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Hey, Look at that Joker

A couple days ago Empire Magazine, who I'm pretty sure only exists as a magazine so they can be the first to leak superhero movie pics, premiered a cover that shows Jared Leto in full on Joker costume from the upcoming Suicide Squad movie.

I like it, I don't love it or anything but the more I see of him dressed as the joker the more I like. Sure he looks ridiculous but pretty much every on screen incarnation of the Joker looks ridiculous. I think people are freaking out just because it's so different. Also I'm guessing the stories of Jared Leto being a wackjob on the set of the movie probably don't help. It's like nerds want him to take the role seriously but no TOO SERIOUSLY. I don't know, I'm still excited for the film. If DC has to make their films all dark and gritty they might as well make a movie about a bunch of killers teamed up to fight even worse killers.

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