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MMA Chiropractor ‘Hammers’ Drivers’ Necks in Volvo Trucks Campaign

More than eight out of ten truck drivers suffer pain, mostly in their backs and necks, according to a new Volvo Trucks study. Some hurt so badly they even consider quitting their jobs. To raise awareness of this problem, Volvo Trucks hired a highly experienced and respected chiropractor, YouTube star Dr. Beau Hightower, to set up a mobile clinic at a busy truck stop in New Mexico.

“Dr. Beau” normally spends his days treating muscular mixed martial arts (MMA) athletes who are highly in tune with their bodies’ aches and injuries. But on this day, his challenge was to work with truck drivers who are often reluctant to talk openly about their pain.

In a short video documenting the experience, called “Neck Cracking”, drivers start lining up outside the mobile clinic. The camera lingers on several faces as Dr. Beau administers bone-cracking treatments. The transformation from agony to relief is clear as Dr. Beau attacks these drivers’ pain by hammering a chiropractic chisel into their backs, conducting his professional treatment.

Watch to see the truck drivers’ reactions:

“These professional drivers are pushing their bodies to the limit. Over time they can develop serious muscular imbalances and which creates bone problems. They can have nerve issues where they start to lose the feeling in their hands, and headaches could start showing up. It’s very important that we get these people, who are the backbone of our economy, the care and improved driving technology they need,” said Hightower.

Keeping drivers healthy and comfortable in safe working conditions is more important than ever. The world depends more and more on trucking as the overall demend for transportation increases, boosted by amongst other things, incresed e-commerce. But the industry faces a driver shortage as older drivers retire and younger recruits choose other professions.

Back and neck pain is one reason drivers leave the industry prematurely or often have to call in sick to work.

In a recent study, commissioned by Volvo Trucks, more than 80% of professional drivers say they experience pain in their backs, necks and arms due to the long hours behind the wheel, bad road conditions and vibrations in the trucks’ steering. Still driving despite the pain, the majority tries to exercise regularly and see a doctor for their problems, but four out of ten question if they are able to continue working as truck drivers.

But a lot of driver discomfort can be prevented with better truck design and supporting features. For years trucks were built primarily for utility, not comfort. Today, the cab design is much more about the drivers’ needs, including more ergonomic seats and better tilt-steering options make driving a truck less tiring and stressful on the body.

A big step was taken when I-Shift, the best-in-class automated transmission introduced by Volvo Trucks in January 2007, helped to remove the shoulder-wrenching work of shifting heavy gears. And now, Volvo Trucks has introduced Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS) in North America, which makes driving a truck even more like driving a car.

“Previously, steering a truck was hard work. All the bumps and potholes on the road were transferred right up the steering column and absorbed into the body, with the driver having to constantly counter-steer to keep the truck safely on track,” said Fredrik Klevenfeldt, director of brand marketing and communications at Volvo Trucks North America. “Constantly fighting wind shear wore on shoulder and wrist joints. In addition, the static forces of heavy loads at low speeds meant really wrestling with the steering wheel. VDS significantly improves all of those issues.”

Volvo Dynamic Steering specifically improves the overall driving experience through increased safety, comfort and reduced fatigue for drivers. The VDS system reads inputs from the steering wheel up to 2,000 times per second and supplies power from an electric motor to compensate for outside forces, such as unevenness in the road surface and vibration in the steering wheel.

When driving at low speeds in reverse or close-quarter maneuvering, steering wheel resistance is reduced by 85 percent. The steering wheel also automatically returns to center as soon as the driver's grip on the wheel lightens, enabling less repetitive turning of the steering wheel. When driving at higher speeds, VDS helps the truck maintain direction even on poor surfaces and in strong side winds.

“One of the main benefits of VDS is to help drivers minimize and mitigate the fatigue they experience after driving for long periods,” said Klevenfeldt. “It’s part of Volvo Truck’s continuing effort to help drivers be safer and more comfortable, and it’s a game changer. VDS is the only system of its kind in North America and it’s going to make a huge difference for drivers carrying out the demanding job of delivering goods and services across North America.”

Client: Volvo Trucks North America
Advertisers Supervisor: Rick Giamportone, Will Bender, Fredrik Klevenfeldt

Title: Volvo Trucks – Truck Stop Neck Cracking
Launch Day: Sep 17, 2019
Creative Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Account Director: Cilla Pegelow
Account Manager: Helena Lignell
Creatives: Mattias Berg, Maria Fridman, Björn Engström, Stefan Thomson
Designer: Jerry Wass
Brand Strategist/Planner: Daniel Sjöstrand
PR Strategist: Bjarne Darwall
Digital Strategist: Peter Gaudiano
Agency Film Producer: Anna Junker Lundin
Production company: BRF
Director: Tally-Ho (Nils Toftenow och Mathias Rosberg)
EP/Producer: Sandra Fohlin
Producer/Service prod. US: Tiffany Baxter
Casting: Kristin Lerace
DoP: Tony Johansson
1st AC: Aaron Martinenko
Key Sound: Hyun Lee
Set Designer: Francensca Palombo
Editor: Johan von Brömssen
Grade/Online: Johan Wiman
Music: Max Kiusalaas
Sound: Calle Buddee Roos – Ponytail Sound
Media agency: Verizon Media
Still photography BTS: John Sterling Ruth
Lead generation: Sandberg Trygg

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Mitsubishi Motors North America:
Fred Diaz (President and Chief Executive Officer)
Mark Chaffin (Chief Operating Officer)
Kimberley Gardiner (Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer)
Kimberley Ito (Manager, Advertising)
Vanessa Lam (Sr. Specialist, Marketing and Advertising)
Kathy Seshiki (Manager, Marketing)

Butler, Shine, Stern, and Partners:
Elizabeth O'Toole (Producer)
Vince Genovese (Exec Director Production / Partner
Chris Cummings (Chief Strategy Officer / Partner)
Anders Gustafsson (Group Creative Director)
Savannah Hicks (Senior Art Director)
Ashley Suarez Wood (Senior Copywriter)
Mike O'Malley (Group Business Director)
Michelle Finelli (Account Director)
Sohail Bhatia (Strategy Director)
Tricia Kresneski (Business Affairs Manager)

Production: Industrial Film
Vic Huber (Director)
Jeff McCoy (Producer)
Rosslyn Luke (Production Manager)
Ryan Lippert (1st AD)

Post Production Company: 1606 Studio SF
Brian Lagerhausen (Editor)
Cameron Maidenberg (Assistant Editor)
Jon Ettinger (Executive Producer)

Finishing House: Ntropic
Ayumi Ashley (Color Grade)
Ethan Chang (Conform)

Music: Massive Music

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