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Leo Burnett London and McDonald’s Launch ‘Just Like McDonald’s’ in Renewed Food Quality Push

McDonald’s and Leo Burnett London have launched an integrated campaign entitled ‘Just Like McDonald’s’, which seeks to distance the brand from its fast food counterparts by comparing the quality of ingredients you’d find in high-end restaurants and supermarkets with those at McDonald’s.

The campaign consists of two 40” films that playfully pose the question: how can you be sure that the ingredients you buy elsewhere are of the same high quality as McDonald’s?

Simple, easy-to-follow guides then help people to spot the signs of an establishment they can trust to serve high quality ingredients, just like McDonald’s. In one of the films a man gets transported into an expensive supermarket with ‘17 different types of granola’ whilst walking around with a ‘wicker basket’.

The other spot shows a women about to take a bite out of a burger before getting interrupted by the narrator asking her how can she be sure that other restaurants sell 100% British and Irish beef. She suddenly gets transported to a fancy restaurant where she experiences an ‘overly-attentive waiter’ and when she sees the bill is made to ‘feel like a contestant on a hidden camera show’ because it’s so eye-wateringly expensive.

This represents a more confident approach for the brand, that has previously sought to defend the quality of their food and bust the various myths that surrounded its ingredients.

The integrated campaign runs across a number of different touchpoints and highlights the quality of ingredients that McDonald’s use, like the 100% British and Irish beef in their burgers or free range eggs in their breakfasts.

The campaign comprises of OOH in close proximity to retail stores to target consumers on their way to supermarkets, social posts that poke fun of foodie influencers and contextual YouTube bumpers that are served before recipe videos.

To support the campaign through PR and social, McDonald’s will open the doors to its supply chain and champion their high quality ingredients by encouraging influencers and journalists to create their own versions of their iconic menu items.

Ben Fox, Director Brand, Experience & Media at McDonald’s said “At McDonald’s we are rightly proud of the quality ingredients used across our menu. We have invested in telling our food provenance story for a number of years and earned the right to grow more confident in our approach over time. Customers gave us permission & challenged us to be bolder still. We’re delighted with the campaign – it delivers a boring trust message, in a fun, memorable way and represents another confident step forward for the brand. We’re excited to see where the platform can take us.”

Graham Lakeland, Creative Director at Leo Burnett London said: “It’s surprising to learn that many of the quality ingredients McDonald’s use are the same as you’ll find in more ‘upmarket’ restaurants and supermarkets. We felt it was about time to let people know, setting the story straight and hopefully putting smiles on their faces.”

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DIESEL Takes on Returning Worn Clothes in its New Fall campaign

You may have heard of the term “Wardrobing.” The word is used for the act of buying an outfit, wearing it and returning it after. A lot of people do it—it’s a rising trend, and most fashion brands struggle with how to handle it.

Not DIESEL though, which introduces its new Fall campaign, aptly called “Enjoy Before Returning”: a playful, nonconformist stance on this controversial topic. Rather than condemning wardrobing, the brand comes to terms with it. If shoppers are going to buy, wear and return an item anyway, why not fully enjoy it in the process?

To illustrate DIESEL’s point of view on wearing and returning, the campaign’s photographs and videos have been shot and directed by photographer Angelo Pennetta.

Penetta’s imagery lenses wardrobers wearing DIESEL’s new Fall collection, along with watches and eyewear products. All of the items—including separate watch still-life visuals shot by the photographer Roberto Badin—share the common thread of “wearing the tag out.”

A self-ironic film—directed by Similar But Different—will be released just before New York Fashion Week. The video portrays different party goers enjoying the night in DIESEL outfits with the tags prominently on display—outfits they will seemingly return the next day. Throughout the film, a voice over will ironically recite DIESEL’s return policy. The point? DIESEL does not condone the act, but it will not hold it against you.

Following the release of the film, DIESEL will host a “Return Party” at London Fashion Week.

The campaign’s overall creative concept and execution was handled by Publicis Italia.


Agency Credits
Creative Agency: Publicis Italia
Global CCO Publicis WW: Bruno Bertelli
CCO: Cristiana Boccassini
General Manager: Daniela Di Maio
Creative Director: Thiago Cruz
Creative Director: Mihnea Gheorghiu
Creative Supervisor: Costanza Rossi
Copywriter: Sébastien Rouvière
Art Director: Andrea Sarcullo
Digital Account Director: Ilaria Castiglioni
Account Director: Filippo D’Andrea
Account Executive: Mirko De Martini
Senior Strategic Planner: Monica Radulescu
Social Media Manager: Doina Tatu
Head of TV Production: Francesca Zazzera
TV Producer: Erica Lora Lamia
Art Buyer: Caterina Collesano, Marcella Garutti

Film Credits
Director: Similar But Different
Production company: Smuggler
Executive Producers: Fergus Brown and Chris Barrett
Producer: Javier Alejandro
DOP: Kaname Onoyama
Stylist: Luci Ellis
Music Production: Sizzer

Photography & Product Videos Credits
Photographer/Director: Angelo Pennetta
Production Company: Art Partner
DP: Errol Rainey
Stylist: Julia Sarr-Jamois
Casting: Julia Lange
Make-up: Lotten Holmqvist
Hair: Syd Hayes
Nails: Anatole Rainey
Set Design: Alice Kirkpatrick
Choreographer: Ryan Chappell

Still Life Credits
Photographer: Roberto Badin @1806 Agency
Production Company: 1806 Agency
Post Production: Diego Speroni @1806 Agency
Set Designer: Martina Lucatelli

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