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Apple Releases Creative Short Film about Japan’s Decotora Scene

Apple has just released a new short film for their "Shot on iPhone" advertising campaign called, "Lady Misaki," which is about Japan's 'decotora' culture.

The two-minute documentary was shot on an iPhone XS by Jiro Konami, and offers a brief introduction to Japan's unique world of elaborately decorated trucks, which delivers real cargo. The film follows decotora driver, Kazuya Sekino, and his truck from which the film gets its name. The piece also touches on the charity work being done by drivers.

It should be noted that the director most likely used extra film making equipment, such as a stabilizer gimbal since there are shots that would have been difficult or impossible to get by using the iPhone alone. The results, nonetheless, is a great piece of short filmmaking.

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Apple Shares a True Creative Gift with Latest Animated Holiday Video

For their 2018 Holiday advertising campaign, Apple has produced a beautiful animated short that centres around the question of, "Have you ever made something wonderful but were too afraid to share it?"

The animated film is set to “Come Out and Play,” which is a great song choice from 16-year-old musician Billie Eilish. Sharing and giving seems to be the predominant theme in the two-minute long video as it starts with a young girl who is hard at work on her amazing creations that she wants to keep a secret. Her worst fears seem to come true when her dog sets her art work loose via opening a box that blows them out a window and eventually strangers start to discover and pick up the things that the young girl has created. She watches watches nervously for their reaction, which of course, we'll keep a secret! ;)

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Australia’s Optus and Cuba Gooding Jr. Team up for iPhone Xs Commercial

Optus has launched a new ad for the new iPhone Xs which is playfully directed by Oscar-winning actor and director Cuba Gooding Jr.

Following last year's Optus iPhone 8 campaign featuring Cuba Gooding Jr., the Australian telecom company has launched its hugely anticipated new commercial directed by Cuba Gooding Jr, which stars Aussie actors selected by the Oscar-winning actor.

In the commercial, Cuba is seen in the director’s chair instructing the actors to look at an empty podium, “imagine” the newest mobile device available from Optus and show him what it makes them “feel”. The actors then show Cuba their honest and unscripted reactions while visualising the very latest mobile phone.

Optus Head of Marketing Melissa Hopkins said, “Optus is really excited to launch the very latest mobile device accompanied by an innovative and clever commercial which features the amazing Cuba Gooding Jr in the Director’s chair and some superb Aussie actors.”

In August, Cuba put a call out to Australian actors to audition for an Optus commercial and was inundated with videos from up-and-coming actors wanting to show off their talents to the budding Hollywood director.

Thirty people, selected from everyday Aussies who had submitted videos and some trained actors, were chosen to audition, with the process filmed in a reality-television style from beginning to end. The actors had no idea the audition would turn out to be the commercial, and so their reactions were genuine, unfiltered and captured in one take.

“At Optus, we like to challenge the status quo and with this commercial we did that. We placed up-and-coming Aussie actors in front of a Hollywood director to capture their genuine reactions in an unscripted and spontaneous reality-television style commercial, which is a really innovative concept for a marketing campaign,” Mrs Hopkins said.

“The finished commercial is a combination of CCTV footage and audition tape, because we knew that a phone this good didn’t need a big scripted ad. We love working with Cuba because he always brings spontaneity and creativity to the set, and he absolutely did that in the role of director for this shoot.”

The campaign was created by Emotive, one of Optus’ creative partners.

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Apple Music— Songwriter: Ed Sheeran [OFFICIAL TRAILER] — Apple

‘Songwriter’ is an intimate and personal look into the writing process of one of the world’s biggest artists – Ed Sheeran. Filmed by Murray Cummings, ‘Songwriter’ details the creation of Sheeran’s third studio album ‘÷’ and gives authentic insight into his life through never-before-seen home videos. Witness his creativity firsthand, …

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