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Musicians All Over the World Roast Danish Sun Habits in Hilarious Skin Cancer Campaign

How do you remind Danish tourists to protect their pale skin when they go on holiday abroad? You ask popular musicians on big holiday destinations to record songs about the Danes’ insufficient sun habits.

Then you ask locals to play the songs and music videos around beaches, restaurants, bars, hotels and other popular tourist spots to remind everyone to look after the Danes so they do not get sunburned. A melodic reminder right where Danish tourists are most vulnerable.

In a new initiative from The Danish Cancer Society and the Danish foundation TrygFonden, international artists from Greece, Thailand, Spain, France and Italy have written songs that poke fun at Danish sun habits. The highly entertaining music videos, each filmed and produced locally in the five countries, show Danish tourists through the eyes of the locals, but there’s a bit of all of us in the insightful portraits of clumsy tourists. You’ll have to be quite the globetrotter to not fall into some of the traps depicted in the campaign.

An international network 12.000 of volunteers
The idea stands on the shoulders of last year’s Help a Dane campaign that got worldwide media attention, when a choir of sunburned Danes sent out a hilarious call for help to the World. The plea generated 2.4 billion media impressions and more than 12.000 locals on popular tourist spots signed up to help the Danes in the sun, turning the stunt into a network of volunteers that got involved in sun protection on local beaches, tourist attractions and hotels – and of course, on social media.

A cultural melting pot
The campaign unites five countries towards a common goal: To help the Danes in the sun. But the campaign also has strong overtones of something bigger. The five songs are written and performed by local artists and the music videos were produced locally in the five countries, creating a culturally diverse campaign that builds on kindness and solidarity across borders. Beneath the fun and jokes, the success of Help a Dane is a welcome reminder that despite our cultural differences, the world is full of people who are willing to build bridges and help each other.

Local stars join the cause
The songs are as diverse as they are entertaining. Amongst the artists contributing to the campaign is the charismatic KENG TACHAYA from Thailand, who has more than 1 million followers on his YouTube channel. He’s joined by Italian indie musician COLAPESCE, the French electro duo BLEU TOUCAN, Greek boyband THE PLAYERS and the Spanish cult hero STANLEY SUNDAY who has directed the video for MENEO’s track.

Much needed help
The Danes need all the help they can get to stay safe in the sun. On a global scale, Denmark has the fifth highest incidence of melanoma. A key factor is that Danes love a holiday in the sun but forget sufficient sun protection when travelling abroad.

Watch the five music videos on HELPADANE.COM.

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Client: Alison Holiday, Head of Marketing & Events
Annemarie Hennessy, Senior Marketing Manager
Brand: Highways England
Project name: Don’t be a Space Invader
Chief Creative Officer: Richard Brim
Creative Director: Simon Lloyd
Creatives: Shay Reading, Frank Ginger, Paul Knowles
Agency producer: Charles Woodall
Agency producer: Jaki-Jo Hannan
Planner: Milla McPhee
Business Director: Mike Stern
Account Director: Abi Robinson
Account Manager: Tom Peters and Holly Fletcher
Designer/Typographer: Paul Knowles and Scott Silvey, King Henry
Media agency: Carat
Media planner: Emma Kwarteng
Production company: Smuggler
Producer: Darren Tuohy
Director: Stylewar
D.O.P: Ben Magahy
Editing Company: Stitch
Editor: Tim Hardy
Post Production: Swiss
Colourist: Max Strömberg
Supervisor: Pablo Fernandez
VFX coordinator: Jonas From
Post Producer: Emma Rosas Hott
Music Supervisor: NA
Audio Post Production: 750mph – Mark Hellaby
Soundtrack name and composer: V15 – Mark Hellaby

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