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Powerful Message In This PSA For Fundaseno – “The Doctor’s Appointment”

Creative Ad Agency: Publicis, Venezuela
Creative Chief Officer: Fabian Bonelli
Creative Director: Nora Otazo
Copywriters: Sergio Sánchez, José Juan Sanguinetti
Art Director: Daniel Mendez, Michel Morales
Production Company: El Living
Director: Hans Hoj

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Kent County Council Launches Lego Animation Video Urging UK Residents to ‘Think Before You Buy’

The UK's Kent County Council and Tom Sawyer create a Lego animation video to raise awareness of consumer rights that urges them to Think Before They Buy. Research carried out by Kent County Council shows that a majority of Kent residents are unaware of their consumer rights before they buy, often only finding out when something goes wrong.

The findings raise concerns that a large proportion of residents are at risk of being a victim of consumer crime and are unaware of their basic consumer rights. To highlight this issue, Kent County Council is urging people to ‘Think Before You Buy’ with the launch of their new Lego video.

The video, although playful in tone, highlights an important issue that’s on the rise in the county - customers falling victim because they do not know their rights with goods and services they buy.

Advertised Brand: Kent County Council
Advert Title: Know Your Rights: Think Before You Buy
Advertising Agency: Tom Sawyer Effect

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