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The secret behind the erotic massage: the oils used

There are lot of ways to make someone feel excited, released of stress. This is what happens during the erotic massage session. The saloons specialised in this type of massage aim is to make you feel relaxed, to enjoy the time and forget about problems. The erotic part of this story comes along with moves, with seductive view of the masseuse and not at last with the oil used.

They are perfect for aromatherapy so for those that know a little bit about this subject there is already an explanation given for the reason they are used during the massages. For those that don’t, here are a few ideas to understand better.

The massage and the oils used 

An erotic massage involves lot of moves using hands and not only. There is clearly needed something to make those moves more gentle and lubrification is required – of course that for the purpose of exciting the person, so best way is to use best oils. Aromatic ones, with different fragrances, are being mixed with special creams and body oils.

You can be sure of the quality, as the oils which are cheaper tend to be sticky on the skin so the sensation is not quite a pleasant one. Or, there are some, more water than oil. A professional saloon knows that is has to provide you the best of the best. Apart from the sensations induced while using those oils, apart from the benefits of aromatherapy itself, it is also about carrying for the skin not to have an adverse reaction.

In any case, the masseuse should talk to you about the subject and to inform you what type of oil she will use during the session.

Types of oils recommended during an erotic massage session 

The base oils are used first. Concerning this category we can mention the sunflower, a classic choice, the almond oil or sesame seed oil. Often these are mixed in order to create a unique scent – those inspired combinations  of oils aim to spoil the skin and make it smooth. After all, the massage is besides erotic a therapy in the real meaning of the word.

Essential oils are also used. These are more intense in their fragrance.  An often choice is lavender; this particularly is responsible for the note of relaxation obtained. And of course, it has such a pleasant smell that it simply invites to a session of craziness, erotic massage enjoyed at his pick.

Other sensual aromas can also be the roses extract or the ginger essential oil. The professional saloons should have a wide range of them, so it be up to each and every one of the clients which one will be used.

The oil should be used warm – not too hot but warm and pleasant when it gets in contact with your skin. The erotic massage saloon has masseuses and they are responsible with giving the erotic massages, so they should be very well in order to use the oils in a suitable way. There is a complex ritual to be followed, especially due to the fact that the use of the oils during the massages has to be completed by the relaxed atmosphere created in the room.

You will find that on your own when you decide to give a try to such an experience.

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