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Embarrassing Drunken Walks Make For This Great PSA

Diageo's new "Think How You Drink" online ad campaign debuts in Western Europe that features some embarrassing drunken walks. "With this video we are deliberately using humor to catch people's attention," Malcolm D'Sa, Diageo's marketing innovation director for Western Europe, said in a statement. "Responsible drinking campaigns in the past have tended either to preach or to scare" he added. "We know that drinking to excess is a serious issue -- but our primary concern is to be effective. The message, that drinking can have harmful consequences, is still in there and it is a strong message. We've just approached it in a different way."

Not to worry if you don't remember last night, the people in the video are all actor's.

Creative Ad Agency: Marmalade, Melbourne Australia

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Felt Introduces The Must Have Humourous Mother-in-Law Card Collection for Mother’s Day

Humanaut created hilarious greeting cards for your Mother-in-Law for Mother's Day/May 8th, to promote the handwritten card app Felt.

Let’s face it. The relationship between anyone and their mother-in-law can be a little awkward at times, especially around Mother’s Day. Should you send a Mother’s Day card? She’s your mom, but not really. Thankfully Felt has created a solution for this age-old social quandary: the Other Mother’s Day Card Collection. A new line of greeting cards specifically designed to send to your Mother-in-law on Mother’s Day. The best part is you can write and send these cards and mail them all from your iPhone or iPad.

The cards range from sweet:
Happy Mother’s Day to a mom who isn’t biologically programmed to love me.

To very honest:
If you didn’t exist I’d probably still be on Tinder.

To outrageous:
Happy Mother's Day to the woman who birthed someone I have sex with.

Other Mother’s Day cards along with real Mother’s Day cards can all be found in the Felt app and are just 3 bucks to send.

Creative Credits:
Advertising Agency: Humanaut, Chattanooga, TN (USA)
Creative Director: David Littlejohn
Strategist: Andrew Clark
Copywriter: Andy Pearson, Liza Behles
Design Director: Stephanie Gelabert
Designers: Coleson Amon, Carrie Warren

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