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20 Breathtaking Pictures Of The Human Race

The images below are sure to set your feelings off fluctuating up and down the full spectrum of human emotion. Some are beautiful, gritty, real, inspiring – and some are simply painful to witness. “I’M FED UP TO THE EARS WITH OLD MEN DREAMING UP WARS FOR YOUNG MEN TO DIE IN.”

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Top 15 Highest Paid Athletes of 2014

Forbes have released their annual top 100 world’s highest paid athletes list for 2014. Based on salary, prize winnings and endorsements, find out who’s made the top 15! 1. Floyd Mayweather Earnings: $105,000,000 All of professional boxer Mayweathers earnings are salary/winnings with no money coming from endorsements. With his upcoming fight with Manny Pacquiao estimated […]

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Angry Employee FLATTENS Bosses Mercedes With HUGE Excavator

Sometimes annoyed, angry employees will resort to insane and dramatic matters in order to make their problems and the disgust for their bosses known. This guy takes his anger to a whole new level with his actions! From what we understand, this guy mows his boss’s Mercedes Benz with a excavator because he’s a tiny bit upset and wants to get […]

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Absolutely NOT Photoshopped. This Is Real Life, Guys.

Suspension of disbelief” is a term that means you need to let go of your logic and reason to truly enjoy something. Usually it’s associated with theater or films, but there are times when letting go of your strict rationality will help you accept some strange things in life. 1.) This tiny fox fell asleep on […]

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