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Southern Comfort – Shampoo Dude Whatever’s Comfortable

Southern Comfort is back with "Shampoo" from the Whatever's Comfortable campaign. The commercial featuring the song "The Beat" by Lou Johnson is just as awesome as the first ad from the campaign that featured the coolest dude on the beach sporting his Speedo with attitude.

Creative Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

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Aimaq von Lobenstein releases a new film for auxmoney in the style of a road movie

The Berlin-based creative agency Aimaq von Lobenstein (AvL) presents its second campaign film for Germany’s most well-known Fintech brand, auxmoney. Under the tagline “All for one,” the filmmakers are setting out once again to give the auxmoney principle an emotional narrative: person-to-person lending. This time in the style of a road movie.

A gas station somewhere in the American desert. A young man – a ‘sexy outlaw and musician’ type – wants to buy a motorcycle. When the salesman asks him if he has the money, he gives a brief laugh and points off into the distant horizon: “I don’t – but they do!” Amidst a giant cloud of dust, countless riders approach at a gallop. These rescuing forces help our hero out of his financial jam. It’s not Indians sitting on the horses, however; these are everyday people, from businessmen to housewives. All of them symbolize the lenders who give out private loans to individual people via auxmoney. While our young hero races off on the motorcycle with his girlfriend, a voiceover says: “Do you need money? There are lots of people who will help out. Loans starting from 1,000 euros. Nice and easy.

Creative Credits:
Creative ad agency: Aimaq von Lobenstein
Production: Czar Film Berlin
Director: Parker Ellerman

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