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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite trivia: 38 unknown facts about the new mobile game!

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the new Harry Potter augmented reality game that is bound to take the world by storm!

So let’s dive into some trivia and facts about this new game!

  1. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game
  2. It is inspired by the Wizarding World
  3. The game was developed by WB Games San Francisco and Niantic
  4. And published by Niantic
  5. It was launched for Android and iOS mobile devices on 21 June 2019
  6. A Beta version was released in New Zealand in April 2019
  7. And in Australia in May 2019
  8. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was announced on November 8, 2017, as an augmented reality mobile game developed by WB Games San Francisco and Niantic
  9. Players will be able to visit real-world locations while casting spells, discovering mysterious artifacts, and encountering iconic characters and legendary beasts from the Harry Potter universe
  10. Niantic has revealed the game will draw inspiration from previous AR games Pokémon GO and Ingress
  11. With Niantic’s purchase of Escher Reality, the game is expected to implement new technology to allow for persistent worlds within AR
  12. On November 14, 2018, it was confirmed that the game will be released in 2019
  13. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite gameplay has been described as similar to that of Pokémon Go
  14. With players able to view the gameplay world through a smartphone
  15. The game allows players to fight against mythical beasts from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchise
  16. Players may choose their wizarding house, their wand, and their profession
  17. Either Professor, Auror or Magizoologist
  18. After creating a game account, the player makes an avatar
  19. Whose location depends on the device’s geographical location
  20. The player then travels around the real world to find and catch magical creatures, and stop at inns (to replenish spell power), greenhouses (to gain potion ingredients) and fortresses (to fight more creatures)
  21. As the player moves within their real world surroundings, their avatar moves within the game’s map
  22. A first gameplay video for the game was released in March 2019
  23. Showing footage defending from a dementor, and being attacked by a werewolf
  24. On March 11, 2019, pre-registration on Google Play opened for the app
  25. As well as new in-game footage was released by Niantic
  26. On April 17, 2019 the game was beta released in New Zealand
  27. On April 24, 2019, an email was sent in error stating that the game would launch in Australia for beta testing
  28. On April 26, 2019, the game launched in Australia for beta testing
  29. But several hours later, Niantic confirmed it was another mistake and it was taken down from the App Store
  30. The game was re-released in Australia on May 2, 2019
  31. The game was released in the US and the UK on June 20, 2019
  32. A day earlier than previously announced
  33. With additional countries expected to gain access in the days ahead
  34. The game one day after its launch had 400,000 downloads
  35. And generated 300,000$ across IOS and Google Play
  36. Currently, it is not as profitable as Pokemon Go
  37. Through today, the game is available in more than 28 countries
  38. It has garnered great reviews


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