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Christy Turlington Still Looks Sexy In Calvin Klein’s New Ads

Christy Turlington looks fabulous in new Calvin Klein underwear ads, but not everyone in the ad biz thinks so. Business Insiders Jim Edwards believes the ad is so heavily photoshopped that Christy is unrecognizable (full article below, via) what do you think?

Calvin Klein has begun a new round of advertising for its underwear line, and this ad — like almost all CK advertising — looks fantastic.

But can you guess who the new face of Calvin Klein Underwear is? Here's a clue: She replaced 29-year-old Lara Stone in the role.

In fact that image is Christy Turlington, 44-year-old mother of two, who makes a return to the CK brand 25 years after she first started modeling for the company in 1988.

Unfortunately, the ad is so heavily art directed, Photoshopped and airbrushed that she's barely recognizable.

Don't get us wrong, Turlington remains one of the world's great beauties, even in middle-age. You can see a recent video of her below. But Turlington is famous for her large eyes, sweeping oval features, and her super-straight nose. In this ad, her nose appears to have been largely removed."

A recent interview with Turlington and Harper's Bazaar Executive Editor Laura Brown as they revisit the supermodel's most memorable magazine covers.

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