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Disneyland Paris Reveals its Secret to a Magical Christmas


There's a place on earth where the magic of Christmas shines brighter than anywhere else: Disneyland Paris. With this new film, the brand and its agency BETC share the incredible secret that makes the park the heart of Christmas magic.

It all began a long, long time ago, once Santa had finalized his secret formula for Christmas magic in his North Pole workshop. He entrusted his most loyal elf with the delicate task of sprinkling the precious liquid across the four corners of the earth. But unfortunately, the mission didn't go quite as planned…

Through this epic adventure, Disneyland Paris shares for the very first time the whimsical Christmas tale that finally reveals the true origin of the park's year-end splendor.

The film, produced for the European market, will run on TV and social media as of today.

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Bouygues Telecom Share the Greatest Gift in their 2019 Christmas Campaign

Bouygues Telecom once again marks the beginning of the festive season with their touching Christmas advert.

Following the success of last year’s “An Unforgettable Christmas”, featuring awkward dad dancing to Redbone’s “Come Get Your Love”, collecting over 180 million views, the French Telecoms operator brings out yet another heartwarming, family story.

“Father Christmas” follows the story of a devoted dad who, driven by the love for his daughter, goes to impressive lengths to create a magical Christmas for her.

The film launches on the 3rd of November 2019. It was directed by Martin Werner (Henry) and set to the classic “For Once in My Life” by Stevie Wonder.

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Leroy Merlin Makes a Poetic Tribute To DIY with its New Campaign “A Life To Build” by BETC

Leroy Merlin, the leader of the French DIY market, launches a new communication platform developed by its agency partner BETC. After the 2017 film "Life’s Adventure", Leroy Merlin takes a new strategic step with "A Life to Build", confirming its position as the top home brand in France.

The film tells the story of two people who, united by destiny, decide to build their lives together. It is probably the most poetic and philosophical DIY film you’ve ever seen. The couple discovers that if you look after a house it will look after you in return. Their home grows like a tree, with new branches making room for extensions as the family evolves. Rather than showing off tools and tricks, the film emphasises the emotional link between a house and a home and how building is also about building yourself.

"After making a house sail like a ship on the ocean, we gave ourselves an ambitious new challenge with Leroy Merlin. We wanted to touch on another universal and emotional metaphor. What is more symbolic than a tree to express life and the essential place that our homes take in each of our lives? Olivier Apers — VP/Executive Creative Director at BETC.

Nicolai Fuglsig (Henry/MJZ) directed the ambitious production and Phedon Papamichael (Nebraska, Walk the Line) was the DOP. The set designs were created by the talented Christopher Glass (The Jungle Book, Apple Air Pods). The music "Bloodflow" is signed by Grandbrothers and the media strategy is orchestrated by Havas Media.

“At Leroy Merlin our mission is to support people’s house projects to allow everyone to live better at home,” Erwan Soquet, Brand Director at Leroy Merlin.

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The LEGO Group Launches Rebuild The World Campaign to Celebrate the Endless Potential of Creativity

The LEGO® Group launches Rebuild The World, a new global brand campaign supported by a TV, online and out of home campaign created by BETC in collaboration with the LEGO Agency.

Rebuild The World celebrates the power of creativity and its capacity to change the world. LEGO® play invites us to cultivate the creativity of our children as an essential skill to grow in an ever-changing environment. It allows them to build and rebuild infinitely , imagining creative solutions, wild stories and new worlds.

Rebuild The World shows us one full of possibilities, exploring what could happen if our world was more like LEGO® play. The campaign shows how the LEGO® System in Play can create a more free, more fun and playful universe by taking something mundane and rebuilding it into something unexpected. Children often approach problems in a more creative way than adults and no matter what obstacle may show up, they see fun possibilities to overcome it. Let’s not forget that the world of tomorrow will be invented by the children of today!

Deployed across big screen cinema, events and outstanding traditional and digital out of home, the campaign will have a strong global visibility. The campaign film follows the chase between a clever rabbit and an unlucky hunter. Directed by the multi award-winning Traktor (Stink films), the adventure unfolds in the kind of world that only a child playing with LEGO® bricks could create. Every character, animal and vehicle is based on an existing or past LEGO® toy, so heads spin 360 degrees, everyday objects are outsized, and a boat can suddenly fly with a little help from a palm tree. Featured Easter eggs span the generations, from the wooden LEGO® duck toy, to a life-size replica of the LEGO® House in Billund. The film soundtrack was composed by electromusicians and composers Flavien Berger and JACQUES. The special effects were made by Mikros MPC.

The Rebuild The World launch campaign includes a film (103, 90, 60 and 30 sec versions) which will run on broadcast and in cinemas, digital out of home in major cities such as London, Paris, Beijing, Mexico City, Berlin, San Francisco and New York and social media channels. Rebuild The World is the first collaboration between BETC and the LEGO Group.

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Red Star FC Reveal Their New Shirt in Google Street View with BETC

Check it out in Streetview: http://bit.ly/red-star-street-view

Red Star FC is a legendary football club in France, marked by its history, its culture and especially its territory.

For the reveal of its new shirt, the Saint-Ouen club launch an innovative campaign that is inspired by as well as taking place in the Red Star FC neighborhood.

As the first brand ever to use Google Street View to reveal a product, Red Star FC made a digital lookbook shot in the Bauer Stadium neighborhood. By taking a virtual stroll through the streets surrounding the Bauer Stadium, the viewer can spot and discover the new home and away shirt models from the collection.

For this campaign it’s not the players who are the stars but the Saint Ouen inhabitants. A group of girls, a skater, a pizza delivery guy and even some local celebrities like John Hamon and rapper Junior Bvndo proudly sport the colors of the club.

Our Shirt. Our Hood (French: Notre Maillot. Notre Quartier ) is the name of the campaign, a pass to the club’s motto: Our Heart. Our Strength (French: Notre Cœur. Notre Force).

The new home shirt keeps its historic green color but now comes with black sleeves, while the new away shirt becomes pink. The ambition for the new Red Star jersey is to beyond just a football jersey, turn it into a fashion object, while strongly reaffirming the profound tie that binds the club to its city and stadium.

The device was produced by SuperVision and conceived by BETC Paris. The partnership between BETC and Red Star is a natural step for the agency that has a strong engagement in the Greater Paris territory.

Rémi Babinet, Founder of BETC says: « Our agency moved to Pantin 3 years ago because we predicted there would be an opportunity to experiment on every level and notably that of Greater Paris. Since, we try to contribute by conceiving and creating concrete cultural actions concerning the Greater Paris area to hopefully help reveal the incredibly dynamic potential that surrounds us here. And that is how we found each other with Red Star.”

David Bellion, Brand Manager Red Star FC comments: « Playing with Google Street View to reveal our jerseys is to enter the matrix and putting Saint Ouen at the centre, show our neighborhood, the suburb, the soul of Red Star and its supporters. And always, more than ever, we find inspiration in reality.”

BETC, the leading French advertising agency systematically ranked among the most creative agencies in the world, renews the relationship between brands and creation. Through desire, curiosity and commitment, BETC creates new synergies and produces its own content in the fields of music, film, publishing and design.

Magasins généraux is a cultural centre founded in 2017 by BETC. Through unprecedented types of brand partnerships, Magasins généraux develops new cultural content, without being limited by shape or form: gatherings, exhibitions, artist and chef residencies, publishing, podcasts ... Through these projects, Magasins généraux aims to question the future of subjects agitating the contemporary world.

Les Magasins généraux is a breakthrough destination that is part of the booming cultural, social and economic ecosystem of the future Greater Paris.

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The Evian Babies are Back to Celebrate a New Way of Living Young

Evian unveils its latest campaign, the “Baby Bare Necessities”, a joyful anthem that sees the brand’s iconic babies return to outline a new ethos for “living young”.

In an increasingly fast-paced world with ceaseless swiping and constant notifications, the campaign suggests trusting that little voice inside all of us, that inner baby that reminds us that living young is about making conscious living choices, focusing on the things that really matter.

At the heart of the global campaign is a commercial, created by BETC, metaphor of positive life choices. It features the babies dancing, riding and singing their way through a hip-hop rendition of one of the great odes to a purposeful, natural life: The Bare Necessities from The Jungle Book.

The campaign marks a shift in tone, style and attitude for evian, as this time, the babies voice a message. “We’ve been using babies for more than a decade as a metaphor of youth and today we wanted to give the babies a voice,” said evian Global Brand VP Patricia Oliva. “Because today living young is living with a sense of purpose, speaking up, advocating for a life that’s conscious and optimistic.”

Of the film, BETC Founder and Chief Creative Director Remi Babinet said, “We tried to capture all the wisdom and swagger of Baloo [the bear from the Jungle Book] in a way that still felt modern and celebratorEvian unveils its latest campaign, the “Baby Bare Necessities”, a joyful anthem that sees the brand’s iconic babies return to outline a new ethos for “living young”.

In an increasingly fast-paced world with ceaseless swiping and constant notifications, the campaign suggests trusting that little voice inside all of us, that inner baby that reminds us that living young is about making conscious living choices, focusing on the things that really matter.

At the heart of the global campaign is a commercial, created by BETC, metaphor of positive life choices. It features the babies dancing, riding and singing their way through a hip-hop rendition of one of the great odes to a purposeful, natural life: The Bare Necessities from The Jungle Book.”

Produced by Iconoclast, the film features a cameo from former world #1 ranked tennis player Garbiñe Muguruza, and music from rising rap star Jay Prince, who is set to release a full-length version of the track, as well as a remix, both available on music streaming platforms.

These assets are accompanied by print, digital out of home and on-pack activations that feature three baby ‘gangs’. They embody the new “Live young” ethos across 3 different mentalities: baby voguers, baby tennis players and baby bikers, all determined to live their life in a fresh, committed and optimistic way.

It is the first time evian has tied its “Live young” campaign to its commitment to becoming a circular brand by 2025 making all of its bottles from 100% recycled plastic (rPET).

To highlight the importance of everyone doing their part to keep the planet young, the film depicts a baby recycling a bottle, a nod to the recent “Flip It For Good” global initiative launched by evian to engage all of us around recycling by bringing fun and purpose to this simple yet impactful gesture.

The 45 second spot will air in France, UK, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany from the 12th of June and will see a slew of hip-hop merch-themed gear (records, shirts, etc.) launched on Instagram and available on evian global website.

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Latest Peugeot 508 Campaign Features World’s ‘Snakiest Road’ that Moves in Real Time

The fastest snake on earth, 100 drones and a stunt driver up to the challenge: PEUGEOT and BETC put the precision of the new 508 SW to the test by scanning a snake’s movements to create the snakiest road in the world using drones.

During an entire night, the abandoned airport in Athens trembled to the sound of a challenge that was at the time technical, human and artistic. All to show that precision is like a second nature to the brand. A world first performance that put the precision of PEUGEOT latest creation, the new break 508 SW, to the test.

David Martin Angelus, Creative Director at BETC, says “We searched for the windiest road in the world. After searching for over a month, we realized that none of these roads were challenging enough for the new PEUGEOT 508SW. So we decided to create our very own road. The snakiest road in the world.”

And nothing is snakier than an actual snake. That’s why BETC decided to create the world’s ‘snakiest road’ using an actual snake. The movements of a Bull Snake, one of the world’s fastest snakes, were scanned with a 3D scanner. Then, with the help of ‘Dronisos’, a company that specializes in synchronized drone flying, the movements of the snake were exported into a flying software that modeled the first road entirely formed by hundreds of flying drones that perfectly recreated the snake’s movements and thereby created a winding road that moves in real-time.

David Martin Angelus, Creative Director at BETC, says : “Matching up to animals skills has always been one of man’s fascinations. Michael Phelps tried swimming faster than a white shark in Shark week. This is the first time someone will challenge a live road that imitates the movements of a snake.”

A constantly moving and changing road that comes alive with random twists and turns, as unpredictable as those of a snake, demands a driving precision that is out of the ordinary. San Yélamos, a professional stunt driver had to navigate the road without hitting any of the drones. A challenge she was able to overcome with the help of the new PEUGEOT 508SW and its i-Cockpit that boosts an exceptional performance handling.

For Thierry Lonziano, Global Marketing and Communication Director at PEUGEOT, it was essential that 'The Snake' would be a world first. “The pleasure of driving, audacity and innovation, have always been at the heart of PEUGEOT. This campaign aims to reflect the upmarketing of the brand and translate its vision: never take anything for granted, take risks and always walk the extra mile, this is particularly important in a business sector that tends to rest on its laurels…”

Produced by Phantasm and directed by acclaimed music video director, Collin Tilley, the global launch campaign « The World’s Snakiest Road » will air on TV from the 26th of May. Additional films will be pushed on digital channels.

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Mission (really!) Impossible from BETC Paris and CANAL+

Following the reinterpretation of Spitfire last year, CANAL+ and BETC Paris have once again made their own version of a celebrated Hollywood movie.

This thrilling spy film gets an edge and is even more nerve wrecking thanks to its senior cast. The slightly gray but very feisty heroes are faced with unexpected challenges like how eye recognition software is little compatible with cataracts, or the importance of a steady hand.

The result is hilariously tragi-comic and the message is clear – don’t let films grow old before watching them. Luckily for their subscribers, CANAL+ has the first broadcast rights on major films in France.

For the production of the film, BETC Paris turned to Steve Rogers and La Pac.








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