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Pathways To Education’s “Build Pathways” Campaign Shows that a Better Canada Starts with High School Graduation

Pathways to Education, a charitable organization working to break the cycle of poverty by helping students living in low-income communities to graduate from high school, has launched its first ever national awareness campaign, “Build Pathways.” Launched nationally on September 2, the work draws attention to the individual and societal benefits that start with high school graduation, and some of the barriers that prevent students from graduating.  

“Youth living in low-income communities across Canada face barriers to education that can significantly impact their chances of graduating from high school—and that affects us all,” said Colleen Ryan, Director of Marketing and Communications at Pathways to Education Canada. “‘Build Pathways’ highlights that when we support more students to graduate from high school, we see reduced poverty, stronger communities, and significant economic gains.”

The brand’s multi-pronged campaign, developed by Camp Jefferson, features a media buy - spanning television, cinema, social, and OOH (transit and digital) - and a media relations campaign to educate people about the issue at large. 

By correlating graduation rates and challenging social issues, the campaign’s video showcases the future that the next generation have the potential to create - assuming they complete high. While the outdoor component of the campaign takes inspiration from textbook-styled problems to educate Canadians on the socio-economic implications of not graduating from high school.

"Ask yourself where you'd be without a high school diploma," said Guybrush Taylor, ECD at Camp Jefferson. "So many things depend on it, but we put very little emphasis on its importance. We need to view graduation rates as a metric of a successful nation. The return on investment is unlimited."

In addition to Camp Jefferson’s creative work with the charity, the campaign also drives to Pathways to Education’s new vanity URL, BuildPathways.ca. The website invites visitors to learn more about the organization’s work, donate to the cause, and volunteer.  

Client Credits
Brand: Pathways to Education Canada
Director, Marketing and Communications: Colleen Ryan
Senior Manager, Marketing: Naresh Da Silva
Director, Digital Strategy: Jason Shim
Manager, Marketing and Brand: Alex Kruger

Agency Credits
Agency: Camp Jefferson
EVP, Managing Partner: Peter Bolt
VP, Director of Strategy: Ian Barr
Executive Creative Director: Guybrush Taylor
Creative Directors: Phil Coulter, Stefan D’Aversa
Copywriters: Guybrush Taylor, Morgan Starr, Paul Constantakis 
Art Directors: Guybrush Taylor, Luke Woodard, Jonathan Guy 
Producer: Lily Tran 
VP, Director of Client Services: Edith Rosa 
Account Supervisor: Sophia Yang
Account Coordinator: Katherine Ly

VFX/Colour: theVanity
Lead VFX Artist: Sean Cochrane
VFX Artists: Kaelem Cahill, Michael Mederios, Andrew Farlow, Noah Matikainen
VFX Assistant: Adam Silcox-Vanwyk
CG: Josh Clifton, Joaquin Manay, Steve McArdle
Colourist: Andrew Exworth
Colour Assistant: Brock Cruess
Executive Producer: Stephanie Pennington 
Producer: Katie Methot 

Music & Sound Design: Pirate Group Inc.
Track Director: Mark Rajakovic 
Audio Engineers: Keith Ohman, Ian Boddy
Producer: Joanne Uyeyama

Editing: Saints Editorial
Producer: Stephanie Hickman 
Editor: Mark Paiva
Editing Assistants: Giuseppe Piccolo, Kerstin Juby

Production: Scouts Honour 
Producers: Rita Popielak, Simon Dragland
Director: Chris Woods
Director of Photography: Mark Zibert

Media: Sadie Simon, Cossette Media
PR: The Colony Project
Website: Send and Receive

About Pathways to Education
Pathways to Education is a national, charitable organization breaking the cycle of poverty through education. Its award-winning program is creating positive social change by supporting youth living in low-income communities to overcome barriers to education, graduate from high school, and build the foundation for a successful future. Through the collective power of partnerships, Pathways to Education's innovative program is preparing youth for tomorrow. Visit BuildPathways.ca to learn more.

About Camp Jefferson
Camp Jefferson is for the challengers: the brands who outsmart their competitors and win the battle for people's choice. Founded in 2015, it leads The Camps Collective to solving business problems with strategy, communication, design and technology. Learn more at campjefferson.com

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Quaknesha Garvin Johnson, Boston Uncornered Student 
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Founded in 2009, College Bound Dorchester is a Boston nonprofit using education to end systemic generational urban poverty and violence through its Uncornered solution to quip young people with the attitude, skills and experience to graduate from college, focusing on engaging gang-involved youth to become positive leaders in their community.

PJA is a $75 million advertising and marketing agency with offices in Cambridge, Mass. and San Francisco, Calif. PJA serves a global roster of technology, life science and healthcare clients that includes: GE Healthcare, PAREXEL, Patheon, Molecular Health, Xylem, and Aprecia. For more information, visit agencypja.com.

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