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Freedom Fighters: The Ray trivia: 38 facts about the web series!

Freedom Fighters: The Ray is an American animated web series that it airs on CW Seed. It is part of the Arrowverse!

So let’s dive into some trivia and facts about this web series!

  1. Freedom Fighters: The Ray is an American animated web series
  2. It is developed by Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim
  3. It premiered on December 8, 2017 on The CW’s online streaming platform, CW Seed
  4. It is based on DC Comics character Ray Terrill / The Ray
  5. A reporter who gains light-based powers after being exposed to a genetic light bomb
  6. The series is part of the Arrowverse franchise
  7. It is primarily set on the apocalyptic Earth-X
  8. While also partly taking place on Earth-1
  9. The parallel fictional universe of Arrow, The Flash, Vixen and Legends of Tomorrow
  10. Raymond “Ray” Terrill is a lawyer who discovers a doppelganger of himself from another Earth
  11. The man disappears, and gives him light-based powers
  12. And he is recruited to join the Freedom Fighters
  13. The series was first announced on August 2016 by The CW
  14. With a 2017 debut and to air on CW Seed
  15. From executive producers Greg Berlanti
  16. And Marc Guggenheim and developed by Blue Ribbon Content
  17. It was also announced that the lead character would be gay
  18. And the network was looking for an actor to voice the character with the possibility of appearing in live-action later on
  19. The series was inspired by Grant Morrison’s Multiversity comic book series
  20. Guggenheim noted there was “a very specific reason” the series was titled as it was
  21. In order to introduce the Freedom Fighters and Earth-X
  22. Earth-X is a world in the multiverse where the Nazis won World War II and the New Reichsmen rule over present day America
  23. In September 2017, it was revealed that Russell Tovey would be voicing Ray Terrill in the series
  24. Freedom Fighters: The Ray is also set prior to the events of the 2017 live-action Arrowverse crossover, “Crisis on Earth-X”
  25. Guggenheim added that the animated series featured some “continuity mix-ups… [and] inconsistencies”
  26. As “Crisis on Earth-X” was conceived after Freedom Fighters was already written
  27. And Guggenheim “didn’t see eye-to-eye” with fellow crossover executive producer Andrew Kreisberg on how tightly the animated series should tie-in with “Crisis on Earth-X”
  28. Guggenheim hoped to address these with a comic book
  29. On the series being a prequel to the crossover, Guggenheim revealed that it was not intended to be such
  30. And was originally intended to be released before the crossover
  31. However, once the decision was made to feature The Ray in live-action, it necessitated the casting of the correct actor
  32. Which lead to Tovey
  33. Oliver Sava of The A.V. Club gave the first three episodes a “B” rating
  34. Regarding Tovey’s performance, Sava said, “Tovey does strong work capturing Ray’s anxiety and fear about coming out, and you can hear his disappointment in himself as he tries and fails to embrace his sexuality”
  35. Luke Y. Thompson of Forbes gave a favorable review of the Blu-Ray release
  36. Tovey appeared as The Ray in “Crisis on Earth-X” in November 2017
  37. The Arrowverse crossover event between Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow
  38. Additional concepts and characters from Freedom Fighters were featured in the crossover


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