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Robo Adviser Advertising: Dumbing Down To Succeed

Robo advisers are becoming ubiquitous as financial institutions increasingly deploy them as a matter of course, rather than as a standout feature. With such a plethora of options, competition is fierce; yet, according to the Financi...

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Gigajot Raises $4m

Gigajot files a form on completion of $4m fundrising. Not much more info has been revealed so far.

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CEA-Leti Curved Sensor Technology Flyer

CEA-Leti Pixcurve technology flyer promotes the technology:"Pixcurve is a proof of concept, introducing Leti’s latest curving technology for various optical components, such as visible imagers, µdisplays, bolometers and IR detectors. This technology ad...

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Offset: 20 facts about the rapper

If you know Migos, you sure know Offset and if you are a Cardi B fan, then you know that Offset used to be her man. A huge buzz is going around Offset because he and Cardi B called of their relationship and know he is going all around Twitter saying that he misses her. […]

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Les Recettes Ferme d’Anchin honors vegetables with a new campaign created by CLM BBDO

The all-natural, innovative French soup brand Les Recettes Ferme d’Anchin is launching its first campaign, “The Soup that Honors Vegetables”, with the help of CLM BBDO.

Les Recettes Ferme d’Anchin loves vegetables, and respects them. Respects them so much that they’ll do everything possible to honor them in their soups.

Why? Because even today, far too often, vegetables are frequently mishandled and poorly cooked. Not to mention the reputation they have – just think of the expressions: “you’re full of beans!”, “couch potato” “be in a pickle”… What’s wrong with being full of beans? Vegetables deserve better.. and that’s why CLM BBDO created a campaign that gives them the respect they deserve.

The Recettes Ferme d’Anchin is the brand that celebrates vegetables in all their forms
The campaign, which showcases vegetables in all their glory, consists of 2 films, outdoor posters (in partnership with retailer Monoprix), and an activation.

The offbeat digital films, directed by Béatrice Pégard of the ultra-creative production company La Pac introduce us to 2 characters, Louise Asperge (Louise Asparagus) and Samuel Poireau (Samuel Leek). These guys have had to put up with all kinds of taunting since childhood but now, thanks to Recettes Ferme d’Anchin, they can finally appreciate and celebrate their distinctive names.

To take things a step further, the brand is running an operation where anyone with a vegetable in their name has the chance of winning Les Recettes Ferme d’Anchin soup - they just need to comment on the videos online to enter.

And, in an online activation, BBDO & La Ferme d’Anchin sought out influencers who’ve willingly chosen vegetable-related handles - @emiliechoufleurlajolie (emilie cauliflower la jolie), @pititchampignon (little mushroom), @fraiseetbasilic (strawberry and basil), giving them a wood box with 2 Les Recettes Ferme d’Anchin soups, and a personalized bowl. A way of reminding everyone they should be proud to bear the name of a vegetable.

Les Recettes Ferme d’Anchin - Asparagus

Les Recettes Ferme d’Anchin - Leek


Valérie Accary : President
Ani Radonova : Commercial Director
Alix Dunoyer De Segonzac : Account Director
Manon Debus Pesquet : Account Executive

Matthieu Elkaïm : Creative Director
Benjamin Dessagne : Creative Director
Stéphane Santana : Creative Director
Joseph Rozier : Copywriter
Théophile Robaglia : Art Director

Morgane Bohn : TV Producer
Martine Ferey : Post-Production Director
Simon Benitah : Post-Producer

Eleonore Berthier Milot : Social Strategist
Pauline Roussel : Social Media Manager

Lauren Weber : PR
Auriane Desplanches : Influencer & ePR Manager

LAPAC : Anna Roudaut
Director : Beatrice Pegard
DOP : Léo Schrepel
Line Producer : Eunice Orsucci
Post producer : Laurence Lelong / Salome Karsenty

Sound : THE

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Bullitt’s Shelley Lewis Directs Zappos Campaign for Agency Plan A

Bullitt Director Shelley Lewis worked with agency Plan A in the creation of four charming and colorful spots for Zappos that showcase the retailer’s renowned customer service. Highlights include free shipping, a yearlong return window, 24/7 customer support, and a judgment free zone should you forget someone’s birthday.

The campaign, the first for Zappos via Plan A, can be viewed here:

Client: Zappos

Agency: Plan A
Managing Director: Zara Mirza
Chief Creative Officer: Scott Carlson
Director of Creative Services: Cheri Anderson
Senior Creative Director: Colin Isley
Senior Creative Director: Kristofer Delaney
Producer: Winslow Dennis
Account Director: Dominick Romeo

Production Company: Bullitt
Director: Shelley Lewis
Executive Producer: Luke Ricci
Line Producer: Jeremy Barrett
Director of Photography: Martin Ahlgren
Production Designer: Kristen Vallow

Editorial: Lost Planet
Editors: Mike Sobo, Epy Carrieri
Producer: Krsytn Wagonberg

VFX: Black Hole
VFX Flame: Tim Farrell
VFX Producer: Felix Cabrera

Telecine: Company 3
Colorist: Tim Masik

Mix: Heard City
Mixer: Philip Loeb

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Facial Recognition Controversy

The Verge, Independent, Seattle Times: AI Now Institute consisting of Microsoft, Google and New York University employees publishes "AI Now Report 2018" talking about dangers of facial recognition for society. The group calls on governments to regulate...

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