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Rakuten Launches First TV Spot with 3x NBA Champ Steph Curry

With the NBA playoffs around the corner, Rakuten is launching the brand’s first TV spot with three-time NBA champion Steph Curry since he signed a multi-year agreement as a Rakuten brand ambassador.

Rakuten is doubling down on a major marketing investment to introduce its brand and online loyalty platform to consumers in the U.S. and Canada with the launch of two new TV spots in its national ‘Life to the Power of R’ campaign by Duncan Channon. The new spots tap into our national obsessions with the reigning champion Golden State Warriors -- and adorable pups -- to show how cash back from Rakuten on the purchases you’re already making can propel you towards experiences that matter.

Moving In - places the viewer inside the world of a couple negotiating distinct opinions on how to decorate their new home. Friendly clashes over a basketball-themed rug and a recliner culminate in Rakuten cash back on home purchases that help the pair check out a live Golden State Warriors game together.

Good Boy - brings the viewer home with a young man who discovers his new puppy playfully tearing up his apartment. The Rakuten cash back on purchases to help clean up fido’s collateral damage helps power him and his pup to puppy training school.

The new TV spots will air nationally in the U.S. and Canada alongside Rakuten spots “Runner” and “RSVP” that launched during the 2019 Grammy Awards. The campaign increased aided awareness of Rakuten by 8 points during just the first 3 weeks on air, and daily search has quadrupled since launch. “Life to the Power of R” is the first campaign for Rakuten by Duncan Channon, which was selected as the creative lead for Rakuten’s North American launch in a review last fall.

Rakuten allows members to earn cash back while shopping at more than 2,500 retailers accessed through Rakuten.com or Rakuten’s app -- while also accumulating rewards from their credit card or retailer loyalty program. Rakuten has been working toward its entry in the North American market since it acquired cashback shopping platform Ebates -- with its 12M customers -- for $1B in 2014. In addition to TV advertising, Rakuten has aggressively been building its U.S. presence as an official partner of the NBA, a three-year $60M jersey-badge partnership with the Golden State Warriors and recent partnership with Stephen Curry on his “Underrated Tour.”

Campaign Credits

Client: Rakuten
Kimberly Miller – Chief marketing officer
Trever Gregory – VP of brand marketing
Brad Hebebrand – VP, creative

Agency: Duncan Channon

Michael Lemme – Creative director
Adam Zash – Senior art director
Andy Whalen – Senior copywriter
Shannon Burns – Senior designer

Suzanne Montgomery – Account director
August Fischer - Account manager

Rita Ribera Channon – Senior broadcast producer
Michelle Mirasol – Project manager


Kelleen Peckham – Strategy director

Production Partners
Iconoclast – production
Vania & Muggia – Director
Charles-Marie Anthonioz – Managing director/EP
Valerie Romer – Executive producer
Julien Lemaitre, Paul Laurens – Producers
Roman Vasyanov, Jason McCormmick - Directors of Photography “Moving In”
Rachel Morrison - Director of Photography “Good Boy”

Rock, Paper, Scissors – editorial
Adam Pertofsky – Editor
Derrick Monks - Assistant Editor
Janae Abraham – Producer
Dre Krichevsky & Esther Gonzalez - Head of Production
Raná Martin - Executive Producer
Eve Kornblum - Managing Director

a52 – color
Daniel de Vue - Colorist
Jenny Bright - Producer
Thatcher Peterson - Executive Producer
a52 – VFX Studio
Patrick Murphy – VFX supervisor
Andy Wilkoff – CG supervisors
Andy Wilkoff, Andrew Romatz – CG lead
Stefan Gaillot, Michael Vaglienty, Rod Basham, Chris Riley - 2D VFX Artist(s)
Andy Wilkoff, Ariana Ziae Mohseni, Seunghyuk Kim, Eric Molina, Josh Dyer, Jose Limon, Mike Bettinardi, Michael Cardenas, Joseph Chiechi, Mason Dash - 3D ArtistsSteven Biggert – Animator
Pete Sickbert Bennett – Designers
Dan Ellis, Sam Kolber, Chris Riley – Online editors
Michael Steinmann – Producer
Andrew Rosenberger – Production coordinator
Patrick Nugent & Kim Christensen – Executive producers
Jennifer Sofio Hall – Managing director

Squeak E Clean – sound design
Drew Fischer – Sound designer
Rob Barbato – Creative director
Amy Crilly – Head of production
Amanda Patterson – Senior producer

Good Ear Music Supervision – music supervisors
"Perfect Combination" by HAEL - for “Good Boy”
“Go Get It” by Ruby Velle - for “Moving In”

One Union – final mix
Joaby Deal – Senior sound engineer

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New SKYN arise Erectile Pill Aims to Replace Stigma with Style

SKYN, the premium condom and lubricant brand of LifeStyles Healthcare LLC., is embracing a new era with the
launch of SKYN arise™ – erectile disfunction pills. Prescribed through a secure online telemedicine service and
shipped directly, SKYN arise aims to simplify the life of men who are increasingly affected by this problem.
Studies indicate ED issues are on the rise and, by 2025, 322 million men will experience erectile issues. Yet, even as
it becomes more wide-spread, there’s still a stigma attached to ED, which can make it difficult to get it treated.
SKYN® wants to take away that anxiety by making the experience of getting erectile pills much more user-friendly
and by making the product itself more available to those that need it. Online questionnaires are reviewed by a
doctor to make sure it’s right for each person. If all conditions are met, SKYN arise is prescribed and shipped
safely and legally, all through SKYN’s online store at skyn.com/arise.

To promote the approach and ease any complex men facing this problem have , the brand’s agency, Sid Lee Paris,
decided to create new packaging aimed at changing the perception of the pill itself, turning it into something we’re
no longer ashamed of, but rather something to talk about: a container that always stands up. Thanks to the work
of designer Jean-Baptiste Fastrez, the SKYN arise pill container replaces the standard unsexy pharmacy bottle
for a sophisticated design that’s functional, elegant, and, above all, dispels any complex.

“We felt the erectile enhancement space was a missing link in offering a holistic intimate experience. We thought
about the way erectile dysfunction is usually approached and wanted to push boundaries on how we package the
product and normalize the condition,” said Jeyan Heper, CEO of LifeStyles. “SKYN arise was born out of the
desire to be a disruptive force in our industry, and so we created a cool, always-up package for our ED medication
– something that visually demonstrates what men are after.”

“We wanted to come up with a design that reflected the pill’s purpose but had a sleek look, something that could
just as easily be an accessory. Most consumers now understand what this product does – so it was really about
entering the category boldly, with something simple but impactful, says Mehdi Benali, Managing Director at Sid Lee

As the first condom company to enter the ED territory, SKYN is proud to diversify its product portfolio to be able
to offer everything needed for better intimacy, in order to anchor itself as the true leader in the sexual well-being
category. Because helping men change their view of erectile pills, helps them change how they view themselves.

LifeStyles Global – SKYN
Chief Executive Officer: Jeyan Heper
Vice President Global Marketing: Matthew Groskorth
Global Marketing Strategy Director: Marta Toth
Global Brand Lead SKYN®: Nicolas Woussen
Advertising Agency: Sid Lee Paris
Chairman & Executive Creative Director: Sylvain Thirache
President: Johan Delpuech
Creative Directors: Céline & Clément Mornet-Landa
Managing Director: Mehdi Benali
Creatives: Julien Sens, Romain Lehur
Strategist: Patrice Zamy
Account Director: Héloïse Marchal
Account Manager: Trisha Mitra
Head of Production: Thomas Laget
Producers: Marine Redon, Julia Flusin, Laurie Jeanson
Designer: Jean-Baptiste Fastrez

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Hillhouse Renamed to CelePixel and Relocated to Shanghai

Hillhouse Technology Singapore has been renamed to CelePixel Technology and relocated to Shanghai, China. The company develops neuromorphic event-driven sensor and has filed for 7 US patents:"In 1989, Carver Mead, US computer scientist, a founder of Mo...

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Interview with Sony 48MP CIS Designers

Sony publishes an article "Perspectives from the creators of the image sensor “microcosm”" with interviews with the IMX586 CMOS sensor designers. Few quotes:"With smartphone cameras getting more and more sophisticated in recent years, every company has...

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