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MMA Chiropractor ‘Hammers’ Drivers’ Necks in Volvo Trucks Campaign

More than eight out of ten truck drivers suffer pain, mostly in their backs and necks, according to a new Volvo Trucks study. Some hurt so badly they even consider quitting their jobs. To raise awareness of this problem, Volvo Trucks hired a highly experienced and respected chiropractor, YouTube star Dr. Beau Hightower, to set up a mobile clinic at a busy truck stop in New Mexico.

“Dr. Beau” normally spends his days treating muscular mixed martial arts (MMA) athletes who are highly in tune with their bodies’ aches and injuries. But on this day, his challenge was to work with truck drivers who are often reluctant to talk openly about their pain.

In a short video documenting the experience, called “Neck Cracking”, drivers start lining up outside the mobile clinic. The camera lingers on several faces as Dr. Beau administers bone-cracking treatments. The transformation from agony to relief is clear as Dr. Beau attacks these drivers’ pain by hammering a chiropractic chisel into their backs, conducting his professional treatment.

Watch to see the truck drivers’ reactions:

“These professional drivers are pushing their bodies to the limit. Over time they can develop serious muscular imbalances and which creates bone problems. They can have nerve issues where they start to lose the feeling in their hands, and headaches could start showing up. It’s very important that we get these people, who are the backbone of our economy, the care and improved driving technology they need,” said Hightower.

Keeping drivers healthy and comfortable in safe working conditions is more important than ever. The world depends more and more on trucking as the overall demend for transportation increases, boosted by amongst other things, incresed e-commerce. But the industry faces a driver shortage as older drivers retire and younger recruits choose other professions.

Back and neck pain is one reason drivers leave the industry prematurely or often have to call in sick to work.

In a recent study, commissioned by Volvo Trucks, more than 80% of professional drivers say they experience pain in their backs, necks and arms due to the long hours behind the wheel, bad road conditions and vibrations in the trucks’ steering. Still driving despite the pain, the majority tries to exercise regularly and see a doctor for their problems, but four out of ten question if they are able to continue working as truck drivers.

But a lot of driver discomfort can be prevented with better truck design and supporting features. For years trucks were built primarily for utility, not comfort. Today, the cab design is much more about the drivers’ needs, including more ergonomic seats and better tilt-steering options make driving a truck less tiring and stressful on the body.

A big step was taken when I-Shift, the best-in-class automated transmission introduced by Volvo Trucks in January 2007, helped to remove the shoulder-wrenching work of shifting heavy gears. And now, Volvo Trucks has introduced Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS) in North America, which makes driving a truck even more like driving a car.

“Previously, steering a truck was hard work. All the bumps and potholes on the road were transferred right up the steering column and absorbed into the body, with the driver having to constantly counter-steer to keep the truck safely on track,” said Fredrik Klevenfeldt, director of brand marketing and communications at Volvo Trucks North America. “Constantly fighting wind shear wore on shoulder and wrist joints. In addition, the static forces of heavy loads at low speeds meant really wrestling with the steering wheel. VDS significantly improves all of those issues.”

Volvo Dynamic Steering specifically improves the overall driving experience through increased safety, comfort and reduced fatigue for drivers. The VDS system reads inputs from the steering wheel up to 2,000 times per second and supplies power from an electric motor to compensate for outside forces, such as unevenness in the road surface and vibration in the steering wheel.

When driving at low speeds in reverse or close-quarter maneuvering, steering wheel resistance is reduced by 85 percent. The steering wheel also automatically returns to center as soon as the driver's grip on the wheel lightens, enabling less repetitive turning of the steering wheel. When driving at higher speeds, VDS helps the truck maintain direction even on poor surfaces and in strong side winds.

“One of the main benefits of VDS is to help drivers minimize and mitigate the fatigue they experience after driving for long periods,” said Klevenfeldt. “It’s part of Volvo Truck’s continuing effort to help drivers be safer and more comfortable, and it’s a game changer. VDS is the only system of its kind in North America and it’s going to make a huge difference for drivers carrying out the demanding job of delivering goods and services across North America.”

Client: Volvo Trucks North America
Advertisers Supervisor: Rick Giamportone, Will Bender, Fredrik Klevenfeldt

Title: Volvo Trucks – Truck Stop Neck Cracking
Launch Day: Sep 17, 2019
Creative Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Account Director: Cilla Pegelow
Account Manager: Helena Lignell
Creatives: Mattias Berg, Maria Fridman, Björn Engström, Stefan Thomson
Designer: Jerry Wass
Brand Strategist/Planner: Daniel Sjöstrand
PR Strategist: Bjarne Darwall
Digital Strategist: Peter Gaudiano
Agency Film Producer: Anna Junker Lundin
Production company: BRF
Director: Tally-Ho (Nils Toftenow och Mathias Rosberg)
EP/Producer: Sandra Fohlin
Producer/Service prod. US: Tiffany Baxter
Casting: Kristin Lerace
DoP: Tony Johansson
1st AC: Aaron Martinenko
Key Sound: Hyun Lee
Set Designer: Francensca Palombo
Editor: Johan von Brömssen
Grade/Online: Johan Wiman
Music: Max Kiusalaas
Sound: Calle Buddee Roos – Ponytail Sound
Media agency: Verizon Media
Still photography BTS: John Sterling Ruth
Lead generation: Sandberg Trygg

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Rokkan Puts The Russo Brothers in the Driver’s Seat For Cadillac Campaign

Continuing its string of disruptive work for the Cadillac brand, Rokkan has set a new bar with the launch of the Crew Ready, 3-row, XT6 SUV. In order to standout in the ever-crowded Lux-3 SUV segment, Rokkan collaborated with A-list, power-house directors The Russo Brothers and production company Bullitt. World famous superhero style with a twist defines the XT6 Crew Ready campaign and further defines the bold new direction of the Cadillac brand. Click here to view "Crew Ready."

The campaign is comprised of a dynamic series of films showing off the XT6’s spacious 3-row interior, sporty design and rich technology suite - cementing its status as the perfect SUV for every squad, fam, or posse. In essence, XT6 Crew Ready is a celebration of size and style – performance and presence told through a cast of crews. They are both heroic and familiar –modern, tech-forward and cut from every cloth. The campaign also features the bombastic track, “Welcome To The Party,” by Diplo. The track adds a commanding layer of energy to the films for a brand whose legacy in music is unmatched.

“Our team has continued to push the boundaries of what the world expects from a Cadillac, and this campaign continues that dynamic creative trajectory.” Said Brian Carley, CCO of Rokkan. “We set out to uproot the idea that a 3 row SUV has to be marketed in an expected and uniform way and The Russo Brothers were the perfect partners to do just that with Crew Ready.”

This new work is a prime example of Rokkan’s disruptive and culturally relevant approach as the 19 year-young creative shop does what it does best: push the boundaries with clients to make an impact—not just on their business, but on culture at large. Rokkan.com

Bullitt is a filmmakers’ collective and creative studio founded in collaboration with The Russo Brothers and Justin Lin. Combining the power of both entertainment and advertising, Bullitt harnesses the talent of innovative directors and other creators to forge experiences that connect to any desired audience. Brand supported films, AR and VR, and commercial campaigns, are just some of the projects to which Bullitt has developed, designed, and delivered, earning Cannes Lions and millions of eyeballs for its captivating and imaginative work. http://bullittbranded.com/

Client: Cadillac
Chief Marketing Officer: Deborah Wahl
Associate Director: Content Benjamin Haynes
Director / Product Marketing: Jason Sledziewski
Marketing Manager: Bob Benbow
Assistant Manager / Content: Rob Whitley
Marketing Coordinator: Lisa Redinger

Agency: Rokkan New York
Chief Creative Officer: Brian Carley
Chief Creative Officer: Bob Winter
Executive Creative Director: Alex Lea
VP / Group Creative Director: Bill Carlson
Creative Director: Austin Muncy
Creative Director: Rob Rooney
Campaign Photographer: Justin Jamison
Creative Operations: Hank Romero
Head of Production: Bruce Andreini
Executive Producer: Jenny Lee
EVP / Chief Client Officer, Matt Garcia
EVP / Global Client Lead, Paul Mareski
EVP / Director, Emily Shahady
Vice President, Group Account Director: Scott Durday
Account Supervisor: Amanda Koegler
Account Supervisor: Maggie Decker
Chief Strategy Officer: Nicolas Chidiac
Group Strategy Director: Steve Lampert
Strategist: Spice Walker
Associate Strategist: Emma Pindel

Production: Bullitt
Directors: The Russo Brothers
2nd Unit Director: Ari Costa
Executive Producer: Luke Ricci
Executive Producer/HOP: Jenni Sprunger
Executive Vice President, Sales & Development: Allison Amon
Producer: Jeremy Barrett
Director of Photography: Trent Opalach

Editorial: Final Cut
Editors: Crispin Struthers + James Rosen
Social Media Asset Editor: Geoff Hastings
Assistant Editors: Mike Radforth + Cutler Gray
Executive Producer: Sarah Roebuck
Head of Production: Penny Ensley

Executive Producer: Camila De Biaggi
Producer: Aiste Akelaityte
Production Coordinator: Stephen Dierks
VFX Supervisor: Rob Walker
2D Leads: Rob Walker, Bilali Mack, Tamir Sapir
2D Tean: Giulia Bartra, Esther Song, David Anger, Renato Carone, Lawrence Merrill, John Shafto, Julien Aucouturier, Thiago Porto, David Piombino, Hector Cabrera, Luis Artigas, Kataleah Cowham

Color: The Mill
Colorist: Mike Rossiter
Producer: Evan Bauer

Audio: Heard City
Sound Design + Mix: Phil Loeb
Executive Producer: Sasha Awn
Producer: Andi Lewis

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Kia Introduces GT Family of Performance Inspired Models in ‘Racers’ Campaign

Kia Motors America released an all new campaign detailing their GT line of performance vehicles. It all started with Stinger, the highest-performing model in the history of Kia Motors America. To build on Stinger’s momentum and industry-changing success, Kia upped the adrenaline ante and developed the limited-edition Stinger GTS.

And now, Kia has injected a bit more sport into one of their most popular vehicles – the Forte compact sedan – with the introduction of the all-new 2020 Forte GT. Featuring race-inspired visual upgrades and premium amenities, not to mention an available turbocharged engine and sportier suspension setup, Forte’s performance and fun-to-drive athleticism is now next level – and accessible to all.

All three of Kia’s high-performance models are featured in a new spot entitled, “Racers”. Set on a West Texas ranch, Kia puts all three performance-inspired models to the test through a “barrel race” with a twist. Instead of thoroughbred horses, the Stinger GT2 and GTS models along with the Forte GT, race through the course demonstrating each model’s agility, speed, nimble handling and driving dynamics with every turn of the wheel.

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Renault’s ‘The Getaway’ Idents Features Thierry Henry as a Slick Getaway Driver

Renault has launched its latest campaign ‘The Getaway’ starring brand ambassador and legendary French striker Thierry Henry for its sponsorship of Sky Sports’ coverage of the Premier League.

Shot in the style of a classic getaway movie, we see Thierry Henry play the role of ‘The Transporter’ whose mission is to help football fans ‘Get to the Game in Style’. Thierry and his Renault rescue fans from the everyday commitments such as doing ‘the big shop’ or going to the gym to get them back in time to watch the football on Sky Sports, whether at home or the local pub.

The campaign created by Publicis•Poke features two 60-second & 30-second films titled ‘The Big Shop’ and ‘Game Over’ that when cut-down serve as idents broadcast during 128 live games and various non-live programming across the 2019/20 Premier League season on Sky Sports.

Dave Monk, Executive Creative Director – Publicis•Poke says, “We’ve all been there, there’s a big game on telly but you’ve got something equally big on that you can’t escape; Your sons ballet class, your daughters best mates 9th birthday, or that big weekly shop. Take one beautiful Frenchman, a couple of brand spanking new Renaults, a legendary directing / cinematographer combo and a cracking soundtrack, and you’ve got a visual feast that should get footy fans revved up for the new footy season”

The campaign is supported by hand illustrated movie posters inspired by classic cinema that make the cars themselves the heroes. The posters, that also feature Thierry Henry, will run in print, social and online on SkySports.com.

The ident titled ‘The Big Shop’ features Renault’s Megane R.S., with ‘Game Over’ featuring Renault’s new Clio V model.

The films were directed by 32 through Pulse Films* with award-winning Sean Bobbitt (‘12 Years a Slave’ and ‘Widows’) as the campaign’s director of photography.


TITLE: Renault Sky Sports Sponsorship
CLIENT: Renault UK
CLIENTS: Adam Wood, Olivia Kaye, Chriso Antoniou

SENIOR CREATIVE TEAM: Andy Thirsk & Matt Comras
PLANNERS: Calvin Lyon & Will Elliot
AGENCY PRODUCERS: Emma Havard-Jones, Joss Haynes




DOP: Sean Bobbitt
EDITOR: Ten Three




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Timber Takes You On A Summer Adventure In Acura’s Latest Campaign

Timber and their award-winning VFX artists have joined forces with Acura in a new campaign that celebrates summer in all its glory. The spot takes viewers on a summer adventure and highlights the many experiences that Acura’s vehicles can support. From rock climbing to white water rafting, the opportunities are endless and shown with vibrant visuals courtesy of Timber’s team.


Client: Acura
Asst. Vice President, Acura Automotive Marketing: Susie Rossick
Manager, Acura National Advertising: Gina Jorge
Assistant Manager, Acura Regional Advertising: Todd Knepp

Agency: MullenLowe
Managing Partner, CCO: Mark Wenneker
Executive Creative Director: Margaret Keene
Creative Director: Mike Czako
Creative Director: Ty Hayward
Copywriter: Max Barrett
Art Director: Alex Haase
Group Acct. Director: Jeff Mayes
Senior Acct Executive: Kevin Romesser
Asst. Car Product Specialist: Donald Lee
Vice President, Director of Integrated Production: Kate Hildebrant
Senior Producer: Katie Lambrecht
Senior Producer: Amy Jo Deguzis
Vice President, Director of Business Affairs: Davina Turnbull
Senior Business Affairs Manager: Nicolette Kolb

U.S. Production Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Christopher Sargent
Executive Producer: Lori Stonebraker
Head of Production: Kerry Haynie
Producer: Ed Callaghan

Canadian Production Company: FilmGroup
Executive Producer: Nathan Miles
Head of Production: Renee Poulin

Editorial Company: Arcade Edit
Editor: Graham Chisholm
Producer: Alexa Atkin
Executive Producer: Crissy DeSimone
Managing Partner: Damian Stevens

VFX/Postproduction Company: Timber
Creative Directors / Partners: Jonah Hall & Kevin Lau
Executive Producer: Sabrina Elizondo
Head of Production: Melody Alexander
Sr. Producer: Emily Avoujageli
Lead Flame Artists: Brian Shneider & Miles Kinghorn
Flame Artist: Chris Homel
Flame Assists: Alice Cen & Sarah Vigil Bass
Nuke Artist Michael Loney
Tracking Support: Graham Herbster
After Effects Artists: Tommy Wooh & Jon Lorenz

Postproduction Company: Company 3
Producer: Gabe Wakeman
Colorist: Dave Hussey

Mix & Sound Design Company: Lime Studios
Executive Producer: Susie Bojayan
Mixer: Joel Waters

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Superconductor Launches Undercover Arnold Schwarzenegger Campaign For Veloz

Superconductor is proud to launch its first campaign ever for Veloz, a non-profit group dedicated to increasing electric car sales. “Kicking Gas” is an integrated campaign starring Arnold Schwarzenegger that mimics the launch of a summer blockbuster. Created in collaboration with Oak Productions and Bullitt, and directed by Emmy-Award winning Josh Greenbaum, the films feature Schwarzenegger going undercover as a colorful, moustache-wearing used car salesman on a mission to sell gas-guzzlers. Rickett & Sones is the director/photographer duo responsible for all still photography.

Learn more about "Kicking Gas" at electricforall.org.

The campaign includes a 3-minute video, three :15 second spots, out of home, and social and display advertising—all centered on the Kicking Gas theme. Schwarzenegger, who worked across the aisle as California Governor to enact historic clean transportation and clean energy initiatives, launched “Kicking Gas,” on his social network this morning.

“Over 16 years ago, I set out to prove that you can have the car you love and the clean air you need,“ said Schwarzenegger. “I greened my fleet of personal cars, including my Hummers. And I challenged the auto industry to do the same. They now have the electric vehicle technology to outcompete gas-powered cars.”

“Kicking Gas” is part of Veloz’s “Electric For All” public awareness campaign, a multimillion-dollar effort uniting car manufacturers, utilities, clean air advocates, government and other stakeholders. It is an unprecedented alliance of unlikely partners, and the use of humor, not fury or fear, to engage hearts and minds. With that ethos as the center of the strategy and execution, the creative stakeholders crafted a campaign that aims to inform through entertainment. Schwarzenegger’s interactions with would-be customers provide a hilarious way to demonstrate electric vehicles are simply better cars – for drivers, for the country, and for the planet.

“Tough guy Arnold Schwarzenegger has no problem making fun of himself. Imagine a world leader like that—willing to do what it takes for the greater good,” said Mary Nichols, who serves on the Veloz leadership team. “For some members of our unlikely coalition, this campaign is tricky and treads difficult territory. Change is hard. But everyone knows the future is electric, and California, for one, is committed to capturing the market advantage.”

“Our goal with Kicking Gas is to bust barriers and kick down the norms of traditional electric car campaigns,“ said Josh Boone, executive director of Veloz. “Veloz brings together an unlikely coalition of automakers, public-policy leaders and other sectors as positive world changers. We are focused on igniting public imagination through innovative and bold messaging—electric cars are more fun, more performance, and more exciting than other cars. Everyone should know they are simply the best drive ever.“

Founded by The Russo Brothers, Justin Lin, Todd Makurath, Luke Ricci and Chris Adams, Superconductor specializes in creating Must See Marketing—content that audiences choose to watch and experiences they love to engage with. They do this by breaking down the barriers between clients and creators—including the writers, directors and technologists behind many of Hollywood’s biggest hits.

“Superconductor sits at the intersection of advertising and entertainment, so a campaign promoting electric cars with Arnold Schwarzenegger is exactly what we were built for,” comments Chris Adams, Superconductor CCO. “We’re really honored that Veloz trusted us to help bring this to life.”

Client: Veloz
Executive Director: Josh Boone

Agency: Superconductor
Chairman Todd Makurath
President/CEO Luke Ricci
Chief Creative Officer: Chris Adams
Chief Strategy Officer: Noel Sullivan
EVP Business Development: Allison Amon
Producer: Robert Samuel
Copywriter: Mike Prochaska

Designer: Samia Zaidi

Still Photographer: Rickett & Sones

Production Company: Oak Productions

Production Company: Bullitt
Director: Josh Greenbaum
President and Executive Producer: Luke Ricci
Head Of Production: Jenni Sprunger
EVP Business Development: Allison Amon
Producer: Jeremy Barrett
Director of Photography: John Rutland

Editorial Company: Final Cut
Editor: Chris Amos
President/US: Stephanie Apt
Executive Producer: Suzy Ramirez
Producer: Esther Gonzalez

Color: Company 3
Senior Colorist: Tyler Roth
Executive Producer: Ashley McKim

Finishing: Significant Others
Flame Artist: Betty Cameron
Producer: Kyra Hendricks

Music: Asche & Spencer
Composers: Thad Spencer, Richard Werbowenko
Executive Producer: Matt Locher

Sound: Lime Studios
Audio Mixer: Rohan Young
Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan

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Pro Driver Maryeve Dufault Features in High-Performance Volkswagen Jetta Ad

While most car companies use exotic backgrounds, slick camerawork and elaborate CGI to prove their car’s driving dynamics, Volkswagen Canada (VW) knows it doesn’t require all that to demonstrate the high-end performance of the All-New 2019 Jetta GLI. Instead, VW took the opposite approach. The automaker empowered the locals of a small Canadian city, including VW fans, skateboarders, and even a dog to capture the performance of the Jetta GLI as it flies through their streets, using their phone cameras, point-and-shoots, drones and GoPros to record footage for its latest advertising campaign.

“With full sport suspension and 228 horsepower, the GLI is the most powerful Jetta ever,” says Virginie Ludmer, marketing manager, Volkswagen Canada. “It’s such an exciting, eye-catching ride, we knew people would want to capture footage of the vehicle in action. So, instead of filming our own ad, we wanted to show off the Jetta GLI through the eyes of our fans.”
The attention-grabbing, stunt-filled film, “Power to the People,” edits multiple shots from the same angles taken by nearly 100 people to tell the story of Nascar driver Maryeve Dufault returning to her hometown of Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, for an adrenaline-charged joyride in the Jetta GLI.

Developed in partnership by DDB Canada and performance driving and content crew Hoonigan, director Brian Scotto, famed director of the Ken Block’s Gymkhana series, armed locals with a how-to of optimal camera angles and techniques; but also, with the creative freedom to capture the unexpected and to experiment. The content was then woven together to tell a high-performance story of the car from the people’s perspective.

“VW has always been the people’s car, so it was only natural to enlist them to tell our story,” says Brent Choi, CEO and chief creative officer, DDB Canada. “That said, this isn’t your every day crowd-sourced film.”

Campaign creative includes a 90, 30 and 15-second versions of the film, in both English and French, which appear in cinemas and online. A YouTube masthead digital and social advertising, and in-cinema games round out the campaign. The five-week campaign launched on June 09, 2019 with Touche! responsible for media planning and buying.

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Honda’s i-MMD Technology is as Easy as Child’s Play, with Sid Lee Paris

As Honda Motors continues in its quest to bring the most advanced technology to consumers, SidLee paris continues its creative approach to making Honda stand out as a relatable, authentic automobile brand for consumers. Their CR-V campaign, released earlier this year, featured the brand’s latest hybrid SUV through the testimonials of Honda Lovers throughout Europe. This time, Sid Lee Paris is tackling a more complex subject – the technology itself.

Intelligence Multi-Mode Drive, or i-MMD®, is the latest in hybrid technology, but when you’re addressing a subject so advanced, it’s not easy to explain, or understand. While the fact that the CR-V Honda Hybrid-M® V.2 synchronizes with the i-VTEC 2.0L Atkinson DOHC cycle engine and lithium-ion battery for optimal efficiency is a feat of engineering, it’s not relatable.

That’s why Sid Lee Paris decided to simplify things by turning to 3 brand ambassadors, each with their own unique way of explaining what Honda’s i-MMD® technology is all about, jargon-free. A young girl, Margaux, relates the technology to child’s play. Brandon, a dancer, explains its fluidity through choreographed movement. And Eric, an architect, uses a scale model to depict the technology’s efficiency on the road. Three films, three ambassadors, each illustrating the complexity of i-MMD®through their own expertise and emotion, because understanding Honda’s advanced technology means understanding how the brand stands apart from others in its sector through its innovation and communication.





Title of ad: i-MMD Hybrid Technology Explained

Client: Honda France

Agency: SidLee paris
Chairman - Executive Creative Director: Sylvain Thirache
President: Johan Delpuech
Managing Director: Bruno Lee
Creatives: Julien Sens, Hugo Demazière
Account Director: Héloïse Marchal
Account Manager: Camille Caucat
Head of Production: Thomas Laget

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