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Miami Ad School: YouTube TimeOut – Skip the bully

When it comes to cyberbullying, the internet has created a new kind of crowd: unbridled, unsupervised and unaccountable virtual presences with no limitations. 95% of cyberbullying cases go unreported and It has been an escalating reason for suicide amongst today’s internet addicted teenagers.

With YouTube’s TimeOut, we offer a defense mechanism to bullied users, by giving a real time virtual ‘punishment’ to cyber predators. By reporting an objectionable comment, Youtube will use the one thing everyone hates to make a statement: Pre-roll ads. The offenders will be given a timeout, by preventing them from skipping ads for a limited amount of time, pushing them to reconsider their behavior and providing a sense of accountability for young internet users.

Creative Team:
Miami Ad School
Hellen Stefany | Upaasna Rajaram | Imen Soltani | Vasundhara Sharma

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Save Your Skin – Walgreens Summer Campaign from Grey

As part of Team WPP, Grey led the summer campaign for Walgreens to drive awareness of how much damage can occur during high UV moments when people are generally apathetic about the dangers of the sun.

The work breaks through the inertia by exposing the sun damage people can’t see and inspiring a change in behavior.

To achieve the dramatic film effect, Grey and its production partner Tool used UV imaging to achieve full-spectrum footage that revealed markings on the skin, including hidden damage from the sun, that are not visible to the naked eye. The team paired the unforgettable images with an original Tierra Whack track that underscores the indifference through the lyric “Don’t worry ‘bout me, I’m doing good, I’m doing great, alright.” Famous documentary filmmaker Danielle Levitt directed.

Walgreens’ pharmacists and beauty consultants have been specially trained in sun care and prevention, and anyone walking into the store has access to their expertise to help find the right protection.

The commercial will air on broadcast television and social channels through August.


Advertiser: Walgreens
Spot Title: “Save Your Skin” :30
Agency: Grey
Chief Creative Officer: Jeff Stamp
Executive Creative Director: Hannah Fishman
Creative Director: Justin Roth
Creative Director: Erica Stevens
Art Director: Mackenzie Keck
Copywriter: Paul Curry

Townhouse Head of Integrated Production – James McPherson
Townhouse Exec. Producer: Kimberly Kietz
Townhouse Producer: Eric Camins
Townhouse Music Producer: Kurt Steinke
Production Company (location): Tool Of North America (Santa Monica, CA)
Director: Danielle Levitt
Director of Photography: David Raboy
Editor (person & company): Misha Spivack @ Townhouse Studios
Music/Sound Design (person & company): Justin Sloan
Principal Talent: Anne Marie Moloney, Fabienne Heymans, Jay Helms, Shanea Lattimore, Alexandra Tabas.

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