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Judge Dredd Vs. RoboCop?

The new RoboCop costume design raised questions about the originality of the look. People seem to agree that the new black suit is nothing but a copycat of those, featured in recent franchises. Technical modifications left aside, why did they have to paint it black, at all?

Anyway, today's showdown faces the new RoboCop against one of his colleagues (and creativity inspirations): Judge Dredd. Vote for your favorite character (or suit) in the poll below.

QUIZ: Judge Dredd Vs. RoboCop? (below)

I've also embedded the quiz from yesterday, when I asked you where the new RoboCop armor got it's inspiration. Suggest your answer in the comments, if it's not included in the options.

QUIZ: Where did they get the inspiration for the new RoboCop armor? (below)

Image via Comic Vine wiki.
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Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd and RoboCop have many similarities in common. They barely talk, have no sense of humor, and don kickass costumes. But the one similarity that made them favorites among people is their tenacity in pursuing criminals.

For Judge Dredd, law is everything. However, he is not your average police officer. Dredd carries out both arrests and verdicts; thus, making lawyers obsolete.

Image via Comic Vine wiki.
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Short biography: Judge Dredd may be more a cop than a soldier yet due to the nature of Earth and Mega City One in his time, he is the frontline assault on any opposition the city faces. He spends every waking moment of his life on the streets. He has no secret identity, no time off, and he's never seen without his signature helmet.
After a day and night of fighting crime, Dredd returns to the Grand Hall of Justice for 10 minutes in the sleep machine. Then he's back on the job, hammering in just how relentless crime is in this dystopian future. One thing that separates Dredd from other street level crime fighters is that there is no crime he will ignore.
While he deals with all the crazy menaces that threaten the city and its citizens, he is also a threat to the citizens if they commit even the most minor of crimes. The future is harsh, and the law is the law. Dredd does question his role in this harsh regime from time to time, be it sympathizing with mutants or citizen's cries for freedom, but he is literally a product of the times and was created to bring justice and that is what he does. [via Comic Vine]


Unlike Dredd, RoboCop is a cyborg. He was once a regular police officer and then he was killed. Just like tends to happen in movies, big cities always have at least one evil corporation that tries to restructure the town, using immoral methods. In the RoboCop universe, this city is Detroit and the company is called Omni Consumer Products.

When officer Alex Murphy is killed, OCP takes his body and turns it into a machine: RoboCop.

Image via IGN.
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Short biography: After a cop named Alex J. Murphy was killed after chasing a gang ran by Clarence J. Boddicker there was an opening. Alex killed two of his men before he is shot to death. Alex was said to be dead in the hospital. That's when a group of scientists started to work on his body to create a human cyborg cop. After the added the cyborg attachments he was finally online and working. Alex would travel the city looking for crime that he could give justice. His methods were on the line of police brutality. Alex does anything and will hurt anyone in his way of protecting the innocent. [via Comic Vine]


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