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Miami Ad School: YouTube TimeOut – Skip the bully

When it comes to cyberbullying, the internet has created a new kind of crowd: unbridled, unsupervised and unaccountable virtual presences with no limitations. 95% of cyberbullying cases go unreported and It has been an escalating reason for suicide amongst today’s internet addicted teenagers.

With YouTube’s TimeOut, we offer a defense mechanism to bullied users, by giving a real time virtual ‘punishment’ to cyber predators. By reporting an objectionable comment, Youtube will use the one thing everyone hates to make a statement: Pre-roll ads. The offenders will be given a timeout, by preventing them from skipping ads for a limited amount of time, pushing them to reconsider their behavior and providing a sense of accountability for young internet users.

Creative Team:
Miami Ad School
Hellen Stefany | Upaasna Rajaram | Imen Soltani | Vasundhara Sharma

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Welcoming America PSA Aims to Open Dialogue between Immigrants and Long-Time Residents

At a time when the immigration debate is at a fever pitch and immigrants are framed by statistics and policy discussions, Welcoming America reveals an online series to spotlight immigrants’ journeys to the United States.

Welcoming America is a nonprofit that helps communities across the country achieve prosperity by becoming more welcoming toward immigrants and all residents.

David Lubell, Welcoming America's Founder and Founding Director says, “We want people in their community to learn stories about immigrants’ contribution to their communities so we are telling stories of peace in our American experience.”

The films were created by Welcoming America’s San Francisco-based creative agency TBD.

“As a primarily immigrant creative shop, the sensitivity around inclusion, diversity, and acceptance in our community aligns with our beliefs and what it means to be an American immigrant,” said TBD Founder, Rafael Rizuto.

  • Portrait of a Dreamer is the story of Fidencio Fifeld-Perez, an undocumented artist who comes to the US at age seven. Fidencio documents his journey to America though papal picados (Mexican papercutting) made of maps. Through this medium, he completes the iconic George Washington Athenaeum portrait on the dollar bill with a road map from Mexico to the United States. In his words: “I think about the parallel of the portrait and of America representing the journey that all of us are still in... and by choosing to add another material to this portrait, I see it as an act of freedom.”
  • In United Voices, Natalie Ringsmuth, founder of #unitecloud, shares her vision for uniting a town that is divided by ethnicity, religion, and immigration. In St. Cloud Minnesota, Natalie works with individual immigrants in her community to find common ground through sharing stories that unite rather than divide.
Welcoming America’s movement has grown to a powerful network of nearly 200 municipal government and nonprofit members building more inclusive communities for 1 in 8 Americans, from Anchorage to Atlanta, Dayton to Boise and even to small rural towns in Minnesota and Nebraska.

The films are timed in conjunction with Welcoming America’s 10- year anniversary and in advance of their national meeting to be held in Pittsburgh in May 2019. Fifeld-Perez’s “Portrait of a Dreamer” will be on display at this time at the Andy Warhol Museum.

For more information about Welcoming America please visit welcomingamerica.org

Portrait of a Dreamer

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About Welcoming America
Welcoming America is a nonpartisan, national nonprofit that leads a growing movement of inclusive communities becoming more prosperous by helping everyone know they belong. We provide a roadmap and support for places to reduce barriers to full participation and build bridges between immigrants and long-time residents through direct contact and dialogue.

About TBD
Founded in San Francisco by highly-decorated creative Rafael Rizuto and industry veteran Jordan Warren, TBD is a diverse group of creative problem solvers who believe in the power of creative ideas to bring about positive change. The creative company works with brave, mission-driven clients looking to disrupt markets or themselves. Fueled by radically different people, perspectives, and experiences, TBD takes an idea-first approach to help clients go beyond advertising, influence culture and drive disproportionate impact. TBD’s initial clients include Nokia Health, Evernote and the Ad Council.

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