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Hornbach’s epic enactment of successful failure: Regret Nothing

The heart of Hornbach’s most recent brand communications has been the euphoric experience of the project (“You’re alive” and “Your project only belongs to you ”). The new spring campaign now adds another facet to this experience: that of failure. After all, the mantra “true greatness is often born from defeat” also applies to DIY.

In the new campaign spot, created by Berlin-based agency Heimat, a high - spirited man causes his entire holiday home to collapse. But instead of shedding tears or complaining, he breaks out into an infectious fit of laughter. For his son, who comes running, this is an important demonstration of how to stay positive in the face of defeat. Out of this apparent failure emerge s an enviable life lesson that really needs no comment: “Regret nothing.”

“Every project has its pitfalls and its challenges,” says Guido Heffels, C reative Director at Heimat. “It was time to shatter the image of the notorious hero, yet still have this character emerge victoriously from the rubble of his endeavours.” As always, the spot also possesses a deeper meaning in its reflection of social trends. “Giving something a go, having the courage to try, and everything that goes along with it – including the possibility of defeat: In our culture, defeat is almost sneered at and is not really considered an option.”

“The campaign is an impassioned call for people to give things a go, for themselves – spring projects around the house and garden, but also be yond that,” says Thomas Schnaitmann, head of Hornbach’s marketing in Germany and international marketing communications. “And even when these attempts fail, you should only ever regret not having tried.”

The direction of this emotion -heavy spot was handle d by the Swede Andreas Nilsson, represented by the production company Czar. This is also what led to the collaboration with composers Andy Hull and Robert McDowell , who created the acclaimed soundtrack for the feature film Swiss Army Man.

Scuffed knees, scratched arms from rose bushes, a face covered in grime from an old gutter: the billboard ads for the “Regret nothing.” campaign celebrate the small sacrifices that all DIY and gardening enthusiasts gladly make for their projects. Meanwhile, the campaign website and social media content that will gradually appear are dedicated to the “poetry of failure”

Ad Agency: HEIMAT, Berlin
Production: Czar, Berlin
Director: Andreas Nilsson


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