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Trump White House Is The Focus of this Immigrant Owned Company’s Controversial New Ad

SnoreStop, an immigrant-owned family business, is joining the movement to preserve American ideals by reviving a controversial ad campaign.

Based in California, the company was founded by the DeRivel family in 1995, French immigrants who have lived the American Dream for more than 20 years.

The company markets SnoreStop, a line of anti-snoring products that include oral sprays, nasal sprays, throat sprays and tablets. Originally created in 2013, the ad depicts a U.S. soldier embracing a Muslim woman dressed in niqab and is meant “to symbolize the world we’d like to see someday.”

Back in 2013, the company launched the ad on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, a city known for its diversity. The original concept of the campaign focused on the message of #BeTogether to promote social equality (and the fact that the product itself helps couples to stay together in the same bed by providing snore relief).

"We love this country. We are an immigrant success story. But we will not stand by while the Trump White House begins to dismantle everything good about the United States of America," says Dominique de Rivel, president and CEO of SnoreStop.


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Leo Burnett London’s McDonald’s McCafe “Hands” ads to be exhibited at New York museum

Leo Burnett London’s print ad series for McDonald’s will be exhibited and become part of the permanent collection at the prestigious Poster House museum in New York.

The series of ads for McDonald’s McCafe, called “Hands” and created by Leo Burnett creative team Steve Robertson and Blake Waters, will be exhibited at the museum as an example of contemporary art and design in advertising.

The poster and print ads, launched in September 2016, were designed to promote the fact that McDonald’s only uses the finest grade Arabica beans from South and Central American Rainforest Alliance Certified farms for its McCafe brand.

Leo Burnett commissioned renowned artist Guido Daniele to paint beautiful imagery of animals native to the rainforest on to hands holding the coffee against a black background.

Chaka Sobhani, Chief Creative Officer said, "You always hope to create something iconic and memorable, something that has the chance to live on in popular culture in some way. We're very proud and honoured be have been chosen as part of this illustrious permanent collection, and are grateful that more people will be able to see and enjoy it for years to come."


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Fusion’s “As American As” campaign gets some American-style censorship

When news media company Fusion and its creative agency SS+K launched the “As American As” campaign, they expected images like gay men kissing, a drag queen standing on her stoop and an African American baby wearing a “black lives matter” t-shirt to spark a public conversation about diversity and inclusion in America. What they didn't expect were for those images to be rejected outright in some of the most cosmopolitan places in America—even on a building in New York’s Lower East Side.

In response to the censorship detailed below, Fusion and SS+K created a new billboard in Manhattan—this time with the censored images crossed out. “X marks the spot of censorship,” the billboard says. “See the images America wasn’t ready for.”

Fusion Media Group
Chief Executive Officer: Isaac Lee
Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer: Boris Gartner
Vice President, Executive Creative Director: Stephen Leps

Partner, Chief Creative Officer: Bobby Hershfield
Creative Director: Armando Flores
Art Director: Malika Reid
Copywriter: Margaret Webber
Design Director: Jesse Raker
Lead Designer: Chris Peck
Director of Production and Innovation: John Swartz
Executive Producer, Photography: Jamie Appelbaum
Executive Producer, Video: Liz Mistriel
Partner/Founder, Account Lead: Rob Shepardson
Account Supervisor: Gisell Galan
Account Coordinator: Jason Fishkin
Strategy: Claudia Cukrov

Production Company: Freebird Production
Director/Photographer: Gillian Laub,Verbatim
Director of Photography: Rick Gershon,Verbatim
Photography Assistant: Yoav Friedlander
Producer: Tali Magal
Assistant Producer: Jessie Jobst

Casting: JV8, Inc. and Planet Pre Pro

Video Edit/Post Production Company: The Mill NY
Editor: Ryan McKenna
Producer: Katya Pavlova
Colorist: Damien Van Der Cryussen

Event Production: Chris Wayne & Associates
Owner: Chris Wayne
VP, Chief of Staff: Tim Biba
Account Manager: Marc Gross
Technical Director: Danny Huebsch


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Explorador Print Ads via Amén Uruguay

The creative agency Amén from Uruguay is releasing a new Print campaign developed for Explorador, a long lasting mosquito protection.
Summer is close, here in South America, and mosquitos are one of the non desirable consequences of the hot and humid weather.

Ad Agency: Amén, Uruguay
Advertiser: CABA S.A.
Product: Repelente Explorador
Marketing Advertiser: Marcelo Miranda
Account Director: Milena Guillot
Account Executive: Juan Andrés Lalane
Creative Director: Nacho Vallejo / Gabriel Lista
Art Director: Mathias Gamarra
Copy: Rafael Antúnez
Agency producer: Carolina Gelfont
Photo/Illustration: Stock


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Trump Fiction: From Dr Strangelove to Dumb & Dumber Movie Posters Pop Up All Over NYC

The idea for this guerilla campaign came out of the fact that life in this American election cycle has become stranger than fiction. The creatives wondered what would happen if they literally mashed up Trump with well-loved fictional stories: Dr. Strangelove, Dumb & Dumber, Humpty Dumpty, Thelma & Louise, and The Shining. The result are a series of illustrated movie posters that also serve as cautionary tales. The ads were covertly installed last week in multiple locations around NYC.

Art Director: Alex Reinoso
Illustrator: Alessandro Echevarria
Copywriter: Nick Elliott


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Miami Ad School: It’s Cheat Day

Advert title: Cheat Day
Headline and copy text: It's Cheat Day. Ashley Madison

Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, Miami Florida, USA.
Art Director: Frank Senyo Tamakloe
Copywriter: Bobby Kuhn
Short rationale (optional): (Ashley Madison is a dating network marketed towards people who are married or in committed relationships.)
Promiscuity is good, in moderation.


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Miami Ad School: The Economist “Life’s Luxuries, Up In Smoke”

The average smoker spends about 9500/yr on cigarettes. The Economist promotes the proper use of money. Smoking Cigarettes is not that.
Print Advertisements explain if you smoke, life’s luxuries can go up in that same smoke.

Advertised brand: The Economist
Advert title: Up in smoke
Headline and copy text (in English): Life’s Luxuries, Up in Smoke.
Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, Miami Florida, USA.
Art Director: Frank Senyo Tamakloe
Copywriter: Bobby Kuhn


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