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How the New BMW 7 Series Propelled into English Skies Without a Single Sighting

To relaunch the iconic BMW 7 Series model, a two-minute spot created by Serviceplan and shot by Tony Petersen Film, required the expert knowledge of production service company LS Productions to pull off the logistically complex airport runway shoot without a single person seeing the new vehicle.

Contending with airports from around Europe, LS Productions sourced an exceptional location in the North of England with both the right aesthetic and the practical needs for the highly secretive shoot.

The newly-built airport location, yet to be opened to the public, meant that the crew of 130 people could conduct the three-day shoot with a greater amount of control than any other airport. Working closely with TP Films’ security team and forging strong relationships with airport staff and local authorities ensured that passers-by and press could not view the prototype car whilst the shoot was underway.

Brooding, atmospheric weather conditions were key to the film’s storyline. The film, directed by Dan Di Felice, likens the feeling of driving the BMW 7 Series to taking off in a private jet. To create the conditions of taking off in a storm, LS Productions worked in collaboration with an SFX team at Artem and local firefighters. They created a cloud of smoke and lashing rain as the car zipped down the runway.

The crew had access to the location’s two hangers, runways and a control tower all of which were outlined as essential in the brief. Its high spec new build also reflected the luxury of the car brand.
The LS Productions team had ongoing conversations on-the-ground with airport staff about working together as the facility opens to commercial flights.

Deva Smith, Senior Producer at LS Productions says: “We got to show off our brilliant locations that ticked the boxes of a tricky logistical and security brief, assembled a wonderful team and thus facilitated a cool script with some very talented people. On top of that we got to shoot on a runway with some proper SFX, a Russian Arm, a fire engine, a very cool car, and a quality production team from Germany headed by EP Carlo Walther. Dream job!”

Carlo Walther, EP and Managing Partner at TP Films, says: “We looked at airports across Europe for this spot, and LS put forward a fantastic selection of which two were shortlisted initially. It went down to the wire between one in Switzerland and another in the north of England. As security of the new BMW 7 Series model was paramount, and LS had vast experience of the security measures needed, it was the perfect collaboration between TP Films, the airport and LS Productions. I felt in safe hands with Deva and his team from the minute we started the bidding process right through till wrap. LS, the crew and the staff were professional, honest and a joy to work with.”

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LS Productions Help Bring Circus Grandeur to Life in Anne-Marie and James Arthur’s Music Video ‘Rewrite the Stars’

London Alley, Hannah Lux Davis and OB Management have partnered with LS Productions to produce a mesmerising new music video for Anne-Marie and James Arthur’s ‘Rewrite the Stars’.

Shot in the fantastically whimsical and versatile Liverpool Olympia, ‘Rewrite the stars’ is a stunning cinematic production bringing top music and dance talent together in the world of a reimagined and abandoned Victorian circus.

Famed for her collaborations with Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus and Drake, Hannah Lux Davis directed the film which has impressively garnered millions of views in just days of its world premiere. Service production company LS Productions supported OB Management and returning client Tom Birmingham to bring Hannah’s creative to life.

The film was produced at short notice and with limited resources, but with stunning results. A bespoke production approach, in which all aspects in front and behind the camera were considered and delivered at the highest production standards, ensured a successful shoot with both global artists. Maintaining an opulent feel, the styling and decor of the theatre were vitally important to achieving the visual aesthetic that Hannah envisioned for the film. LS Productions delved into their extensive location database to secure options from across the country from which the grand Liverpool Olympia theatre was chosen.

On sourcing the northern location for the shoot, Tom Birmingham, Producer at London Alley says: “We were unable to secure a theatre located in central London at such short notice, so we called upon LS to search in the North of England and Scotland. They came up with the most incredible location options with so much variety. We selected two in the North of England, finally choosing the wonderful location in Liverpool.”

Senior Producer at LS Productions, Ellen De Faux, says: “We had a fantastic team to work with across all elements of the production, and what a delight it was to work with Anne-Marie, James Arthur and their teams too. Thank you to Tom Birmingham for bringing LS in to make the job happen, and a massive thanks to our Director Hannah Lux Davis, and Brandon Bonfiglio, EP at London Alley.”

Tom adds: “Ellen, her crew and the production team pulled off what seemed to be unachievable within our timescale. They worked their magic with the budget as you can see in the production value of the finished piece. The talent, the director and the label are all delighted with the results.”

About LS Productions
LS Productions is a UK-wide service production company that goes beyond service. They understand the creative, working collaboratively with a unique in-house locations team and database on hand to produce shoots for TV commercials, music videos, online content, fashion campaigns and editorials. Recent clients include: Anomaly, Anonymous Content, Czar, BMW, H&M, Iconoclast, Johnnie Walker, Prettybird, Samsung, Strange Cargo, Stella McCartney, Stink Paris, Somesuch, British Vogue and Volvo.

Client: Atlantic Records UK
Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Production Company: London Alley with OB Management
Service Production Company: LS Productions
DOP: Sam Meyer
Talent: Anne Marie, James Arthur
Art Director: Anthony Neale

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De Bruyne and Dybala Star in the highly anticipated EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Campaign

In the next phase of promotion for the highly-anticipated FIFA 19 game, footballers De Bruyne and Dybala star in a print campaign and gaming assets for the new video game. Media Agency, Lagardère partnered with high-end sport and athlete photographer Rafael Astorga and LS Productions for the FIFA Ultimate Team shoot.

The players showcase their respective skills and signature on-field celebration poses in the striking images whilst adorned in their team kits and the FIFA Ultimate Team Kit for 2019.

Taking place over two days at London’s Big Sky Studios, LS Productions serviced and produced the shoot with De Bruyne and Dybala. With a wealth of experience working with sporting talent and a key production hub in Manchester, LS Productions are well-versed in working with high-end footballers.

LS Productions managed the footballers, their trainers and coaches on set to allow for the very best performances to be captured in a limited time frame. Abi Atkinson, Senior Producer at LS Productions says: “Athletes have demanding and strict schedules meaning the time they have on-set is often quite short. So it’s crucial to have a highly-skilled team and to be prepared.”

“We set up the studio and arranged body doubles of the footballers to do the pre-light run-throughs before the talent arrived, allowing us to be most efficient on the day. We also had the athlete’s trainers and coaches on-set to ensure they were comfortable to perform, and, of course, their preferred music to create a brilliant atmosphere!” says Abi.

The production service company also covered details for action shots such as laying AstroTurf and crash pads and arranged for makeup artists to ensure the talent’s skin reflected their dewy in-game complexion. LS Productions also organised a private jet for one of the players.

As well as the still shots, behind-the-scenes motion assets for socials were also capture on set. Abi adds: “The motion elements of the shoot were actually a last-minute addition but, because we had a tight team in place, were able to accommodate this and in just one day.” We brought on board a great team, who at short notice, were able to quickly ascertain what was involved creatively and get things in place ready for the shoot.

On working with LS Productions, Andy Gilooley, Video Producer at EA Sports, says: "Great service, very professional, wonderful people."

“Team was lovely, flexible and experienced!" says Melissa MacGillivray, Executive Producer at Rafael Astorga Photographer.

The creative assets form part of a wider campaign for the game launched in September 2018.

About LS Productions
LS Productions is a UK-wide service production company that goes beyond service. They understand the creative, working collaboratively with a unique in-house locations team and database on hand to produce shoots for TV commercials, music videos, online content, fashion campaigns and editorials.

Recent clients include: Anomaly, Anonymous Content, Czar, Ford, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, H&M, Johnnie Walker, Samsung, Strange Cargo, Stella McCartney, Stink Paris, Somesuch, British Vogue and Volvo.

Client: Electronic Arts (EA)
Executive Producer: Larre Sterling
Creative Director: Stan Zienka
Media Agency: Lagardère
Design Agency: Cinco
Art Director: Tom Crow
Production Company: LS Productions
Senior Producer: Abi Atkinson
Photographer: Rafael Astorga

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LS Productions Scout Stunning Scottish Settings to Promote Ford Eco Sport SUV

The Eco Sport is built for your next steps in new ad by GTB and Radical Media.

Ford take to Scotland to shoot cinematic new ad 'Built For Your Next Steps' to promote the EcoSport model. Created by GTB and produced by Radical Media and LS Productions, the 30" spot puts us in the shoes of the British public.

Directed by Josh & Xander, the cinematic advert pays tribute to the narrative device used in classic movie scenes as the shot focuses on a character's foot as they step out of a vehicle to confront a challenge. In the advert the dramatic camera technique is adapted to introduce us to a cast of everyday British individuals. Identified only by their footwear, we see each anonymous character step gallantly out of their Ford EcoSport cars. As each character takes their next steps, the commercial shows a range of unique but sentimentally British journeys.

LS Productions worked with Radical Media to source the stunning backdrops for each character's scenario. To visually articulate the unique, yet classically British storylines, LS Productions sourced a range of central, rural and coastal locations for the commercial from its wealth of Scottish locations. The film was shot entirely in Scotland over three-day tour of Glasgow's urban landscapes and Argyll's rural and coastal spots.

Deva Smith, Producer at LS Productions comments: "It was great to be able to put together a nice, talented Scottish crew and to show our American directors the most diverse Scottish landscapes, from urban designs to rolling countryside and rugged terrain."

The settings included the country's iconic rolling hills at Rest and be Thankful in the Scottish Highlands, scenes of the idyllic coastline were captured at Crinan Harbour and Glasgow's The Gorbals provided urban environments for inner-city shots.

The production service company used a drone to film the ferry and coastal scenes. To pull off the shoot, LS Productions ensured full cooperation from Crinan Harbour's boatyard and its workers by halting boats from entering the area.

Whilst the task of capturing scenes at sea presented some challenges for flying the drone, LS Productions helped to turn the location's unpredictable weather into a benefit for the film. Deva adds: "We took advantage of the changing weather, it added beautiful drama to the scene and the director was able to capture spray from the ocean waves."

LS Productions sourced the use of a Scorpio Arm to capture the breath-taking shots of the vehicle driving down Rest and be Thankful - The A83 road which divides Glen Kinglas from Glen Croe.

Commenting on working with Radical Media, Executive Producer at LS Productions, Sarah Drummond says: "We really enjoyed having Josh and Xander back over to Scotland. They love the diverse landscapes that Scotland has to offer, and they were super excited to get the chance to shoot here again. They really engaged with Scotland, it's people and its' landscapes, and for me it's always good to shoot something that doesn't have to be based specifically in Scotland. Our locations are stunning and can fit with most narratives, and even some you wouldn't expect."

The film airs on TV and social channels from 18th January 2018.

Brand: Ford
Agency: GTB
Production Company: Radical Media
Director: Josh Melnick and Xander Charity
Production Service: LS Productions
Executive Producer: Sarah Drummond
Producer: Deva Smith

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