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Michael B. Jordan Directs Latest Short Film for Bacardi

Premium Rum brand Bacardi recently debuted "The Angel's Share," a digital short film co-directed by actor and filmmaker Michael B. Jordan and Emmy-nominated director Paul Hunter, according to a news release provided to Marketing Dive. The content is the first to promote Bacardi's premium collection, which launched in April. The film tells the story of the legacy of Bacardi, centering on "the angel's share," which refers to the liquid that evaporates during the rum's aging process, and how because Bacardi premium rum is aged under the Caribbean sun, more angel's share is lost than for other spirits. The film, which Jordan and Hunter conceptualized, follows three characters, including a Maestro de Ron, a bartender and Bacardi family member, to tell their version of the angel's share story. The campaign, developed with BBDO New York, will run on digital channels and target connected TV, YouTube and full-episode players. It will also include out-of-home in markets including New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington and Atlanta. In addition, social vignettes will air on Bacardi-owned channels and Jordan's Instagram page.

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Samsung Defies the Elements in New Ad Campaign ‘Samsung Within’

Samsung has launched the newest installment of its episodic consumer-focused ad campaign, “Samsung Within,” an ongoing interactive web and mobile experience series depicting Samsung’s legacy as a company: it’s philosophy, the meaning of its name, and its cultural drive for pursuing relentless innovation and how it’s latest smartphone – the Galaxy Note9 – was built based on Samsung’s motto “Do What You Can’t.”

The web campaign takes viewers on a journey through Samsung’s “why,” using stunning interactive design and offering viewers a more immersive experience. But Samsung wasn’t content to consign their story to the web; from November 1, they’ve been promoting the web experience in the most trafficked areas of the world. Towering ads invite the public to see it for themselves in New York City’s Times Square and Samsung 837, the company’s flagship experiential marketing center of excellence in New York’s Meatpacking district. The ads are also expected to run in Russia, Spain and Italy.

Did you know that the first 3G call from the summit of Mount Everest was made on a Samsung Galaxy S2? Or that a Samsung phone was the first commercial phone to assist NASA with the launch of The Atlantis? Clicking through the interactive web experience or watching the display ads in a city square, the “Extreme Conditions” chapter of “Samsung Within” takes viewers to the virtual top of Mt. Everest, depicting the story of how Samsung doesn’t just build technology with the minimum requirements, but always pushes the limits to go above and beyond in quality and durability so its products can perform in almost any situation you might need them in. The “Samsung Within” campaign is a testament to this Samsung philosophy of relentless exploration and innovating to lead when building technology for good.

Experience the first 4 chapters of “Samsung Within” here and stay tuned for more chapters to come.

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CCD Dark Current Might Have Traces of Dark Matter

In the past, pixel dark current has been used for various purposes: identifying traps and defects (dark current spectroscopy), generating random numbers, measuring temperature, forensic picture analysis, random telegraph noise analysis, etc. One could ...

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The Philanthropic Work of James Dondero

The charitable efforts of James Dondero have led to success for many different organizations in the Dallas area. Dondero is known as an entrepreneur who is able to use his skills as a businessman to benefit the work he does as a philanthropist. He has made his vision a strong and positive force in the Dallas community. It is based on his financial contributions and more for the organizations he supports.


This is a way individuals capable of giving financial and volunteer support can work toward eliminating the problems of society. The goal of philanthropy is to benefit society by supporting scientific research, improving education and providing opportunities for individuals in society who have none. Philanthropy involves supporting important organizations that benefit society like zoos, universities and more.

Charitable Organizations

James Dondero is the co-founder as well as president of Highland Capital Management. Since 1994, Dondero has called Dallas his home. His firm is a global operation, but Dondero made a decision to focus his charitable giving on the local Dallas community. He has provided financial support for The Perot Museum of Nature and Science, The Dallas Zoo, Education is Freedom as well as The Family Place and other local charitable organizations.

The Family Place

This is the largest provider of services to help with family violence. This organization provides educational programs that can change lives as well as provides shelters, professional counseling and more. They are dedicated to serving victims of family violence. They also speak with hundreds of students and try to educate them on preventing teen dating violence, bullying and more. Its able to provide its programs in both English and Spanish.

Hippo Habitat

One of Dondero's recent projects is contributing to the Dallas Zoo's newest exhibit. His donation combined with donations from others made it possible for the Dallas Zoo to construct a Hippo exhibit. It is considered state-of-the-art. The exhibit is called Hippo Outpost and is located in the Wilds of Africa section of the zoo. Dondero's donation made it possible to also build the Highland Hippo Hut. This is a place dedicated to private events as well as special educational displays.

SMU Tower Scholars Program

This Scholars Program Fund for Endowed Tower was created from an endowment gift of $2 million made to Southern Methodist University from Highland Capital Management. This program has been structured so it is supports exceptional undergraduates. It will provide aid to students who are studying international affairs and politics. The goal is to increase a student's awareness of ethical public service. Students who are accepted into this program are provided with opportunities to study abroad as well as exposure to different levels of public policy making. Each will have a senior-year internship designed to provide a meaningful educational experience.

Education Is Freedom (EIF)

At-risk youth who want to earn a college degree can receive financial support from EIF. This organization is dedicated to providing mentoring, professional development as well as standardized test preparation, internships and more. These services are provided by some of the most successful nonprofits and corporations in the Dallas area. It has worked with the Dallas Mayor's office to create an Intern Fellows Program. It is an internship that runs for eight weeks in the summer.

Capital for Kids

This organization consists of volunteers who are investment management professionals and dedicated to helping children in need. Their mission is to protect, encourage and protect at-risk children. Capital for Kids is an organization that believes all children should have an opportunity to succeed. It provides valuable services including quality education programs to hundreds of families in the Dallas area that are low income.

Mr. Dondero and Highland Capital management are leaders in working to get industry peers to help support worthy causes. They are considered valuable partners when it comes to making a positive impact in the Dallas community. Mr. Dondero and Highland Capital management are dedicated to helping children break free from a cycle of abuse, poverty and provide them with the opportunity to succeed.

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How to Reduce Email Stress with Unroll Me

It does not take long at all for anyone's inbox to start accumulating hundreds of unread messages. In all of the cyber clutter of emails from countless different retailers and legitimate sources, it is easy to lose track of important messages and fail to respond in a timely manner.

There are plenty of good reasons why you find your inbox loaded with junk messages, including that many online retail sites offer you an initial discount for providing your personal email address to receive future offers and communications from the retailer. Instead of worrying about missing out on a good discount, you can now subscribe in the short term without committing to endless communications that help hide your important messages. The good news is that Unroll Me offers a free, secure solution to your email overload woes.

How to Solve Your Inbox Clutter
If you do not have untold hours to spend clearing out your inbox of unwanted junk, turn to Unroll Me for a quick, automated solution. This site allows you to register to have your email address automatically unsubscribed from all of the hundreds of sites that request you to register with a valid personal email address to receive a one time discount or subscribe to a newsletter. It can be exhausting to figure out all of the sites you have provided an email address to over the years, so why not leave the heavy lifting to Unroll.me and relax while your email clutter is vanquished before your own eyes.

Registering Your Email Address with Unroll Me
The easiest way to have your unwanted emails purged and prevent retailers from sending you more unsolicited junk mail is to create an account on Unroll.me. You can either register for their services on their website or through their free smartphone app. You get the same great service from either the website or the Unroll Me app. Create a unique password for your Unroll Me account. If you later forget your password, you can use the password retrieval service from Unroll Me to find it and continue managing your email subscriptions with ease.

Selecting Unwanted Email Subscription Services to Remove from Your Email
After you register your email address with Unroll Me, the site will collate a list of email subscription services that you have registered for over the years. You will be able to see all your potential spam sources in one place. There will be a box next to each email sender for you to select if you wish to stop receiving emails from that particular sender. Once you have selected all of the services that you wish to unsubscribe from, Unroll Me will get started on making that happen.

The great part about using Unroll Me to manage and cut back on your unwanted email subscriptions is that you will get automatic updates regarding any new email subscriptions that have been added to your account since the last time you purged unnecessary subscriptions. This means that you can actually break the cycle of managing hundreds of useless email subscriptions yourself.

If you ever decide that you no longer need services from Unroll Me, you can always choose to delete your account on the app or the website. This service is provided at no cost and only requires that you maintain an online account to be able to take advantage of this organizational win. Unroll Me subscribers can rest easy that their personal information is protected and that Unroll Me takes proactive, cutting-edge measures to secure their data from cyber security threats.

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New Coalition Set to Tackle a Major Engineering Challenge: The Profession’s Lack of Women

A group of Manitoba’s major engineering employers have joined together in an effort to solve a massive engineering challenge: The lack of female representation in their profession.

The Manitoba 2030 Coalition launched this month with representatives present from several of the province’s most prominent engineering employers, including the Province of Manitoba, Boeing, Manitoba Hydro, Hatch, AECOM, StandardAero and the University of Manitoba.

The group will develop policies and share tactics aimed at furthering Engineers Canada’s new “30 by 30” initiative, which is working to ensure that women comprise at least 30% of the country’s newly licensed engineers by 2030.

The Manitoba 2030 Coalition is a direct response to “Dear 2030,” a spring 2018 campaign developed by Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba in partnership with Toronto-based creative agency, Juliet, which helped facilitate conversations between students and companies.

The “Dear 2030” initiative saw students across the province sign petitions demanding that Manitoba’s engineering employers share their plans for welcoming and retaining more women in a traditionally male-dominated profession.

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba subsequently delivered the petitions to the province’s major engineering employers in custom-built boxes. The boxes also housed a video from students as well as resources aimed at helping companies raise the issue both internally and via social media platforms.

The Manitoba 2030 Coalition held its first meeting at the Manitoba legislature on Nov. 13 with students from Manitoba schools meeting with employers and the Hon. Rochelle Squires, Minister responsible for the Status of Women. Company leaders listened to students’ thoughts on how women can achieve greater parity in the engineering profession, as well as their thoughts on the changes needed to get there.

According to Engineers Canada, the number of female engineers has grown steadily over the past decade – to more than 26,000 in 2016 – yet just 17% of the country’s newly licensed engineers are women.

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba saw a 10% dip in the number of newly licensed female engineers between 2014 and 2016 according to Engineers Canada data. While that was the most of any industry association in the country, this number is in constant flux, with the association often experiencing year-over-year variation of 10%. The group has formally adopted “30 by 30” as one of its organizational objectives.

“We have worked hard to address conscious bias, but we are still dealing with systemic inequality in engineering,” says Squires. “We have to confront this unconscious bias head on.”

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba will spend the coming weeks developing a strategic plan and identifying key priorities. Regular meetings are expected to commence in January 2019, and students will be granted opportunities to meet with the group and provide feedback that could inform its actions.

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