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Superconductor Launches Undercover Arnold Schwarzenegger Campaign For Veloz

Superconductor is proud to launch its first campaign ever for Veloz, a non-profit group dedicated to increasing electric car sales. “Kicking Gas” is an integrated campaign starring Arnold Schwarzenegger that mimics the launch of a summer blockbuster. Created in collaboration with Oak Productions and Bullitt, and directed by Emmy-Award winning Josh Greenbaum, the films feature Schwarzenegger going undercover as a colorful, moustache-wearing used car salesman on a mission to sell gas-guzzlers. Rickett & Sones is the director/photographer duo responsible for all still photography.

Learn more about "Kicking Gas" at electricforall.org.

The campaign includes a 3-minute video, three :15 second spots, out of home, and social and display advertising—all centered on the Kicking Gas theme. Schwarzenegger, who worked across the aisle as California Governor to enact historic clean transportation and clean energy initiatives, launched “Kicking Gas,” on his social network this morning.

“Over 16 years ago, I set out to prove that you can have the car you love and the clean air you need,“ said Schwarzenegger. “I greened my fleet of personal cars, including my Hummers. And I challenged the auto industry to do the same. They now have the electric vehicle technology to outcompete gas-powered cars.”

“Kicking Gas” is part of Veloz’s “Electric For All” public awareness campaign, a multimillion-dollar effort uniting car manufacturers, utilities, clean air advocates, government and other stakeholders. It is an unprecedented alliance of unlikely partners, and the use of humor, not fury or fear, to engage hearts and minds. With that ethos as the center of the strategy and execution, the creative stakeholders crafted a campaign that aims to inform through entertainment. Schwarzenegger’s interactions with would-be customers provide a hilarious way to demonstrate electric vehicles are simply better cars – for drivers, for the country, and for the planet.

“Tough guy Arnold Schwarzenegger has no problem making fun of himself. Imagine a world leader like that—willing to do what it takes for the greater good,” said Mary Nichols, who serves on the Veloz leadership team. “For some members of our unlikely coalition, this campaign is tricky and treads difficult territory. Change is hard. But everyone knows the future is electric, and California, for one, is committed to capturing the market advantage.”

“Our goal with Kicking Gas is to bust barriers and kick down the norms of traditional electric car campaigns,“ said Josh Boone, executive director of Veloz. “Veloz brings together an unlikely coalition of automakers, public-policy leaders and other sectors as positive world changers. We are focused on igniting public imagination through innovative and bold messaging—electric cars are more fun, more performance, and more exciting than other cars. Everyone should know they are simply the best drive ever.“

Founded by The Russo Brothers, Justin Lin, Todd Makurath, Luke Ricci and Chris Adams, Superconductor specializes in creating Must See Marketing—content that audiences choose to watch and experiences they love to engage with. They do this by breaking down the barriers between clients and creators—including the writers, directors and technologists behind many of Hollywood’s biggest hits.

“Superconductor sits at the intersection of advertising and entertainment, so a campaign promoting electric cars with Arnold Schwarzenegger is exactly what we were built for,” comments Chris Adams, Superconductor CCO. “We’re really honored that Veloz trusted us to help bring this to life.”

Client: Veloz
Executive Director: Josh Boone

Agency: Superconductor
Chairman Todd Makurath
President/CEO Luke Ricci
Chief Creative Officer: Chris Adams
Chief Strategy Officer: Noel Sullivan
EVP Business Development: Allison Amon
Producer: Robert Samuel
Copywriter: Mike Prochaska

Designer: Samia Zaidi

Still Photographer: Rickett & Sones

Production Company: Oak Productions

Production Company: Bullitt
Director: Josh Greenbaum
President and Executive Producer: Luke Ricci
Head Of Production: Jenni Sprunger
EVP Business Development: Allison Amon
Producer: Jeremy Barrett
Director of Photography: John Rutland

Editorial Company: Final Cut
Editor: Chris Amos
President/US: Stephanie Apt
Executive Producer: Suzy Ramirez
Producer: Esther Gonzalez

Color: Company 3
Senior Colorist: Tyler Roth
Executive Producer: Ashley McKim

Finishing: Significant Others
Flame Artist: Betty Cameron
Producer: Kyra Hendricks

Music: Asche & Spencer
Composers: Thad Spencer, Richard Werbowenko
Executive Producer: Matt Locher

Sound: Lime Studios
Audio Mixer: Rohan Young
Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan

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Lebron James Features in RIMOWA’s ‘Never Still’ Campaign

Today, as part of RIMOWA’s 'Never Still' global campaign, the brand is unveiling LeBron James’ icon story. Following the launch last year of their first-ever global integrated brand campaign - marking the brand’s 120th anniversary – today RIMOWA continues the conversation on purposeful travel with more portraits of iconic friends of the brand.

The select cast celebrates the collective mindset that has made them who they are – a fundamental belief that mastery is a never-ending journey and that no one builds a legacy by standing still. While this campaign echoes the ethos set forth by RIMOWA in their first global brand campaign, this second look focuses on the hardships of the road, both real and metaphorical, and the resilience and drive required to endure and thrive.

This year sees stories of Artistic Director Dior Men's and fashion designer Kim Jones and Chinese pianist prodigy Yuja Wang share an intimate view into their lives on the go, and how constant challenge drives them toward success. Today sees the story of Basketball legend, LeBron James.

Directed by Philippe Tempelman, LeBron James’ film is an emotional meditation on his continual journey on the road; one which has been especially challenging this season. The film features James reflecting on the miles of wisdom he’s gained from travel which have turned him into one of the greatest athletes of all time - one who thrives playing away from home. The film nods too at what will be perhaps his greater legacy – building the groundbreaking Akron public school, the I PROMISE SCHOOL, in his hometown of Akron, Ohio for underprivileged youth.

The global integrated brand campaign will run across paid and owned social and digital channels, Air France, British Airways, and Cathay Pacific in-flight entertainment, select cinemas in the US and Europe, airports in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Nice, Shanghai and Hong Kong, and OOH in key cities like New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo. The campaign will also feature retail activations and exclusive limited-edition stickers.

Created in partnership between Anomaly in Berlin and RIMOWA’s internal creative team, the campaign will be activated globally, with special emphasis on RIMOWA’s seven key markets – USA, China, HK, Japan, Germany, UK, and France.

RIMOWA CEO Alexandre Arnaud commented: "RIMOWA’s ‘Never Still’ is not a concept that loses steam after one campaign – it’s an idea on which to build. As a brand dedicated to the heritage of consumer-focused craftsmanship, longevity and innovation, RIMOWA is committed to participating in the conversation by adding meaningful cultural context to our products. Together with this group of diverse global icons, we continue to open up a conversation beyond travel to explore what it means and takes to move forward.”

“Lebron James is an extraordinary personality who shapes our world and culture beyond his profession," said Frank Hahn, ECD of Anomaly in Berlin. "This new film for RIMOWA - NEVER STILL shows a contemplative and absorbed Lebron at the end of a disappointing season. But his point of view on travel, sports, family, social issues is inspiring and shows his relentlessness of making a difference in the world. The tagline ‘No one builds a legacy by standing still’ couldn’t be more perfect.”

Agency - Anomaly Berlin
Executive Creative Director: Frank Hahn
Creative Directors: Sebastian Lyman, Nikolaus Ronacher, Bertrand Fleuret Executive Producer: Kerli Teo
Producer: Joanna Roman, Eric Kim, Tobias Moellenbach, Jana Schelkle Stills Producer: Davor Brkan
Account Director: Tania Delamotte
Account Manager: Julia Saumande, Claudia Mulligan
Project Manager: Mona Vogel
Strategist: Anneliese Rapp, Dan Ball
Art Director: Mayara Schmidt, Jan Volpp, Yonca Yilmaz, Konstantin Kopf Copywriter: Malu Figuereido
Legal: Julia Clark, Therese Spillane, Grant Thompson

Film - BWGTBLD Berlin
LeBron James
Director: Philippe Tempelman
DOP: Patrick Scola
Editor: Sam Ostrove @ Cabin Edit
Executive Producer: Philipp Ramhofer
Producer: Juliane Geusendam
Visual Effects: Swiss International AB

Photography – Matt Jones:
Photographer: Matt Jones
Agent: Jillian Johnson, John Moore @ Walter Schupfer Management
Producer: Jay Rodan @ Sheriff Production
Retouching: Velem LA, 100Berlin Creative Retouching

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Summerjax Captures the Bond Between Hailey Bieber and Kelia Moniz for ROXY

To launch the ROXY x Sister collection, ROXY and L.A. production agency Summerjax created an unstudied portrait of female friendship.

ROXY was inspired by the bond between two women: ROXY surfer Kelia Moniz and international model Hailey Bieber. Kelia, whose endearing nickname is “Sister,” is a two-time world longboard champion and Hailey’s best friend.

For the shoot on Kelia’s native Oahu, Summerjax partnered with New York-based artist Joe Termini, Kelia’s husband and a close friend of Hailey’s. The production team’s focus was on creating natural and connected imagery, as if they were sharing a peek into the pair’s weekend away. In the final edit, natural sound dominates to further the reality of the scenes, backed by what could very well be a jazz LP spinning in the living room.

“We wanted to promote spontaneity, allowing for an errant C stand or makeup brush in-frame—all in an effort to break down the wall of separation with the viewer, and portray the alluring friends in the most unrehearsed manner possible,” said Todd Saunders, Creative Director at ROXY.

“We’ve worked with Kelia for ROXY many times over the years, but shooting with her best friend on the beaches where she grew up was different. There was zero separation between on-screen personas and real-life personalities—a rarity when working with celebrities. We’re so pleased with how genuine the work turned out,” said Lauren Franklin, President and Executive Producer, Summerjax.

ROXY x Sister Collection - Creative Credits

Brand: ROXY
Creative Direction: Todd Saunders
Production: Summerjax
DP: Dave Homcy
Editor: Charles Meny
Photographer: Joe Termini
Talent: Hailey Beiber & Kelia Moniz

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Clash De Cartier Featuring Kaya Scodelario

A clash of attitudes. Introducing the new jewelry signature Clash de Cartier in a film starring Kaya Scodelario, the British actress who masters the art of duality.

Advertised brand: CARTIER JEWELLERY
Advert title(s): CLASH DE CARTIER
Advert type: FILM
Advertising Agency: CARTIER IN-HOUSE
Agency website: https://www.cartier.com/
Agency Twitter account: https://twitter.com/Cartier
Executive Creative Director: NEEL MAJUMDER
Published: April, 2019

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Samsung Surprises Celebrities To Help Unbox Their Foldable Smartphone

Samsung's Galaxy Fold is one of the most innovative phone designs to come out in recent years. The company has now started taking pre-orders for their first foldable smartphone and has launched a campaign

Samsung chose to have celebrities get a first look at the Galaxy Fold by 'surprising' their #TeamGalaxy friends with the phone and getting their help unboxing it. The Korean tech giant sent the Galaxy Fold to German footballer and World Cup winner Mario Götze, Grammy-nominated DJ and producer Steve Aoki, actress and model Millie Bobby Brown, professional gamer Ninja and Parisian designer/blogger Jeanne Damas so that fans can see their initial surprise and get their first-impressions of their latest smartphone.

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Terry Crews, and Ken Jeong Showcase Hidden Talents in Latest State Farm Campaign

Did you know that State Farm is just as much an expert on life insurance as they are on home and auto? In fact, State Farm received the J.D. Power award for the fifth year in a row for customer satisfaction in life insurance late last year. Not many know this, which is why State Farm has partnered with DDB on their latest creative campaign to highlight this ‘hidden talent’ with the help of some familiar – and equally talented – faces.

State Farm’s “Hidden Talents” creative showcases the hidden talents of Ken Jeong and Terry Crews to demonstrate that the company customers know and trust for home & auto is also the company they can trust for life insurance.

The spots feature Jeong (who is an actual medical doctor) and Crews (who is a trained flutist) demonstrating their talents alongside real-life State Farm agents. In one, Crews plays his flute (and throws in a trademark pec flex), and in another Jeong examines an unusual X-Ray. In both scenarios the State Farm agents explain that they, too, have a hidden talent when it comes to providing life insurance.

“It feels good to be known for more than one thing!” Crews proclaims, followed by a spontaneous dancing pec display.

“Hidden Talents” comes to life in national broadcast, online video and social media. The broadcast spots will run across cable and network (FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, CWN), and the social posts will live on Facebook and Instagram.

State Farm’s “Hidden Talents - I’m Impressed"

State Farm’s “Hidden Talents - Let Them Speak"


CLIENT: State Farm
Assistant Vice President Marketing, David Quinn
Marketing Director, Matt Coleman
Marketing Manager, Becky Hill
Marketing Analyst, Tammy White
Marketing Analyst, Liza Hawkins
Marketing Analyst, Ross Wheeler

Chief Creative Officer, DDB North America: Ari Weiss
Chief Creative Officer, DDB Chicago, John Maxham
Chief Production Officer, DDB Chicago, Diane Jackson
Executive Creative Director, Mel Routhier
Creative Director - AD, Brian Culp
Creative Director - CW, Katie Bero
Executive Producer, Matt Blitz
Executive Producer, Amy Turner
Group Account Director, Ben Gladstone
Account Director, Jake Lestan
Account Supervisor, Amanda Ouellette
Account Executive, Katie Murphy
Strategist, Jesse Bayer

Director, Jeff Low
Partner/Managing Director, Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer, Jeff McDougall
Head of Production, Mercedes Allen-Sarria/Rachel Glaub
Producer, Grace Bodie

Editor, Will Hasell
Executive Producer, Crissy DeSimone
Producer, Anna Butler
Assistant, Josh Miller

AUDIO POST: 225 Studio
Engineer, Nicholas Papaleo
Producer, Cameron Aper

Flame Lead: Andre Arevalo
Producer: Ciaran Birks
Senior Producer: Karena Ajamian
Executive Producer: Karen Anderson

TELECINI: Company 3
Colorist, Sean Coleman
Vice President/Short Film, Ashley McKin

TALENT: The Marketing Arm
Managing Director: Matt Delzell
Talent Director: Matt Fleming
Account Director: Alex Duncan

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Cara Delevingne Strips Down for Balmain’s 2019 Spring-Summer Campaign

Cara Delevingne strips down for the spring-summer 2019 campaign, Naked Truth, from Balmain. Posing alongside designer Olivier Rousteing, the model and actress wear no top in a black and white image. In the second image, Cara wears no clothes while showing off her tattoos.

Advert Title: Naked Truth
Advertiser: Balmain
Media: Print
Industry: Clothing
Model: Cara Delevingne & Olivier Rousteing
Photographer: Dan Beleiu
Executive Creative Director: Neel Majumder
Published: February 2019

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M&M’s Super Bowl LIII Commercial has Christina Applegate Dealing with a Few ‘Bad Passengers’

M&M'S Super Bowl LIII ad campaign features a 30-second spot that will be airing during Sunday's game. Emmy award-winning actress and comedian Christina Applegate has been tapped to star in the ad and marks the first time M&M'S has debuted a new product during a Super Bowl advertisement.

In the commercial, titled "Bad Passengers," created by BBDO New York, Christina finds herself in a universal situation many can relate to – dealing with squabbling passengers in the back seat that just won't behave. Throughout the spot, Christina's patience wears thin and she threatens to break the passengers apart…or worse, eat them. But finally, it's revealed that the bickering isn't coming from rambunctious children, it's coming from Red, Yellow and Orange, who are stuck together inside of a M&M'S Chocolate Bar.

"Our fans look forward to seeing our commercials, but they've never seen us like this. That's because this year, we made a decision to use entertainment's biggest stage to debut one of the most notable innovations in our brand's history," said Allison Miazga-Bedrick, Brand Director, M&M'S. "The surprising reveal at the end of the ad showcases the colorful fun of our brand in its newest form – M&M'S stuck together in a creamy chocolate bar."

Christina Applegate's involvement in the M&M'S Super Bowl LIII commercial was announced with a teaser video last week, with the actress comically yelling at her locked car in frustration. The full 30-second spot will air during the first commercial break following the kickoff of Super Bowl LIII on Sunday, Feb. 3, 2019 on CBS.

The new line of M&M'S Chocolate Bars is now available in retail stores nationwide in five flavors including Peanut, Milk Chocolate, Crispy, Almond and Crispy Mint. The bars consist of rich and creamy milk chocolate with whole M&M'S Minis throughout a large bar format, adding delicious, colorful fun to a new section of the chocolate aisle.

For more information, fans can visit M&M'S on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or at www.mms.com.

About Mars, Incorporated

Mars is a family-owned business with more than a century of history making diverse products and offering services for people and the pets people love. With almost $35 billion in sales, the company is a global business that produces some of the world's best-loved brands: M&M'S®, SNICKERS®, TWIX®, MILKY WAY®, DOVE®, PEDIGREE®, ROYAL CANIN®, WHISKAS®, EXTRA®, ORBIT®, 5™, SKITTLES®, UNCLE BEN'S®, MARS DRINKS and COCOAVIA®. Mars also provides veterinary health services that include BANFIELD® Pet Hospitals, Blue Pearl®, VCA® and Pet Partners™. Headquartered in McLean, VA, Mars operates in more than 80 countries. The Mars Five Principles – Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom – inspire its more than 100,000 Associates to create value for all its partners and deliver growth they are proud of every day.

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