchases products or services worth considering. The Gate manages over $250 million in client advertising and has a network of offices in New York, London, Edinburgh, and Shanghai. For more information, visit http://thegateworldwide.com

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Replay Reveals Hyperflex + Campaign featuring Emily Ratajkowski and Neymar Jr.

Italian denim brand Replay’s latest denim innovation story launches today with an eye-catching music video-style film and retail campaign. The work mixes live action and anime, starring Emily Ratajkowski and Neymar Jr. battling it out against the ‘stiff jeans zombies’.

The campaign, the latest in a series featuring the Hyper range of stretchy denim from the creative agency 180 Kingsday, based in Amsterdam, takes the viewer on a rollercoaster ride into a new dimension with its new Hyperflex+ range - the first fully flexible 3D super denim.

The campaign is the next chapter in a project that is as much focused on entertainment as it is on traditional marketing. Shot beneath the iconic football stadium Stade De France in Paris, the film features Brazilian superstar footballer and style icon Neymar Jr. and model and actress Emily Ratajkowski in a post-apocalyptic future world where uptight ‘stiff jeans zombies’ rule the streets. The film mixes live action with animation, taking inspiration from graphic novels, anime and manga. It sees Neymar Jr. and Emily flex their kung-fu skills in their Replay Hyperflex+ jeans, as they battle the stiff jeans zombies and bring style back to the streets.

Replay’s new Hyperflex+ collection is once again leading the way in denim innovation.
With enhanced 100% elasticity, super recovery and superior comfort, Replay Hyperflex+ is the super-denim that offers complete freedom of movement. Made from an innovative mix of special fibers, it goes a step further, providing a three-dimensional flexibility in the threads running vertical, horizontal as well as oblique.
Moreover Replay Hyperflex+ stands the test of time thanks to the ‘recovery power’ feature and has a superior feel to the touch.

The HYPERFLEX + jeans will be available on retail and wholesale channels, as well as online (replayjeans.com) from October 2018.

The in-store launch will be supported by a major communication campaign worldwide on outdoor, print, digital and social media.

Solab - Production Company
1st Assistant Director: FRANCK PERCHER
2nd Assistant Director: NICOLAS BERGERET
Executive Producer: MAXIME BOUYER
Production Designer: AUDREY MALECOT

Editor (Final Cut) - DAN SHERWEN
Mathematic - Post Production
Supervisor shoot & compositing : EMERIC SAMIER
Post-Production Manager: SANDRA HAIZE

Nick Smith (Stainless Sound) - Sound Design and Mix

Song title: It's my time/这是我的时间
Performed by The Boom Shot Squad feat. 纹身师WendyNoNo and 裴云帆 JP
Produced by Phat Fabe for the BOOM SHOT SQUAD
All instruments by Phat Fabe
Written by Fabian Torsson, Zhang Wenyu, Robert Andre Pei Jonsson
Published by EKKO music rights

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Don’t Call It Winter, Call It Spring – Coley Porter Bell Creates New Identity for Aldo Group Fashion Brand

Award-winning global brand and design agency Coley Porter Bell has created a new brand identity for Canadian fashion footwear and accessories brand Call It Spring by Aldo. The brand needed to connect better with its customers, regain its youthful edge and be evolved for the digital age.

Call It Spring is Aldo’s less expensive, more accessible offering that targets millennials and it needed to reach them on a deeper level, offering a stronger promise of more than just its products. Coley Porter Bell’s creative idea had ‘connectedness’ at its core, revolving around the strategy of ‘Better Together’—a value that deeply resonates with millennials (16-34 year olds).

The visual identity uses a stylised ampersand as a connecting device. The ampersand is the shorthand to express the emotional benefit of connection. As the ampersand is a well understood device as a connector between two things, we used it to creatively express both the functional and emotional benefit of Call It Spring’s products. For example, 'Day & Night', ‘The latest brogues & nailing your first interview'.

The new identity has been designed to ensure a fluid brand experience across all touchpoints, from retail and store signage, shoe boxes, bags, and POS, to product, advertising, digital, and social media marketing and everything in between.

James Ramsden, ECD of Coley Porter Bell said: “Call It Spring was ready for a stronger, simpler brand identity that elegantly built on what had come before. The creative idea needed to have the flexibility to inspire and embrace seasonal campaigns and work across a wide variety of touchpoints.”

About Coley Porter Bell
In today’s fast moving world, businesses and brands are facing unprecedented levels of change. Coley Porter Bell is a global branding agency that applies creativity to help clients and their brands turn the challenge of change into a growth opportunity, whatever form that change takes.

In that context of change it's more important than ever to understand how people actually decode the world and make decisions about the businesses and brands in their lives. Whatever the circumstances, successful brands need to first ‘seduce’ the instinctive and intuitive part of our brain (our ‘System 1’) and then ‘convince’ the more reflective ‘System 2’ part. To achieve this, Coley Porter Bell has worked with academic and scientific experts to understand how learnings from neuroscience can be applied to brand creation and brand design.

Part of WPP and Ogilvy, the agency has 40 years’ experience of design and branding.

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Emily Ratajkowski Breaks Down Single-Payer Healthcare in New Vogue Film Directed by Vincent Peone of ArtClass

Award-winning director Vincent Peone, collaborating with Emily Ratajowski and the content team at Vogue, finds an ingenious way to break down a complex issue that affects all Americans in a new short film for Vogue. The teacher in this case is Emily Ratajkowski, the model and swimsuit line owner with a very political conscience, who never shies away from voicing her opinion on Instagram and in real-life (she was recently arrested for protesting the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.)

Inspired by Margot Robbie’s tidy explanation of the mortgage crisis in The Big Short, memorably delivered whilst lounging in a bathtub, Peone’s film features Ratajkowski in a swimsuit giving viewers an easily digestible primer on single-payer healthcare. Emrata causally lounges and caters to her nail-care routine and yet speaks forcefully and directly, delivering an insightful and incisive monologue on the state of the American healthcare system.

Vogue culture writer Bridget Read wrote the script, with Emrata adding her own adlibs to the monologue. Peone’s unobtrusive direction allows Emrata’s natural magnetism to draw the viewer in, and smile at the strangely compelling juxtaposition that unfolds. Emrata’s manner is dispassionate while her words are passionate, the message timely and incredibly important. Opting to convey this crucial message in an unexpected and left-of-center way is a thing of beauty, with Peone striking just the right balance of humor while providing voters with the necessary framework to make an educated vote in November’s midterm elections.

As a trusted collaborator of CondéNast, Peone has helmed original films starring celebrities such as Mindy Kaling, Allison Williams, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. Recently he won his sixth Webby Award for his Vogue short film documenting an insightful heart-to-heart between Meryl Streep and Anna Wintour, captured during their first meeting since Meryl portrayed Anna in The Devil Wears Prada. He also produces and shoots Vogue’s award-winning 73 Questions video series.

A true creator for the modern age, Vincent recently partnered with Executive Producer Geno Imbriale to launch ArtClass, a next generation production company based in Los Angeles and New York.

Vogue Credit List
Visual Director: Emily Rosser
Visual Editor: Thomas Wolfe
Supervising Producer: Kimberly Arms
Senior Producer: Dayna Camey
Associate Producer: Marina Weisburg
Producer: Anna Page Nadin
Producer: Rebecca Forteau
Production Manager: Jen Santos
Culture Writer: Bridget Read
Fashion Asst.: Alice Bell

Production Company: ArtClass
Director: Vincent Peone
Executive Producer: Geno Imbriale
Producer: ROan Bibby
DP: Rory Mulhere
Art Director: Taylor Home
Hair: Shingo Shibata
Makeup: Courtney Perkins
Manicure: Megumi Yamamoto

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Heineken Short Film Reveals Groundbreaking Discovery Behind Lager Recipe for New H41 Beer

Heineken has launched a short film to unveil its revolutionary discovery for lager brewing that has resulted in new ‘wild lager’ beer brand - H41. Shot in Patagonia by Emmy-award-winning production company, Evolve Studio, ‘A Wild Lager Story’, reveals how the discovery of a new yeast strain, has led to the creation of a lager recipe that would have previously been impossible.

The three-minute 44-second film, delves into the story behind the discovery, a happy accident by Microbiologist, Diego Libkind. When walking the stunning landscape of a Patagonia national park, Libkind encountered a form of fungi that he didn’t recognise. Analysing the element back in his lab, he realised that it was a little-known and previously undiscovered form of wild yeast – the ‘mother’ to all lager yeast. The film follows Heineken Global Master Brewer, Willen Van Waesberghe, and Diego Libkind as they come together in South America. They retrace the yeast’s discovery and use it to brew a completely new tasting lager like no other.

To craft the film, Heineken enlisted Emmy-award winning production and post production company Evolve Studios. The content company shot, edited and finished the brand film.

After partnering for the project, National Geographic and Heineken brought Evolve Studios on board. The content company worked collaboratively with the brands to devise the creative approach and produce the film.
Capturing the moments between those behind discovering and brewing the groundbreaking beverage presented some challenges, says Joel Edwards, Co-Founder at Evolve Studios: “At the time of shooting, the characters were on a press tour. This meant that during the three days of shooting we had a somewhat limited window of access to them. We had to strategically choose the moments to pull them away and film them whilst capturing the right scenes for the story. It was tricky, but we got what we needed!”

Brand Creative Director | Raul Esquer

Director, Content | Valicia Brown
Senior Director, Production / Creative | Tom King
Manager, Digital Advertising / Production | Katie Kornstein, Kim Kopp

Executive Producers | Joel Edwards, Jesse Edwards
VP Operations / Sr. Producer | Daniel Kiedis
Producer | Jen Lewis

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SYFY and Black Spot Conquer ‘The Con’ Proving That the Biggest Heroes at New York Comic Con Don’t Wear Capes

New York, New York – October 2018SYFY knows Comic Con is a fan thing, so who better to help them cover it than the superfans at New York’s content creation agency Black Spot?

SYFY and Black Spot headed to New York Comic Con this past weekend, marking an expansion of their Comic Con collaboration. Together, SYFY and Black Spot partnered to bring the SYFY voice and point of view through its NYCC coverage, topical news hits, and editorial coverage. Their goal? Growing and expanding the type of coverage and commentary SYFY WIRE is producing. The amplification gave fans the extra insight they crave into what’s happening at NYCC, a four-day phenomenon dedicated to fans of comic books, graphics novels, video games, anime, movies, television, and more, with celebrity appearances, panels, and sneak previews of the year’s biggest pop culture, entertainment events.

SYFY Creative Director Eve Penzer and Black Spot Creative Director Ian Collier brought together a team of extraordinary writers to brainstorm and write dozens of concepts for SYFY’s Comic Con leading coverage, providing SYFY WIRE with a template for all Con coverage for years to come.

“It was truly a collaborative enterprise between all the creatives at both SYFY and Black Spot to give the best fan experience for SYFY WIRE at New York Comic Con,” noted Penzer. “We knew that Black Spot had a shared vision and the expertise to execute the scale and scope SYFY WIRE hoped to produce and take to the next level.”

These new creative executions produced by Black Spot with SYFY WIRE’s editorial vision were a part of “SYFY WIRE from the Con,” the network’s primetime NYCC coverage from the convention floor. In their fourth Comic Con appearance, Black Spot’s team spearheaded creative, production, and post services for SYFY’s coverage of this fan-focused extravaganza, providing both the creative and production team services for the live stage, as well as overseeing post. With a creative and production unit of 35 and 6 editors, Black Spot delivered six pieces between 60 seconds and two minutes each and every day of Comic Con.

This collaboration marks the first time SYFY has worked this closely with an outside creative agency for one of the biggest genre events of the year.



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Fast-Growing Nothing Bundt Cakes Steps Up its Game & Adapts Ongoing Activation Tactics to Address New Branding Goal

This month, rapidly expanding bakery gift chain Nothing Bundt Cakes (260 bakeries in 36 states, largely Nevada-to-Texas-to-Georgia, and adding about 30 – 40 more per year) breaks its largest-ever campaign. Titled “Joy Giver,” the campaign adapts familiar social activiation media and tactics (a paid Facebook contest) to yield a brand-building end result. It is the first brand-building work by advertising agency 3Headed Monster, Dallas, for their ongoing client (previously promotional and activational only).

Communities were asked, via paid Facebook video, who is your greatest “joy giver”? Over 1100 different people were nominated by their friends and co-workers for the chance to have Nothing Bundt Cakes host them an elaborate surprise party. This was the “activation” stage of the campaign. Realtor Holly Tomlin and church choir leader Sharon McGrill, in Tampa and Dallas respectively, were selected, and their parties were filmed.

The (unstated) branding message is that “Cakes are communal joy.” Two 2-minute documentary-style videos, one of each party, are touching (and show some pretty-looking cakes).

Holly, Joy Giver Full Story

Sharon, Joy Giver Full Story

The documentaries will run on paid Facebook, capitalizing on the activation stage viewership, and augmented by additional media targeting women 25 – 55, especially “thoughtful gift-givers,” via Ansira, Dallas. There will also be :30 “teaser” cutdowns of each long video, also on paid Facebook.

Holly, Joy Giver Short Story

Sharon, Joy Giver Short Story

Strategically, 3Headed Monster notes that social activation has been key to Nothing Bundt Cakes’ growth, and that brand-building, which typically requires TV-type media reach, has been beyond their means. The point of this campaign was to accomplish both.

Nothing Bundt Cakes, Addison, Tex., privately held, privately held, offers decorative cakes, also available online, and, in-store only, gifts such as greeting cards, candles, utensils and serving platters.

3Headed Monster, in Dallas, is a full service, integrated advertising agency with other clients including Travelocity, Soraa (lighting), Fetch MD (app) and The Gents’ Place (men’s grooming chain).

Social Activation / Brand Advertising Fact Sheet

Nothing Bundt Cakes, Addison, Tex., privately held
260 bakeries in 36 states (largely Nevada-to-Texas-to-Georgia so far), and adding about 30 – 40 more per year.

3Headed Monster, Dallas 3headedmonster.com

“Joy Giver” www.nothingbundtcakes.com/bringthejoy
Nothing Bundt Cakes sought out the country’s two greatest “joy givers” and gave each an elaborate surprise party.
3Headed Monster’s first brand advertising for the client, and client’s first such ever (previously promotional efforts only).
Also Nothing Bundt Cakes’ largest-ever campaign of any kind.

Women 25 – 55, especially “thoughtful gift-givers”

Branding message:
Cakes are communal joy.

“Activation” groundwork:
Communities were asked for nominations, via paid Facebook video.
1100 different “joy givers” were entered.

“Branding” culmination:
Two 2-minute documentary-style videos, “Holly” and “Sharon,” plus :30 cutdowns of each.
Surprise parties held for realtor Holly Tomlin and church choir leader Sharon McGrill, in Tampa and Dallas respectively, are touching. Cakes are served.

Paid Facebook

Media agency:
Ansira, Dallas

Social activation has been key to NBC’s growth.
Brand-building, typically via TV, has been beyond their means.
Campaign accomplishes both.

ECD: Shon Rathbone
AD/Designer: Lindsey Weeden
CW: Mallory Massa
Agency Producer: Erik Gullstrand
Account Dir.: Chandra Brabson
Account Exec.: Alyssa Simmons
Strategy Dir.: Crystal Anderson

Prod. Co./Post: Malone Pictures, Dallas
Director/Editor: Justin Malone
D.P.: Vincent Monsaint
Color: Matt McClain
Producer/Engineer: Ryder Ansell


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