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Explorador Print Ads via Amén Uruguay

The creative agency Amén from Uruguay is releasing a new Print campaign developed for Explorador, a long lasting mosquito protection.
Summer is close, here in South America, and mosquitos are one of the non desirable consequences of the hot and humid weather.

Ad Agency: Amén, Uruguay
Advertiser: CABA S.A.
Product: Repelente Explorador
Marketing Advertiser: Marcelo Miranda
Account Director: Milena Guillot
Account Executive: Juan Andrés Lalane
Creative Director: Nacho Vallejo / Gabriel Lista
Art Director: Mathias Gamarra
Copy: Rafael Antúnez
Agency producer: Carolina Gelfont
Photo/Illustration: Stock


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Trump Fiction: From Dr Strangelove to Dumb & Dumber Movie Posters Pop Up All Over NYC

The idea for this guerilla campaign came out of the fact that life in this American election cycle has become stranger than fiction. The creatives wondered what would happen if they literally mashed up Trump with well-loved fictional stories: Dr. Strangelove, Dumb & Dumber, Humpty Dumpty, Thelma & Louise, and The Shining. The result are a series of illustrated movie posters that also serve as cautionary tales. The ads were covertly installed last week in multiple locations around NYC.

Art Director: Alex Reinoso
Illustrator: Alessandro Echevarria
Copywriter: Nick Elliott


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Miami Ad School: It’s Cheat Day

Advert title: Cheat Day
Headline and copy text: It's Cheat Day. Ashley Madison

Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, Miami Florida, USA.
Art Director: Frank Senyo Tamakloe
Copywriter: Bobby Kuhn
Short rationale (optional): (Ashley Madison is a dating network marketed towards people who are married or in committed relationships.)
Promiscuity is good, in moderation.


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Miami Ad School: The Economist “Life’s Luxuries, Up In Smoke”

The average smoker spends about 9500/yr on cigarettes. The Economist promotes the proper use of money. Smoking Cigarettes is not that.
Print Advertisements explain if you smoke, life’s luxuries can go up in that same smoke.

Advertised brand: The Economist
Advert title: Up in smoke
Headline and copy text (in English): Life’s Luxuries, Up in Smoke.
Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, Miami Florida, USA.
Art Director: Frank Senyo Tamakloe
Copywriter: Bobby Kuhn


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New work from Amsterdam’s BSUR for Princess Yachts “Experience the Exceptional”

BSUR was asked to create the first ever global brand campaign celebrating the exceptional Princess experience. Our challenge was to find a fresh approach within the category and reach enthusiasts beyond the boat world with unique stories of quality time at sea.

Contrary to what many boat magazines communicate, yacht owners do not eat lobster and caviar daily. Challenging category clichés, we shot four images portraying people in normal situations heightened by the fact that they happen offshore on a yacht. No actors or models, just real people enjoying diverse casual and personal times. The scenes, in black and white are understated and were shot in an intimate way to make the viewer feel part of the moment. The campaign shows that you can be highly sophisticated whilst remaining down-to-earth, while at sea.

Client: Princess Yachts International
Ad Agency: BSUR Agency, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Chief Creative Officer: Joost Perik
Creative Director: Shandor Gancs
Art Director: Bob Booms
Copywriter: Ben Holder
Photographer: Roger Neve
Strategist: Antonin Jamond
Account Director: Niels Spaans
Project Manager: Marianne Johnston-Wood


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Kettle Brand Launches First Ever Ad Campaign with ‘Stir The Pot’ via Duncan Channon

New work from Kettle Brand by creative agency Duncan/Channon that has fun with Oregon’s legal recreational marijuana culture – and nods to timely topics such as income inequality, women’s rights, same-sex marriage and the presidential campaign to playfully express the brand’s long-held progressive values.

The “Stir the Pot” campaign – Kettle’s first-ever brand campaign launching today Mon, 10/17 – celebrates the brand’s counterculture heritage in its hometown Portland market, where Kettle Brand was founded in 1982 as the outgrowth of Cameron Healy’s passion for selling natural foods out of a beat-up van on Interstate 5.

Declaring their chips “Oregon’s second best edibles,” Kettle will launch an edible wall, 10/31 – 11/14, that will allow consumers to grab bags of their favorite flavors. Kettle chip bags on the wall will be replenished daily at 4:20 pm – the most celebrated time in cannabis culture. The campaign also includes OOH, social and radio, including a jingle in keeping with the nostalgic tone of the campaign.

“Kettle Brand’s been doing things differently since their founder borrowed a van to sell natural food up and down the Oregon coast. So with our counterculture “Stirring the Pot” message, we’re not just celebrating how the chips are made, but people everywhere who choose to do things differently,” said ECD, Anne Elisco-Lemme.

“As far as the 4:20pm daily refill of the edibles billboard, there’s no special significance to that. Just a random time between lunch and dinner. No story there.”

Ad Agency - Duncan Channon
Executive creative director – Anne Elisco-Lemme
Associate creative director – Jessea Hankins
Art director – Jessica Wyatt
Studio designer – Coco Kendall
Senior art buyer and print producer – Diana Courcier
Senior digital producer – Eric Kozak
Integrated producer – Keenan Hemje
Communications planning supervisor – Paulo Delacruz
Group account director – Rachel Hermansader
Account supervisor – Suzanne Montgomery
Account coordinator – Sydney Paine
Project manager – Abby Brown

Client - Kettle Brand, Snyder’s-Lance
Senior director of marketing – Laura Merritt
Senior brand manager – Julie Balzer
Senior brand manager – Lauren Ulrey
VP Marketing and innovation – Eric Van De Wal


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North Carolina’s anti-gay “bathroom bill” gets a one-candle salute via BooneOakley

Among the birthday greetings sent to North Carolina’s conservative Republican governor Pat McCrory on Monday, October 17, his 60th, will be a full page open message in the state capitol’s Raleigh News & Observer, paid for by the recently formed Writers for a Progressive North Carolina, Charlotte. The ad, neither particularly subtle nor particularly sincere, was created by advertising agency BooneOakley, Charlotte, its first work for the new client.

It’s headlined “HB 2 U, Pat,” offers him “best wishes,” and features a big fat slice of rainbow-colored birthday cake. For those not versed in Tarheel politics: HB 2 is the name of the state’s controversial, anti-transgender “Bathroom Bill,” enacted this past March at Governor McCrory’s behest. And for those born yesterday: the ad’s HB 2 stands for “Happy Birthday to”; its rainbow colors stand for LGBTQ pride; and the single candle rising from the cake’s middle stands for... nah, too subtle.

In less oblique terms, the ad urges voters to support candidates who will repeal Mr. McCrory’s bill. Besides newspaper, it will run on news websites statewide and on paid and owned Facebook, and on owned Instagram and Twitter.

Writers for a Progressive North Carolina, Charlotte, N.C. newstorync.net
Statewide association, a 501(c) (4), of over 140 North Carolina authors, songwriters and journalists (e.g. Hodding Carter, Bland Simpson, Jill McCorkle, Allan Gurganus) who oppose the state’s rightward political tilt.

BooneOakley, Charlotte booneoakley.com
First work for new client

Mobilize support to elect a governor who will repeal North Carolina’s anti-transgender “Bathroom Bill,” a.k.a HB 2.

“HB 2 U, Pat”
Full page ad in the state capitol’s Raleigh News & Observer appears October 17, which is governor Pat McCrory’s 60th birthday.

N.C. Governor McCrory, now up for reelection, has been the driving force behind HB 2.

Ad puns and symbolism, for those born yesterday:
HB 2 stands for “Happy Birthday to”
Cake’s rainbow colors stand for LGBTQ pride.
Single candle rising from the cake’s middle stands for... nah, too subtle.

CD: David Oakley
CW: Mary Gross
ADs: Eric Roch von Rochsburg, Laura Beebe, Jim Mountjoy
Digital Director: Ashley Neel

Client Lead: Joyce Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick Communications, Raleigh


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Leo Burnett celebrates McDonald’s worldwide universal appeal in Latest ‘Learn’ Print Ads

Leo Burnett has launched an outdoor campaign for McDonald’s to show that no matter where you are in the world, its all time favourite menu items transcend the barriers of language.

Running on 6- and 48-sheets, the ‘Learn’ campaign shows McDonald’s’ iconic products – Big Mac, Fries and McNuggets – pictured alongside other everyday items with the foreign translation of their name.

For example, the ‘Learn Hawaiian’ execution shows a lamp, a violin and a camera, which are known as ‘Kukui’, ‘Pila’, and ‘Pahupa’iki’i’ in Hawaii, alongside McNuggets, which are known as McNuggets the world over.

Ad Agency: Leo Burnett
Creative: Matt Lee and Pete Heyes
Copywriter / Art Director: Laura Randall, Gareth Butters
Media planning: OMD UK


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