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Automotive News: Porsche-Trieye, Koito-Daihatsu

Globes: Porsche has invested in Israeli SWIR sensor startup Trieye. “We see great potential in this sensor technology that paves the way for the next generation of driver assistance systems and autonomous driving functions. SWIR can be a key element: i...

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Kia Introduces GT Family of Performance Inspired Models in ‘Racers’ Campaign

Kia Motors America released an all new campaign detailing their GT line of performance vehicles. It all started with Stinger, the highest-performing model in the history of Kia Motors America. To build on Stinger’s momentum and industry-changing success, Kia upped the adrenaline ante and developed the limited-edition Stinger GTS.

And now, Kia has injected a bit more sport into one of their most popular vehicles – the Forte compact sedan – with the introduction of the all-new 2020 Forte GT. Featuring race-inspired visual upgrades and premium amenities, not to mention an available turbocharged engine and sportier suspension setup, Forte’s performance and fun-to-drive athleticism is now next level – and accessible to all.

All three of Kia’s high-performance models are featured in a new spot entitled, “Racers”. Set on a West Texas ranch, Kia puts all three performance-inspired models to the test through a “barrel race” with a twist. Instead of thoroughbred horses, the Stinger GT2 and GTS models along with the Forte GT, race through the course demonstrating each model’s agility, speed, nimble handling and driving dynamics with every turn of the wheel.

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Wildbytes Helps Create Epic Augmented Reality Half-Time Show for Real Madrid vs Celta de Vigo

On Saturday 17th August, mobile network operator Orange, Google, and experiential innovation agency Wildbytes treated soccer fans to an epic spectacle. Marking the first augmented reality synchronised show in Spain, fans at the Celta de Vigo vs. Real Madrid game saw a gigantic superhero football player appearing on the pitch in augmented reality.

Unveiled on the weekend of the return of the first league Spanish football season, Wildbytes creatively devised and developed the custom-designed app and activation to promote Orange’s new on demand TV service, which gives its customers access to soccer games, and the Google Assistant, a result of Google’s partnership with the telecom.

Instead of the usual run-of-the-mill entertainment, fans with the specific mobile app installed on their devices saw an unforgettable large-scale seven-minute half-time show. Beginning with colossal gold soccer balls falling from lightning-laden skies above the stadium, a giant golden soccer player with superpowers appeared in front of the spectators. Using his powers, he levitated the soccer balls and caused a blazing tornado, before showing his soccer skills and landing an epic bicycle-kick. The fully synchronised visuals were designed to be seen from different perspectives depending on where spectators were sitting in the stadium, lending it a lifelike effect, that was supported by the stadium’s 360 sound system.

Interactive experiential agency Wildbytes was tasked with creating a tech-driven innovation for the Spanish football league kick off and worked in collaboration with Orange and Google to form the idea behind the activation. In addition to the creative ideation, the agency designed, developed and published the app, developed real-time synching AR technology, and created the 3D AR content seen on mobile screens and video content displayed on the stadium screens.

Leo Da Costa, Senior Creative Technologist at Wildbytes, comments: “Orange and Google enlisted our help to come up with a new way to enhance the half-time experience while drawing on the brands’ two key elements: entertainment and technology. We’ve worked on AR activations before, but one of the main challenges for this project was the large-scale and many roving elements. 30,000 spectators were in attendance of the game, so we had to ensure that the AR content would be displayed in the best possible quality and correctly synched with a large number of devices while bearing in mind the possible limitations in connectivity.

“What is exciting is that activations like this open a vast number of possibilities in terms of mass-scale entertainment. In its beginnings, augmented reality wasn’t used widely for more than one person at a time. What we can see now is that as we employ it on large scale events, it can become more immersive than ever before.

Prior to the AR 3D show, the capabilities of the Google Assistant were demonstrated through a sequence with the MC, that led to the AR experience.

To increase the number of downloads of the app, it was promoted prior to the match and on match day through social campaigns, print flyers, speaker announcements, and promotions that entered those who downloaded the app to a competition to win tech prizes.

The app is available in Europe on Apple and Android.

Client: Orange and Google.
Agency: Wildbytes
Media Agency: Comunica+A

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Three Things to Remember For a Perfect Lads Holiday

A lads holiday is a rite of passage. Regardless of how old you are, spending time abroad with your friends will always be a memorable occasion, and everyone should experience it at least once in the lives. If you want to have an unforgettable trip that runs as smoothly as possible, remember these top tops when you’re planning your trip:

Choose Your Destination Wisely
Researching the perfect destination for a lads holidayis key to a successful trip, so ask your group what they want to experience whilst they’re away. Picking any old hotel that’s near a beach in a hot climate may sound like it ticks all the boxes, but you could arrive to find it’s a top family destination where Kids Club is often in full swing.

Find a location that offers plenty of activities and nightlife and book a hotel that is potentially adults only or somewhere family groups are likely to avoid. Choosing the correct dates will also help here as you may want to avoid school holidays if possible. Also, consider the travel time and any transfers you will have to take, as this can eat into valuable holiday hours.

Incorporate Sports into the Trip
No doubt they’ll be plenty of partying and fun to be had on your lads trip away, but make sure you schedule in some activities whilst you’re there. Hitting the bars and clubs can be enjoyable, but don’t forget you can participate in that when you’re at home too. Take advantage of your new surroundings and experience what a different city has to offer.

You may want to spend the day making the most of a coastal location, getting out on the water enjoying sports, for example. Jet skiing is great fun even if you’re a beginner, and windsurfing is a skill that can be picked up quickly, so book in a few lessons while you’re away. Make the most of the warmer weather and hit up the fairways, and locations such as Portugal are becoming increasingly popular for lads trips as there are lots of high quality courses near the coast. Don’t forget to include your clubs when adding luggage to your flight booking, a set of pxg irons will be great to use when playing abroad.

Remember Organisation is Key
It’s easy to get carried away when you’re travelling with friends instead of family or for work, but you’ll need to be organised to ensure your trip goes by without a hitch. Make sure everyone has their passports and travel tickets before you leave for the airport, as there’s nothing worse than realising a member of the group has left important documentation behind at home.

Pack appropriately for the climate you’re flying to, and take a travel-sized first aid kit in your bag, as you never know when you might need it. Pack plenty of sun cream if you’re spending every day at the beach, as sunburn can completely ruin a trip. Heat exhaustion or sunstroke can be incredibly dangerous if not treated properly, so always be safe.

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Cambridge Mechatronics Extends ToF Range by 5-10x

AF and OIS actuators company Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd. (CML) comes up with an interesting statement:"CML has developed technology capable of extending the range of ToF depth sensing for next-generation AR experiences.Because current technology can on...

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