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Improve Your Office Desk With This Human-Sized Hamster Wheel

It’s quite a challenge to burn off some calories whilst sitting in front of your computer during the working days of the week.

There are a few activities to try like throwing paper balls in the bin, walking to the kitchen to make a coffee and switching the microwave on to keep us going.

Now you can get creative with this genius work of construction by artist Robb Godshaw and developer Will Doenlen. It can keep your calories burning until your shift ends!

This hamster wheel took under 24 hours to complete using 4 sheets of ¾” Plywood, 4 skate wheels, 2 pipes, 240 wood screws and a pint of glue. The desk actually looks comfortable fitting through the wheel!

The designers were incredibly precise with the measurements as they made sure the wheel could fit through their office doors and that the desk would go through the wheel whilst being safe to use.

There is a nice collaboration of concentration and fluid motion with this design, enough to forget about your troubles.

Now all we need is a robotic arm to feed us some coffee!



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