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International Committee of the Red Cross Breaks the Prejudice Surrounding Disappeared Relatives

International Committee of the Red Cross is launching a film to tell the real stories of people looking for their missing relatives.

Created by Cheil Spain, the campaign aims to break the tired prejudice of the typical static image of relatives posing with a missing person’s photograph.

Instead, the agency has created a campaign that puts the disappeared person inside the image, telling the story of their family.

Cheil’s 90-second film, and four 30-second versions, will run across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube globally.

The activity gives visibility to the tireless effort made by families seeking their missing relatives, and addresses the stereotype of inactive relatives waiting for disappeared people to return. It shows people posing with their relative’s photo, remaining in silence to leave the disappeared person to tell their own story for the first time.

María Emilia Cicoria, the Audiovisual Producer at International Committee of the Red Cross, said: “There is a need to give visibility to the tireless effort made by families seeking their missing relatives. We wanted to touch the hearts of the audience because, behind the typical image of the family member with the photo of their loved one, there is a search story that we can’t even imagine.”

Joaquin Espagnol at Cheil Spain said: “Sometimes reality goes beyond fiction – this campaign is full of true testimonies. There were so many compelling tales that it was really hard at the beginning of the process to select the stories of each family.”

Executive Creative Director: Joaquin Espagnol
Creative Director: Nicolas Diaco, Ezequiel De Luca
Art Director: Rodrigo D. Batista, Elenita Hernandez, Julian Diez
Copywriter: Rodrigo D. Batista, Elenita Hernandez
Agency Producer: Sergio Huerta, Carlos Montiel, Celia Martin
Production Company: Landia
Director: Maxi Blanco
Executive Producer: Nicolas Cabuche
Producer: Alberto Lopez
Post Production: McNulty
Sound Design: Sonomedia
DoP: Pablo Clemente

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PJA is a $75 million advertising and marketing agency with offices in Cambridge, Mass. and San Francisco, Calif. PJA serves a global roster of technology, life science and healthcare clients that includes: GE Healthcare, PAREXEL, Patheon, Molecular Health, Xylem, and Aprecia. For more information, visit agencypja.com.

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