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Fundraising Disguised As Real Estate Advertising for OOH Rainforest Trust Campaign

Fundraising disguised as real estate advertising. Rather than “donate,” viewers are asked to “buy” land, in the location they choose, at $10/acre, Rainforest Trust’s typical cost. (The land is deemed critical to one or more species’ survival. Donors do not receive actual title.) 100% of every dollar goes to actual land purchases. Operating expenses are separately funded.

Creative Credits:  
Advertised brand: Rainforest Trust
Advert title(s): Hardwood
Headline and copy text: “2,000 Year Old Hardwood! Wow! Appreciate original hardwood architectural features that have taken hundreds of years to for! Just $10 per acre ensures these original wooden details don’t turn into lumber! Visit RainforestTrust.org or call (800) 456-4930.”
Advertising Agency: Darling Agency, New York, U.S.A.
Agency website: http://darlingagency.com
Creative Director: Kelly Platt
Art Director: Jeroen Bours
Copywriter: Kelly Platt
Photographer: stock

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Boutique Agency Gents unleashes Bulldog Gin in Streets of Antwerp

Boutique agency Gents takes their new client Bulldog Gin to the streets of Antwerp. With a slightly provocative, insightful and bold awareness campaign launching the ‘We Are Bulldog’ brand signature.

By combining clever guerrilla tactics with above-the-line media, Gents re-invents and re-writes the rules of visual propaganda.

Starting from the manifesto of Bulldog Gin, where Winston Churchill is quoted, Gents translated the bold and defiant attitude of the brand into a contemporary and visually unique campaign with a disruptive black and white personality. Bold words and statements communicate the attitude of Bulldog Gin in a straightforward way across the streets of Antwerp, addressing the social mavericks in Belgium’s - so they say - boldest city.

To accomplish the underground effect, propaganda-alike posters, stickers and stencils were spread across the city centre of Antwerp.

Creative Credits:
Ad Agency- Gents
Client— Bulldog
Marketing Manager Campari Benelux— Tihana Rapic
Senior Brand Manager Campari Benelux— Miek Pauwels
Creative Director— Tim Helsen
Concept— Tim Helsen, Sander Vanermen
Copywriting— Tim Helsen, Sander Vanermen
Account Director— Leen Van der Mijnsbrugge
Account Coordinator— Magali Deckers
Graphic Design— Martijn Leenaers
Digital Design— Simon Pertz
Development— Ibe Vanmeenen, Diederik Van Hoorebeke

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Nat Geo Wild’s six-part series, Africa’s Wild Kingdom Reborn, features one of the most exciting conservation stories happening in the world today. To reflect this, National Geographic Channels International created a hopeful and inspiring creative campaign to launch the show on Nat Geo Wild.

The creative, executed in-house by National Geographic Channel’s South African team, reflects the series’ focus on the incredible rebirth of Gorongosa National Park. The campaign focuses on the concept that what was destroyed by man is now being reclaimed by nature.

The fabric of life across this million-acre paradise in Mozambique was shredded during a long civil war. Now, an international team of scientists and conservationists has assembled to repair it. Emmy Award-winning wildlife cameraman Bob Poole documents one of the most ambitious wilderness restoration projects ever attempted, touching on every species in the park, including lions, crocodiles, zebras and elephants.

The stunning and heart-warming campaign is currently airing on Nat Geo Wild in all territories outside the US.

Creative Credits:
Emanuele Madeddu – SVP of Creative and Marketing
Alyshia Linares – Director of Creative and Marketing
Waldo Büchner – Motion Graphics Supervisor
Zozette Balsaras – Promo Producer (concept & copywriter)
Suné Smalberger – Junior Motion Graphics Artist
Navina Chinnamunian – Promo Producer (editor)
Samira Gerin-Singh – On-Air Creative Manager

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Susanin Fitness “For the prominent result” Print Ads via Russia’s Braind Creative Agency

Creative Credits:
Advertised brand: Susanin Fitness
Advert title(s): For the prominent result
Headline and copy text (in English): For the prominent result
1. From ‘Ass!’ to ‘Wow!’
2. From ‘Weight!’ to ‘Yes!’
3. From ‘Mass!’ to ‘Yee-haa!’
4. From ‘Flank!’ to ‘Ok!’

Advertising Agency: Braind Creative Agency, St. Petersburg, Russia
Agency website: http://braind-agency.com
Creative Director: Yury Malyarenko
Art Director: Sergej Ponomarev
Copywriter: Yury Malyarenko
Published: October, 2015
Short rationale: Not everyone believes that the desired result could be achieved. What should they do? We have developed a series of prints that clearly shows how the problem solution becomes a reason for joy. For example, the weight after a training at the club becomes the reason for a happy exclamation: "YES"!

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6 of the Craziest Vintage Ads That Would Be Banned Today

YouTubes Dark 5 have compiled a list of the most dangerous and questionable products corporations have ever tried to sell to the public with these crazy advertisements that would be banned today. Watch the video below.

6. Lloyd Cocaine Toothache Drops. Instantaneous Cure! Hard to imagine today but, in the US, cocaine was sold over the counter until 1914 and was commonly found in products like toothache drops, dandruff remedies and medicinal tonics.

5. Bayer: Heroin, A Sedative for Coughs. From 1898 through to 1910, heroin was marketed as a cough suppressant by trusted companies.

4. Dutch Boy Lead Paint: Lead Party.

3. This ad for “Killing Salt Chemicals” from 1947 shows a range of dangerous applications for now-illegal DDT, from agricultural sprays to household pesticides. Particularly disturbing is the image of a mother and infant, above the caption stating that DDT “helps make healthier, more comfortable homes.”

2. Camel Cigarettes, More Doctors Smoke Camels. One common technique used by the tobacco industry to reassure a worried public was to incorporate images of physicians in their ads. The none-too-subtle message was that if the doctor, with all of his expertise, chose to smoke a particular brand, then it must be safe. Unlike with celebrity and athlete endorsers, the doctors depicted were never specific individuals, because physicians who engaged in advertising would risk losing their license.

1. Lady Out of the Dark, Norodin (Methamphetamine). Norodin is one of the most frightening supposed medicines on this list. It was the brand name for methamphetamine, the potent drug withdrawal from which causes depression, and which is strongly associated with suicide when used for long periods of time. The advertisement above claimed that Norodin was “useful in dispelling the shadows of mild mental depression” and that it has “relatively few side effects.”

Video Credits:
Thanks to Dark 5 for putting together the video and the list.
Music: "Atlantida" by Svarog
Intro: "The Machine Thinks"
by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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Swedish newspaper ”Svenska Dagbladet” Offers Up The Long or The Short Version Of The Days News

The Long Story and The Short Story are two new features on the online Swedish newspaper ”Svenska Dagbladet” website, svd.se
Do you have a lot of time? Choose THE LONG STORY and get all the articles about a topic served. If you have less time but still want to keep track, choose THE SHORT STORY and only the most important articles will be presented in a subject.
The ads dramatizes and highlights current news and topics.

Client: Svenska Dagbladet
Agency: M&C Saatchi Stockholm
Country: Sweden

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