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Melexis Announces 2nd Generation ToF Sensor

Melexis announces "a major upgrade to ToF technology for the automotive industry, its next-generation QVGA ToF sensor chipset and a forthcoming VGA ToF sensor."The new ToF sensors are AEC-Q100 qualified and suitable for automotive applications includin...

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Pip Goes Viral! Southeastern Guide Dogs’ Animated Film Garners 1.2 Million Views on YouTube

Southeastern Guide Dogs
has a wonderful hit on its hands with the tiniest of ambassadors: Pip, a small, animated puppy with a huge dream.

The animated short Pip is winning hearts all over the world and currently has more than 1.2 million views and over 62,000 comments on YouTube.

Just like the "real" superhero dogs that are bred, born, raised and trained to transform lives, Pip saves the day, every day, for people with vision loss and veterans with disabilities.

The film was made possible through the generosity of donors Gary and Melody Johnson of Tampa.

Expertly animated by Studio Kimchi of Barcelona, Spain, Pip promotes the mission of Southeastern Guide Dogs in a new, creative way that is resonating with viewers who say it makes them laugh and cry!

Pip is for underdogs everywhere...

Some of the viewer comments include:

  • "You made my cry at work!"
  • "Truly breathtaking. I've watched this twice in a row and I rarely do that. Well done, guys. Amazing job."
  • "Love it! Great project!" Uplifting storyline combined with some very talented artists really has impact! Bravo!"

Film blog zippyframesreview also praised the film, which has been entered into numerous film festivals running in 2019.

There is also a Pip puppy who was born on the Southeastern Guide Dogs campus in September. Pip has started her adventure towards becoming a dog who transforms someone's life, and is currently living and learning on the Palmetto campus in the puppy kindergarten. In about two years, she will be paired with a handler who needs her to live with independence, freedom and dignity.

About Southeastern Guide Dogs
Southeastern Guide Dogs transforms lives by creating and nurturing extraordinary partnerships between people and dogs. The organization employs some of the most talented and innovative scientists and trainers in the working-dog industry and operates the most advanced training facilities of any service dog organization in the world. Our experts train guide dogs, service dogs, and skilled companion dogs for people with visual impairments, veterans with disabilities, and children with significant challenges such as vision loss or loss of a parent in the military.

All of Southeastern Guide Dogs’ services—which include selective breeding and expert dog training and conditioning; comprehensive on-campus student instruction; and lifetime alumni support—are provided at no cost to the recipients. The charity relies 100 percent on private donations and receives no government funding. Southeastern Guide Dogs has the distinction of being dually accredited by the two premier, global accreditation bodies: the International Guide Dog Federation and Assistance Dogs International. Learn more at www.GuideDogs.org.

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PayPal, Proud Sponsor of “Uncle Awesome” This Christmas

From November, PayPal takes the floor again with its agency Buzzman in a wide integrated multimedia campaign. Deployed in more than 15 european countries, the brand reaffirms its commitment: to pay in one click and in safe with the buyer protection and returns on Us on millions of sites.

Christmas is this friendly and warm moment, when young and old enjoy to gather around a good meal and offer presents to those they love. However, when some are impatient to these moments, others fear to open their gifts.

In this new film, PayPal stages a teenager unenthusiastic to see her uncle again and to unwrap his present… This uncle who always a little 'too much' in her eyes. This uncle who wears the same sweater every year for Christmas. This uncle who always tells the same jokes. This uncle who always makes the wrong gift…But this year, she could be surprised, thanks to Paypal!

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Head of Consumer Marketing: Laurent Burel
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EMEA Brand Manager: Jean-Baptiste Vieille
Head of Communication France: Karine Froger

President and Executive Creative Director: Georges Mohammed-Chérif
Vice – President: Thomas Granger
Managing Director: Julien Levilain
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Social Media Consultant: Ségolène Varloud
Head of PR & Communication: Amélie Juillet
PR & Communication Manager: Paul Renaudineau
PR & Communication Assistant: Nina Barbanel
Rights Management: Dee Perryman
Head of TV Production: Vanessa Barbel
TV Producer: Ayman Jaroudi

Production BIG
Sound Production THE
Director Martin Kalina
Producer Kasia Choppin & Raphaël Carassic

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AIT Uses Dynamic Vision Sensor in Panoramic Scanner

Austrian Institute of Technology presents its version of DVS - Dynamic Vision Sensor:"Unlike conventional image sensors the chip has no pixel readout clock but signals the detected changes instantaneously. This information is signalled as so-called “ev...

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