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Nike Unveils “Just Do It” Campaign For Russia

Today Nike unveiled a new “Just Do It” campaign for Russia. Aptly named “Play Russian”, the campaign portrays the harsh Russian winter and heroes the athletes that keep moving to defy the cold. The campaign aims to inspire movement in the streets of Moscow, and around the country, building momentum around the Winter of Sport. Physical, digital and social media activations will inspire and enable athletes at any level to live out their Russian spirit, even when the temperature drops far below zero.

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Nike Tries to Get Canadians to ‘Play Less Nice’ in Latest Spot by Weident+Kennedy

In Nike's 'Play Less Nice' campaign, Canadians play down the nice guy/gal role to show off their competitive side. Conceived by Weiden+Kennedy and filmed in Vancouver, BC by veteran director Keith McCarthy of Stink Films, the campaign features some of Canada’s top athletes like snowboarders Mark McMorris and Spencer O’Brien, elite 800-meter runner Melissa Bishop and Vancouver Canuck star Bo Horvat.

The various creative spots starts with an everyday Canadian athlete going on a training run. While not in training mode, the Canadian man is polite and generous, having helped an elderly neighbour take out the trash. But once he begins his training routine, things become very different. The spot's premise is intended to show the stark difference between a Canadian's sport and non-sport personas.

The 'Play Less Nice' campaign has nine different versions of the same 90-second commercial. Knowing that sports fans are often subjected to the same commercials multiple times during a sporting event, the brand wanted to create an ad campaign that evolves like a storyline wherein the main character becomes increasingly more focused on winning and, thus, less “nice”

Wieden+Kennedy’s creative director Chris Groom notes that, in fact, the creative was guided by the campaign’s large media buy, with the goal of adding longevity to the campaign by keeping viewers engaged throughout their campaign run. See four of the nine spots below and see if you can find the subtle differences between each ad!

Play Less Nice: 'You Must Be Canadian' Nice

Play Less Nice: ‘Excuse Me, Out Of My Way’ Nice

Play Less Nice: ‘Not So’ Nice

Play Less Nice: 'Friendly Competition' Nice

Play Less Nice: ‘Grandmother’ Nice

Chris Groom - Creative Director - Wieden+Kennedy
Antony Goldstein - Creative Director - Wieden+Kennedy
Dylan Lee - Copywriter - Wieden+Kennedy
Naoki Ga - Art Director - Wieden+Kennedy
Shannon Hutchinson - Creative Manager - Wieden+Kennedy
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Katie McCain - Broadcast Producer - Wieden+Kennedy
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Ellen Osborn - Print Producer - Wieden+Kennedy
Jessica Wiley - Business Affairs - Wieden+Kennedy
Dusty Slowik - Business Affairs - Wieden+Kennedy
Anna Beth Nagel - Business Affairs - Wieden+Kennedy
Alyssa Ramsey - Account Director - Wieden+Kennedy
Vanessa Miller - Account Director - Wieden+Kennedy
Eric Watkins - Account Executive - Wieden+Kennedy
William Frazier - Asst. Account Executive - Wieden+Kennedy
Andy Lindblade - Global Group Strategy Director - Wieden+Kennedy
Henry Lambert - Brand Strategy Director - Wieden+Kennedy
Barrie Wilhelmi - Strategist - Wieden+Kennedy
Reme DeBisschop - North America Media Director - Wieden+Kennedy
John Furnari - Associate Director, Comms Planning - Wieden+Kennedy
Ryan Craven - Comms Planning Supervisor - Wieden+Kennedy
Denny Robles - Studio Designer - Wieden+Kennedy
Chris Streger - Studio Designer - Wieden+Kennedy
Frazer Goodbody - Re-Touching - Wieden+Kennedy

Production Company - Stink
Keith McCarthy - Director - Stink
Jeff Baron - Executive Producer - Stink
Nick Fuller - Head of Production - Stink
Mark Walejko - Line Producer - Stink
Anthony Radcliffe - Director of Photography - Stink
Service Company - Means of Production
Heinrich Beisheim - Executive Producer - Means of Production
Clay Welters - Head of Production - Means of Production
Tai Scott - Production Supervisor - Means of Production
Angela Pegg - Production Coordinator - Means of Production

Editorial - Joint Editorial
Peter Wiedensmith - Editor - Joint Editorial
Dylan Sylwester - Asst. Editor - Joint Editorial
Kristy Faris - Asst. Editor - Joint Editorial
Kevin Alfody - Asst. Editor - Joint Editorial
Jen Milano - Post Producer - Joint Editorial
Leslie Carthy - Post Executive Producer - Joint Editorial

VFX - A52
Patrick Nugent - VFX Exec. Producer - A52
Michael Steinman - VFX Producer - A52
Patrick Murphy - Head of 2D - A52
Music - Walker

Sara Matarazzo - Exec. Producer - Walker
Jacob Piontek - Music Producer - Walker
Song - Barber of Seville
Noah Woodburn - Sound Designer - Joint Editorial
Natalie Huizenga - Sound Design Asst. - Joint Editorial
Jen Milano - Sound Design Producer - Joint Editorial
Noah Woodburn - Mixer - Joint Editorial

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