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Chapeau Studios Helps Create Unconventional Campaign for Post Malone & Arnette

Post Malone has quickly become a celebrated artist worldwide and staple of modern pop culture - with multiple high-profile award wins and massive audiences who gravitate toward his true originality. To highlight the much-anticipated collaboration, Arnette tapped director Yoni Lappin who collaborated with Chapeau Studios to create a unique two chapter campaign set in a surrealistic desert artscape.

The branded music video was rolled out in two parts, with the just-launched second chapter picking up where the last left off -- flowing through an isolated desert environment where numerous Post Malones coexist, often within the same frame, each sporting different eyewear from the collection. To bring this reflective vision to life, Chapeau Studios’s Ben Looram and Camera Control’s Simon Wakley brought motion control expertise to Yoni Lappin’s shoot. The Chapeau Studios team then seamlessly united the motion control shots and enhanced the scenery with color, mirrors, and fauna to create Yoni Lappin’s surreal illusion with a nod to 90s style.

Arnette first announced Malone as brand ambassador in May 2019, fronting the Streetstyle and Sustainable Collections centered around eco-friendly practices, bio-based plastic and recycled elastane pouches. An extension of their successful alliance, the duo also teamed up for a unique offering of Post Malone Signature Style sunglasses, a range of three new shades “as bold and unconventional as the man himself.”

Client: Arnette

Director: Yoni Lappin

Production Company: RSA

Digital Production/VFX/Post: Chapeau Studios
On Set VFX Supervisor: Ben Looram
Senior Creative Director: Lauren Mayer-Beug
Senior Post Producer: Lauren Stepan
Post Producer: Chris Almerico
Lead Comp Artist: Francisco Garcia Nava
Flame Artist: Clarke Rives
Post Producer: Jesse Hoy

Motion Control: Camera Control
Titan Operator: Simon Wakley

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Caeleste HDR, GS, BSI, Radhard Imager

Caeleste announces its presentations at Toulouse CMOS Image Sensors Workshop to be held on November 26-27, 2019. One of them is about ELFIS project - a rad-hard, GS, true HDR, BSI image sensor, already reported earlier:

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SickKids Launches Newest Campaign – SickKids VS: This Is Why

Hi Sylvia and Gloria,

Hope all is well!

SickKids Foundation has launched the next phase of its SickKids VS Limits campaign with its new commercial spot - SickKids VS: This Is Why.

The two-minute spot features more than 40 SickKids patient families and 25 hospital staff members, who generously gave their time to participate, and sheds light on the realities patients and staff face everyday at the hospital. Please see video links below:

Full length film

60-second version

Additionally, SickKids is also introducing a series of shorter films to tell more detailed stories on some of their patients and staff - please see video links below:






If you have any questions, I'd love to connect you with our Executive Creative Director, Craig McIntosh who can discuss strategy, evolution of the campaign as a whole and the creative process.

Thanks so much and chat soon,



Today, SickKids Foundation launched the next phase of the SickKids VS Limits campaign with the release of a brand-new commercial spot – SickKids VS: This Is Why. The campaign is designed to bring Torontonians closer to the patients at SickKids to demonstrate and support the need to build a new hospital.

Originally launched in 2016, this year marks the beginning of the fourth chapter of the VS brand platform. To-date the SickKids VS Limits campaign has reached almost 75 percent of it’s $1.3 billion goal – the largest fundraiser in Canadian health care history. This year’s campaign aims to reach those who may not already have a connection with The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids).

“People who have had a direct experience with the hospital have seen the great work that goes on inside SickKids, and they have also seen the unacceptable limitations of our physical space itself,” says Ted Garrard, CEO, SickKids Foundation. “The current hospital was built for fewer patients and simpler challenges – this 1949 building has been outpaced by 21-century medicine, the technology we use to support our patients, and our approach to family-centred care. A new, reimagined hospital will provide the infrastructure we need to advance our mission of transforming child health in Canada.”

The doctors and staff at SickKids continue to defy the odds daily while overcoming the barriers of a hospital originally built in 1949. The reality is that the space has many limitations and there is only one way to fully understand these and feel the desperate need for a new building – seeing what goes on on the inside.

SickKids VS: This Is Why
The SickKids VS: This Is Why campaign will share an inside look at the realities that SickKids patients and staff face everyday, bringing people who haven’t spent time in the hospital as close to the cause as possible. You might never see it. But this is why we fight.

The two-minute spot features more than 40 SickKids patient families and 25 hospital staff members, who generously gave their time to participate in the filming of this year’s commercial. In addition to the two-minute spot, SickKids is also introducing a series of shorter films to tell more detailed stories on some of their patients and staff.

“The VS campaign has been recognized around the world as a bold shift in tone for a children’s hospital. With SickKids VS, we celebrate the resilient spirit of our patients, families and staff, and showcase the good 'fight' that goes at the hospital each day,” says Lori Davison, Vice President, Brand Strategy & Communications, SickKids Foundation. “Our advertising is bold because we have a bold, audacious goal; and this year, VS is bringing it back to focus on the reason we’re fundraising to build a new hospital – for our patients and staff.”

Credit for the concept goes to Cossette, the agency of record for SickKids. The TV spot was directed by Mark Zibert, with music provided by The Music Project Choir. Media planning and buying was managed by OMD.

“Our goal was to shine a spotlight on what goes on behind the doors of the hospital, the life-or-death battles taking place every minute of every day that not everyone gets to see or appreciate,” says Craig McIntosh, Executive Creative Director with Cossette. “This project was ever-evolving based on who we met at the hospital on-set, and what their story was. We created a campaign that stayed true to the kids we were filming.”

The fully-integrated marketing campaign is supported with a media buy, including TV, print, out-of-home, digital and social media. Out-of-home includes branded TTC buses, transit ads and billboards throughout Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. The spot will also begin airing on broadcast TV the week of October 14, including during the Toronto Maple Leafs’ first home game against the Boston Bruins on October 19.

Visit BuildtheNewSickKids.ca to learn more about the new SickKids VS campaign.

About SickKids Foundation
Established in 1972, SickKids Foundation raises funds on behalf of The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and is the largest charitable funder of child health research, learning and care in Canada. Philanthropy is a critical source of funding for SickKids – one of the world's foremost paediatric health-care institutions. Thanks to the generosity of the community, and as a result of a record-breaking year in fundraising, SickKids Foundation generated an unprecedented $159 million for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2019. For more information, please visit www.sickkidsfoundation.com.

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KLM Celebrates its Centenary with 100 Years of Progress

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines turned exactly one hundred years old on Oct. 9, 2019. Founded in 1919, KLM is the first commercial airline that is still flying under its original name to reach this milestone. A true pioneer in aviation, KLM is celebrating its centenary with a film that looks back at some of its remarkable history, while showing progress throughout the last ten decades. Underlining the evolution of aviation - and also that of society as a whole. Since KLM’s first commercial flight right up until today, the company has set its sight on progress.

Throughout the years, KLM has brought the wonder of air travel to generations. The new film, created by DDB Unlimited, tells the story of three generations of the same family who worked with KLM from the early days to the present, serving and caring for passengers. The first two featured women are inspired to fly and become flight attendants. However, the film closes with the granddaughter of the original woman, who ends up in the cockpit, taking off, as captain of KLM’s newest airplane, the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner.

Recreating History
The film tracks KLM’s evolution from 1919 to the present day and features classic airplanes such as the Fokker F.II in 1934, the Douglas DC-4 in 1949, Boeing 747 in 1975 and ending with the brand-new Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner. All brought to life with the authentic uniforms, props and details from each decade.
The picture-perfect period detail was created by using some of the original airplanes, building historically accurate sets and by blending archive footage with cutting edge film techniques. The film is conceived and created by KLM’s long-time creative partner, DDB Unlimited. The team at DDB Unlimited worked closely with historians at the KLM Heritage Centre and fabled Dutch director Ismael ten Heuvel to ensure historical accuracy - paying minute attention to detail.

Fly Responsibly
One of the other ways that KLM is marking its centenary is by looking to the future. Earlier this year, the airline recently launched a global call to action on sustainable travel under the name ‘Fly Responsibly’. KLM has stepped forward to ask the aviation industry as a whole to join forces to create a more sustainable future for aviation.

Credits KLM ‘100 years of progress’

Client: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Agency: DDB Unlimited

Production: Pink Rabbit

Director: Ismael ten Heuvel

Editing: MRTN

Post production:
 Storm Post Production

Music: MassiveMusic, Joep Beving

Sound: Haaifaai

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