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Hill Street Goes Alcohol Free in January for Prostate Cancer

The Hill Street Beverage Company challenged Canadians to go alcohol-free for the month of January, and in doing so demonstrated its ability to leverage effective marketing to achieve its business objectives.

The #HillStreetChallenge represented the Company's first fully-integrated marketing campaign, and capitalized on a growing trend to go "dry" for the month of January. It was designed to build awareness of the Hill Street brand amongst Canadians, help people understand the benefits of going alcohol-free, and ultimately drive consideration of the company's alcohol-free products.

"We created the Hill Street Challenge as a way to highlight some benefits of going alcohol-free, but decided to do that in a slightly outrageous way so people would sit-up and take notice" said David Pullara, Chief Marketing Officer at Hill Street, referring to the irreverent videos created as part of the campaign. "We've been working hard over the past year to get people to understand that giving up alcohol doesn't mean giving up drinking or even having a good time, and the outstanding results of this campaign demonstrate our efforts are having an impact."

The Hill Street Challenge was supported using a number of creative elements; video ads, digital and performance marketing assets, and radio partnerships with Zoomer Media, Humble & Fred Radio, and WhatSheSaid Talk Radio were all used to drive awareness of the Challenge.

The Hill Street Challenge also involved a contest component where people were asked to use social media to help one of Hill Street's not-for-profit medical research partners -- either Arthritis Society or Prostate Cancer Canada -- earn a $10,000 donation, resulting in over 800 social media posts. At the end of the campaign, Prostate Cancer Canada earned the $10,000 donation, but a $2,500 donation was also awarded to Arthritis Society for their efforts. Prostate Cancer Canada President and CEO Peter Coleridge was quick to praise the initiative. "We're thrilled to win the Hill Street Challenge," he said. "The initiative raised awareness for two important diseases affecting Canadians – prostate cancer and arthritis. Hill Street Beverage Company is an incredible partner and the gift resulting from our challenge win will allow us to continue to help Canadian families facing this disease through research, support services and education tools."

The Hill Street Challenge generated over 6 million impressions across social media, and over 2.1 million people viewed the video content. The click-through rate from the videos to the Hill Street Challenge landing page was 1.45%, almost seven times the North American average of 0.21%.1 This drove an 8,400% increase in web traffic versus the 30-days prior to the campaign's launch, with the majority of traffic coming from first-time visitors.

Hill Street's marketing is designed to build the Hill Street brand in advance of October, when cannabis-edibles are expected to become legal in Canada. The Company plans to introduce its cannabis-infused beverages under the Hill Street name, leveraging awareness of its alcohol-free adult beverages. A survey conducted in early February of 1,582 Canadians indicated a 300% increase in awareness of "Hill Street" amongst adults, and a 450% increase amongst millennials, over the past eight months.

About Hill Street Beverage Company Inc.
Hill Street Beverage Company is the world's most award-winning company exclusively focused on alcohol-free beer, wine, and adult format beverages. Hill Street's great-tasting products include Hill Street Craft Brewed Lager, Designated Draft alcohol-free beer, Vin(Zero) wines, and Vintense wines, and have won numerous medals and accolades including three Gold, two Silver, and two Bronze Medals at the U.S. Open Beer Championships, the Retail Council of Canada's Grand Prix award, and a prestigious Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco International Wine Challenge. Hill Street will also produce and sell cannabis-infused adult beverages as soon as the sale of cannabis edibles becomes legal in Canada, expected to occur by October 17, 2019. Hill Street has licensed a patented infusion technology from Lexaria Bioscience that allows cannabis to be infused into a beverage such that it mimics the onset and duration effects of alcohol with minimal impact on the taste, smell, or shelf-stability of the product. Check out Hill Street's award-winning line-up and order product to be delivered straight to your home at www.hillstreetbeverages.com.

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Fun Bolthouse Campaign Reminds Us to Take a Break and Embrace the Farm

Beverage company, Bolthouse Farms, launches a series of commercials created by The Many, with Chimney completing full-service production and post production.

Directed by Chimney’s Sam O’Hare, the four 10-second films promote Bolthouse’s range of premium beverages and were developed around the idea that as modern life becomes busier, the concept of nature and farms become more appealing. The cheerful films encourage people to take a break from their busy routines to enjoy a taste of the farm in Bolthouse’s travel-sized bottle. This break from reality manifests itself as the farm literally growing out of everyday locations: carrots sprout from living room floors, office lamps transform into apple trees, dumbbells in the gym become fresh milk cans, and strawberries make a surprise appearance on the subway platform.

Chimney completed full-service production and post on the films. Working collaboratively with the creative team at The Many, Sam O'Hare directed the live-action portions and also led Chimney’s VFX team in NYC.

Sam comments: “Having a unified creative vision throughout the process really helped ensure consistency and efficiencies from start to finish. From the start we knew that CGI would be the best approach to bring these spots to life - obviously a strawberry plant can't grow out of a subway bench and a desk lamp can't turn into an apple tree. When a campaign relies so heavily on executing the key elements in post, we utilize previz to help us imagine the end product while planning the production and shot list. This ensures that the footage captured on set marries happily with the CG that is needed to bring it all together, and allows the agency and client to see the vision and sign off before shooting, greatly streamlining the shoot. The fact that these were 10 second vignettes also made the decision to do previz that much easier to make sure we left enough time for all the elements to animate on screen without feeling rushed.”

Commenting on the tight turnaround, Sam says: “Photo-real CGI - especially this close up - requires a lot of time and detail to make look right. This is where being Chimney and having the global network really came in handy as we were able to pull in talent from multiple offices to make sure the work was executed beautifully while still meeting the hard deadline. While I directed and led the post in NY, Chimney’s VFX supervisor Petter Lindholm in the LA office was able to be on set to supervise to make sure the VFX data was captured and that everything that was shot would translate smoothly to the post workflow. We also partnered with our office in Gothenburg so we could have dedicated teams on each vignette making sure everything came together.”


CLIENT: Bolthouse
VP of Marketing: Mark Materacky
Marketing Director: Alice Nelen
Brand Manager : Breeana Bey
Campbells Production Consultant: Suzanne Landau

Agency: THE MANY
Executive Creative Director: Damien Eley
Creative Director: Celine Faledam
Copywriter: Rachel Guest
Brand Director: Laura Hoffman
Project Manager: Nicole King
Senior Producer: Morgan Menco

Production Company: Chimney
Director: Sam O'Hare
Executive Producer: Ellen Pot / Jake Loonan
Producer: Brooke Dooley
Post Production Company: Chimney
VFX Producer: Nicole Melius
Lead CG Artist: Anthony Jones
Artists: Joe Nguyen, Ryan Lathey, Ran Huo, Erik Rasmussen
Editor : Hannelore Gomes
Color Correct: Vincent Taylor
Conform: Alana Casto

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Burger King Warns French People Who Don’t Like Cheese: You’d Better Leave The Country

If France is famous all over the world, it’s particularly thanks to cheese! It’s everywhere! For those who can’t stand it, “cheese haters”, it’s always been difficult to avoid cheese and unfortunately for them, it will soon be impossible to escape from it!

On March, BURGER KING will release the CHEESE LOVER, burgers where cheese is king. A crispy cheddar bread, a slice of melted emmental cheese, and to top it all: a cheese sauce! Can you imagine? It’s hell on a plate! Under the circumstances, what choice is left for “cheese haters” but to exile?

In its new campaign, BURGER KING features a man who has decided to move as far away as possible to escape the new CHEESE LOVER. And he will not be the only one to make this radical decision! Thanks to a contest on their Facebook page, BURGER KING will enable one person to join him on the other side of the world.

The campaign is unveiled on TV (3×30″ and 10″ films) and through a long digital version and a display.


Marketing Director Alexandre Simon
Product Marketing Officer Carole Rousseau
Communication Manager Lucile Zoude
Marketing Product Manager Caroline Moowneesawmy
Marketing Product Manager Kevin Grandidier


President and Executive Creative Director Georges Mohammed-Chérif
Vice – President Thomas Granger
Managing Director Julien Levilain
Art Director Pierre Cognard
Copywriter Guilhem Barbet
Account Director Loïc Coelho
Account Executive Antoine Boizeau
Head of Strategic Planning Clément Scherrer
Head of PR & Communication Amélie Juillet
PR & Communication Manager Paul Renaudineau
PR & Communication Assistants Nina Barbanel & Clémentine Eouzan
Rights Management Dee Perryman
Head of TV Production Vanessa Barbel
TV Producer Benoit Crouet

Production BIG
Sound Production SCHMOOZE
Director Fred De Loof

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ARGONAUT Creates “Tiny Bakery” to Launch New Cereal Line from Post Hostess

Cereal, pastry, donut, why chose? The cereal aisle just got a little more interesting….Post Consumer Brands (maker of Honey Bunches of Oats and Post Pebbles) has teamed up with iconic snack brand Hostess to create a new line of snack-cake inspired cereals, Hostess Donettes and Hostess Honey Buns - “introducing the Hostess treats you know and love, now in tiny cereal form.”

To bring these mini creations to life, the brand worked with San Francisco-based agency ARGONAUT on a launch campaign – which debuts today, March 4 - that plays on the size of these new creations and centers around a real-life, functioning “tiny bakery” to showcase how the new cereal was created (check it out in the attached image - the agency actually built this!).

Two digital spots (:15s) sit at the center of the initiative, highlighting the creation process and day-to-day operations of the tiny bakery – “Hostess Donettes Bakery Tour” and “Hostess Honey Bun Bakery Tour.” The spots will run on YouTube, online streaming video and social @hostesscereals (Facebook and Instagram).

The campaign will also feature digital ads and social content (paid and organic). Several shorter-form pieces of content will appear on socials showcasing day to day life around the bakery and different aspects of the tiny operation. The brand also tapped influencers (select cooks, bakers and artisans that focus on miniature mediums) to play up the miniature angle, sending out tiny cereal boxes for them to share with their followers.

This isn’t the first campaign ARGONAUT has worked on for Post – the agency became AOR for Honey Bunches of Oats in 2018 and has subsequently grown its relationship, taking on this launch campaign for Hostess Licensed Cereals.

New Hostess™ Donettes™ cereal from Post!

New Hostess™ Honey Bun cereal from Post!

Chief Marketing Officer: Roxanne Bernstein
Senior Director Creative Services: Scott Kleingartner
Brand Manager: Michelle Titus
Brand Manager: Joshua Jans
Assistant Brand Manager: Nikki Tarelton
Senior IMC Manager: Jenna Richardson
Associate IMC Manager: Larisa Pyskir

Chief Creative Officer: Hunter Hindman
Creative Director: Shane Fleming
Creative Director: Anders Gustafson
Producer: Jason Curtis
Chief Marketing Officer: Katie Miller
Brand Director: Lauren Martinez
Assistant Brand Manager: Francis Miles

Director: Borja Pena Gorostegui
Managing Director: Neysa Horsburgh
Head of Business Development: Justin Booth-Clibborn
Executive Producer: Noah Goldsmith
Head of Production: Drew Bourneuf
Producer: Brian Butcher
Line Producer: Jessica Lee
Production Company: Psyop
Director of Photography: Jason Hargreaves
Designer: Juliana Ouyang
Storyboard Artist: Max Forward
2D Compositors: Lane Jolly, Ryan Raith
Flame Artist: Kim Stevenson
Flame Assist: John Buzon
Editors: James Petix, Brett Nicoletti
Assistant Editor: Alice Cen
Colorist: Kim Stevenson
Miniature Set Fabricator: SCPS Unlimited

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People Complete Ridiculous Tasks for Candy in This Mesmerizing Danish Campaign

Director Peter Harton, represented by Great Guns for commercials and music videos exclusively in the UK, US, Asia, India, and ME, creates four quirky and visually alluring commercials for confectionery company, Carletti

Director, Peter Harton, who is represented by Great Guns (exclusively in the UK, US, Asia, India, and ME), unveils a series of quirky commercials for Danish confectionery company, Carletti. Created by agency, Envision, and produced by TorpBerthelsen, the four 30-second adverts show people inventing bizarre excuses to reward themselves with Carletti candy.

Each of the four films begin with a group of people gazing longingly at a mysterious wooden box. In ‘Dry Artistic Swimming’, they drop to the floor in synchronised movements and finally forming a hexagon with their bodies. In ‘Big Toe’, a man confidently kicks off his shoe to reveal impressive toe movements, which are met with approval from his companions. One film features a woman slowly dancing her hand towards a mousetrap as the others dance anxiously behind her in a mesmerising combination of casualness and nail-biting tension.

In each scenario, after the group complete a peculiar activity, the wooden box opens and reveals Carletti products – accompanied by the voiceover, ‘There’s always an occasion to enjoy a [Carletti candy]. If there isn’t, invent one.’

Peter Harton delved into his signature quirky and dark comedic style with this latest campaign. Says Peter: “The brief from the agency was very loose so I had a lot of creative freedom. I really enjoyed getting involved, very early, in the process. The insight was that people reward themselves with sweets for all sorts of reasons – for example, when they hurt themselves, are active, or do something cool. With this in mind, the characters’ excuses had to be simple but a bit ridiculous. The strongest visual reference was Carletti’s distinctive packaging, so I worked with my production designer and stylist, Jane Marhall Whittaker, to develop the aesthetic references.”

On creating the funky, pastel-coloured world for the campaign, Peter comments: “The product is ridiculous and the scenarios are ridiculous, so I felt that it needed some contrast – otherwise it would become too much. Rather than just shooting on location with the available light, documentary style, I wanted to make it beautiful. I really like Jens Maasbøl’s cinematography on this. One of my inspirations was the work of my friend, the photographer Casper Sejersen. I wanted to create something that was simple and easy to decode, but still had you wondering what the hell just happened, so I took it away from reality and tried to make something special. I like it when you question the whole premise: are they friends? Is it a club? Is it a religion?”

Commenting on the distinctive music, Peter says: “Music was definitely important as it helped dictate the mood and direction of the films. My composer, Asger Baden, came on board early and put his spin on it. I wanted a piece that was hard to pinpoint time-wise – it needed some retro elements as Carletti candy is a Danish classic, but also something to show its contemporary relevance.”

Advertiser: Carletti
Agency: Envision
Production Company: TorpBerthelsen
Director: Peter Harton
DoP: Jens Maasbøl
Production Designer: Jane Marhall Whittaker
Editor: Ole Kristian Krogstad
Composer: Asger Baden

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Dairy Famers of Canada Takes An Honest Approach in Latest Campaign by DDB Canada

To better inform millennials about Canadian dairy and help clear up misconceptions they may have, Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC), has launched a new campaign that takes an honest, candid approach to share truths about Canadian dairy products and the industry.

Developed by DDB Canada’s Toronto office the national campaign, “Honest. Canadian. Dairy.” reminds millennials of the positive aspects of Canadian dairy to help raise the day-to-day relevance of dairy products in millennials minds.

“There’s an opportunity to shift and change millennials perceptions about dairy products,” says Lucie Bérubé, acting director, marketing, DFC. “Canadian dairy products are considered a wholesome and natural source of nutrition by millennials; but this group shows some reluctance, versus older Canadians, to consume dairy products on a regular basis. The new campaign sets out to clarify misconceptions millennials may have.”

Accentuating both functional and emotional benefits associated with increasing usage of Canadian dairy, both English and French creative executions introduce dairy farmer characters, who share facts such as: there are no artificial growth hormones in milk that is produced in Canada, most Canadian dairy farms are family-run and span generations of dairy farmers; and most farmers keep under 100 cows.

“We wanted to be upfront with Canadians about what’s true and what’s not when it comes to Canadian dairy farming,” says Craig Ferguson, creative director, DDB Canada Toronto. “That carried over to the advertising. It felt natural to be upfront about the fact our ads were ads.”

Campaign creative includes television, social videos, out-of-home placements and Spotify audio advertising. The campaign launched at the end of January runs until March 2019 with Initiative responsible for the media strategy and buy.


89 Cows

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Colonel Sanders Proclaims his Affection for his One True Love – Beef!

Colonel Sanders Proclaims his Affection for his One True Love
This Valentine’s Day, as lovers everywhere proclaim their sentiments for one another, KFC’s Colonel Sanders will be declaring his steadfast affection for his first love – chicken. Earlier this month, the infamous spokesman announced the addition of a ‘Beef Bucket’ to the chain’s poultry-heavy menu. Beef, you say?! 
On a décidé de faire la paix avec les amoureux du #boeuf, du coup on lance bientôt le #BeefBucket ! RDV jeudi 14/02 sur Twitter. pic.twitter.com/WlQty7FOr2
— KFC France (@KFCFrance) February 7, 2019

Unsurprisingly, this roiled KFC’s loyal chicken lovers, who took to the web to voice their feelings. Distraught fans expressed their disgust – 

“It would be blasphemous to betray my tenders”
“Kentucky fried chicken, where is beef written?”
“They’ve gone mad! 😱”, “The world is falling apart ..Beef 🥩at KFC 🍗”…  
“Shocked and disappointed”

Some even rallied together to form the Chicken Shield Defenders and 2 petitions were started (here and here) to block the menu’s expansion. 

Tomorrow, on Valentine’s Day, the Colonel will reveal that the announcement was a hoax. A little ruse to illustrate just how deep his love runs, and how no one should ever second guess his fidelity. The revelation is demonstrated through a short, but effective, film, further proof of how unimaginable, how downright crazy the idea of including beef on the menu is – and to debunk any notion his allegiance will ever waiver. The film starts off showing the alleged new addition to the menu, the beef bucket, which, slowly, explodes. The slow-motion dramatically expelling any ambiguity about the one thing we know for sure about the Colonel – his one true passion is, and always will be, chicken. Happy Valentine’s Day to chicken lovers the world over!

About Sid Lee Paris:
The one step ahead collective.
The one step ahead collective. Sid Lee Paris has been our European hub since 2009, pushing the frontiers of creativity and collaboration from one of the most beloved cultural capitals in the world. Our Parisian team is at its best when it can custom-build solutions for advertisers, brands, and institutions to tackle some of their greatest business challenges. Our multi-disciplinary thinkers and makers bring forth the best of new Parisian flair, united in creating avant-garde work that resonates around the world.

About KFC France and Yum!:
KFC has more than 20,000 fast-food restaurants in 120 countries. In France, the network employs over 10,000 in 250 restaurants. KFC is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell). Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Yum! Brands Inc. is the world leader in thematic restauration, with more than 41,000 restaurants in 125 countries. www.kfc.fr


Client: KFC France
Chief Marketing Officer Yum! Brands – KFC France: Pascale Laborde
Head of Brand and Advertising: Sophie Lacroix
Brand and Social Media Manager: Celine Leblanc

Agency: Sid Lee Paris
Chairman - Executive Creative Director: Sylvain Thirache
President: Johan Delpuech
Creative Directors: Céline & Clément Mornet-Landa
Managing Director: Mehdi Benali
Art Directors: Francis Pluntz, Jessy Kikabou
Account Director: Héloïse Marchal
Account Manager: Camille Caucat
Head of Social Media: Alexandre Ponte
Head of Production: Thomas Laget
Producer: François Brétéché

Production Company: Sid Studio
Director: Yoann Plard
DOP: Alexis Ghnassia
Music Producer: Superpitch
Post Production Company: Sid Studio
Post Producers: François Brétéché, Alexis Ghnassia 

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Hennessy Unveils ‘The Seven Worlds,’ a Short Film Directed by Ridley Scott

Hennessy has released an epic short film by legendary director Ridley Scott who visualizes the odyssey experienced in every sip of Hennessy X.O. The campaign was created by the advertising agency DDB Paris, creative partner of Hennessy. The luxury spirits brand also announced that a 60-second version of the film will air during the 91st Oscars® on Feb. 24, amplifying the cinematic flair of the campaign on one of Hollywood's most celebrated nights.

Complementing the idea that “Each drop of Hennessy X.O. is an Odyssey,” the Academy Award nominated director of the films The Martian and Gladiator as well as cult films Alien and Blade Runner, creates a visual journey that explores the seven flavor profiles in a surreal, sensorial and immersive narrative. The film is a creative interpretation of each of the seven tasting notes, described by Hennessy’s Comité de Dégustation as illustrations of Hennessy X.O’s taste and feel: Sweet Notes, Rising Heat, Spicy Edge, Flowing Flame, Chocolate Lull, Wood Crunches; culminating in Infinite Echo.

“I was attracted to this project because I was inspired by the potential for art and entertainment to bring this story to life,” said Ridley Scott. “Hennessy has a great product, and I was lucky enough to have the freedom to interpret this and create something amazing. I think people will be stunned when they see the film."

All seven notes evocatively take shape under the iconic filmmaker’s direction, with his subversive sense of narrative, unique light, and knack for radical, and technical innovation. The seven notes, envisioned as individual worlds, are brought to life through wonderous and extreme physiography. The director leaves it to the viewer’s imagination if the film occurs in the future or the past, in reality or in a dreamscape as he takes us through vivid scenes offering snapshots of each world.

Scott’s film depicts the gathering of shimmering golden liquid, human figures walking in the shadows of bronzed giants, androids coming to life through spicy synapses, beings gliding through a fiery atmosphere and meditating peacefully amongst levitating rocks while lush woodlands are stirred by invisible spirits. As the film culminates we see the worlds co-existing in an omnipresent nebula and are reminded of the director’s mastery in transporting viewers to other worlds.
‘The Seven Worlds' production team includes global leaders in visual effects, Moving Picture Company (MPC), who previously collaborated with Scott on the films Alien, The Martian as well as Blade Runner and reunite with the director to design ‘out of this world’ effects through CGI.

Composer Daniel Pemberton, who previously worked on Scott's film All the Money in the World and The Counselor, created a unique and unexpected score perfectly complimenting the director’s vision of Hennessy X.O. Scott’s production company RSA Films produced the film.

"It is an honour for Hennessy to partner with a visionary like Ridley Scott," Said Hennessy Global CMO Michael Aidan. "This film showcases Ridley's artistic genius conveying the essence of Hennessy X.O through entertainment that transcends traditional advertising."

“When we embarked on this adventure, we dreamed of creating a film that is truly different. But even in our wildest dreams, we did not imagine we would be going to so many incredible new worlds. Together with Hennessy and Ridley Scott, we hope to have achieved a new benchmark in advertising.” says Alexander Kalchev, Executive Creative Director at DDB Paris
See the full film, as well as a 'making of' video, behind-the-scenes content, and an interview with Ridley Scott, at thesevenworlds.hennessy.com. Follow @Hennessy on Instagram and #TheSevenWorlds to further explore the worlds of Hennessy X.O.

Full Credits
'The Seven Worlds' campaign directed by Ridley Scott for Hennessy, from agency DDB Paris

Global CMO: Thomas Moradpour / Michael Aidan
Global CMO deputy: Antoine Varlet
Hennessy X.O Brand Director: Emmy Aoun Gestin
Director: Ridley Scott
Producer: Debbie Garvey
DOP: Dariusz Wolski
1st AD: Raymond Kirk
Production designer: Marc Homes
Costume designer: Charlotte Law
Make-up: Polly Earnshaw
Editor: Jim Weedon
MPC Head of CG: Carsten Keller
MPC Creative Director: Ryan Jefferson Hays
MPC 3D Supervisor: Boyo Frederix
MPC 2D Supervisor: Rod Norman
MPC Head of FX: Selcuk Ergen
MPC Producer: Tomek Zietkiewicz
Sound Production : The
Sound Production: Grand Central Recording Studios
Composer: Daniel Pemberton
Sound designer: Oliver Tarney
Head of Music: Jerome Alquier
Sound Mixer: Raja Sehgal
Grade: Stephen Nakamura @ Company 3
Supervising Producer: Mark Huffam
DDB° Paris
Executive Creative Director: Alexander Kalchev
Creative Directors: Pierre Mathonat, Alexis Benbehe
TV Producer: Quentin Moenne Loccoz
Managing Director: Xavier Mendiola
RSA Films
Managing Director: Kai-lu Hsiung
Executive Producer: Debbie Garvey
75 Paris
Managing Director: Emmanuel Guiraud
Executive Producer: Annabelle Fournier
Stillking Prague
Producer: Lida Ordnungiova

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