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Rocky Lockridge trivia: 40 facts about the famous boxer!

Rocky Lockridge was one of the most famous professional boxers. Unfortunately, he passed away recently.

So let’s get to know him a little bit better!

  1. His proper name is Rick Lockridge
  2. He was called by everyone as Rocky
  3. He was born in January 10, 1959
  4. He passed away in February 7, 2019
  5. Rocky Lockridge was an American professional boxer
  6. He is perhaps best known for having handed Roger Mayweather his first defeat
  7. It was a first- round knockout in just 98 seconds
  8. It earned him the WBA
  9. And lineal super featherweight titles
  10. He later won the IBF super featherweight title
  11. Rocky Lockridge started boxing as an amateur out of the Tacoma Boys Club
  12. He is one of four world champions to originate from Tacoma
  13. The others are Freddie Steele, Leo Randolph and Johnny Bumphus
  14. In 1977 he won the National AAU Bantamweight Champion
  15. This happened by stopping David Douglas of the U.S. Army in the second round of the final
  16. In 1978 he came second in the National Golden Gloves in Bantamweight Class
  17. Also in 1978 he was the Runner Up in National AAU Championships in Bantamweight Class
  18. This was by losing to Jackie Beard in Biloxi, MS
  19. He was defeated in the quarter- finals of the World Amateur Boxing Championships in Belgrade, Yugoslavia
  20. He lost to Fazlija Šaćirović
  21. Rocky Lockridge played 53 total fights
  22. He had 44 wins
  23. He had 36 wins by KO
  24. Rocky Lockridge lost 9 times
  25. For the last two decades of his life, Rocky Lockridge had drug problems
  26. He became homeless
  27. He suffered a stroke which forced him to walk with a cane
  28. He was featured on A & E’s Intervention TV series
  29. There he claimed that the intervention and the help of his sons saved his life
  30. His appearance on the show is noted for a notorious moment where his son Lamar says, “Because I know, somewhere deep down in my heart, I still love you,”
  31. This caused Rocky Lockridge to break down crying hard enough to the point where he was screaming at the top of his lungs
  32. This spawned the internet meme “Best Cry Ever”
  33. He was also caught on video defending himself by knocking out a bully with a single one- two jab- cross combination near a convenience store
  34. In interviews, he expressed a desire to be drug- free
  35. He had stated that he had never been this clean
  36. He was also interested in becoming a boxing trainer
  37. Rocky Lockridge died at the age of 60
  38. He was placed on home hospice care following another series of strokes
  39. He was removed from life support about one week prior to his death
  40. His height was 5 ft 6,5 in


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