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Mazda Revolution Commercial Song Road Runner by Bo Diddley.

Know, that’s why this commercial is so cool. Wonderful Song and official Music video! This Music video shows the crowd really going for it with the dancing, grooming and general behaviour being totally over the top.

Mazda: Revolution Commercial
Song: Road Runner by Bo Diddley

For over half a century, an obsession has pushed us to keep improving how our cars look, how they drive, and how they make you feel behind the wheel. Man and machine, fuel and adrenaline, efficiency and performance working together. In perfect harmony.
Lyrics used in the commercial
I’m a road runner honey, and you can’t keep up with me
I’m a road runner honey, and you can’t keep up with me
Come on, let’s race, baby baby, you will see… …

Music video by Bo Diddley performing Road Runner. From the album Bo Diddley in the Spotlight. (C) 2009 VidZone.

Song: Road Runner by Bo Diddley
Released: January 1960 (From the album Bo Diddley in the Spotlight)

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Ad Agency: Carmichael Lynch



  1. I can’t find this song on I- tunes. What’s up with that? I would buy it, it’s awesome.

  2. Song: Road Runner by Bo Diddley
    Released: January 1960 (From the album Bo Diddley in the Spotlight)

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  3. No song or singer be any better! What a great choice by Mazda!

  4. Best choice in song and singer! Mazda has done it again!

  5. don’t know why that one hit wonder comment is there as he had many hits…

  6. Turbohydramatic!

  7. i dont know how madza can use this song when chrysler had to pay warner brohers for the cartoon roadrunner for there 1968 plymouth roadrunner copyrights

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