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WWE Smackdown Live: The Review

My son and I went to WWE Smackdown Live last night. That's me in the circle holding a sign. I'm super famous now. A couple months ago It came up randomly in a conversation with my son that the next time the WWE was in town he wanted to go. It was ...

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Rogue One: A Review!

Would you believe that I really enjoyed Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? I know, I'm as surprised as you are. No spoilers here, just a few quick words on the movie:The reviews for Rogue One have been pretty positive and I think they're pretty well deser...

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Overwatch: The Review

Over the last week I've put in about 15 hours on Overwatch. Impressive considering I've also changed the oil in my car, done 4 loads of laundry, painted a wall, organized a shitload of comics AND mowed the lawn. Or maybe it's not impressive. I have ...

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Captain America: Civil War: The Review

Hey, this movie was pretty good! See you tomorrow... I guess I'll elaborate in a spoiler free sort of way. A lot of net nerds are calling Captain America: Civil War, Avengers 2.5. With the size of the cast and the Iron Man v Captain America story l...

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2016 Royal Rumble: The Review

Apparently my neighbors sacrificed their dog to the wrestling gods so that the 2016 Royal Rumble Could be amazing.... I've been having a lot of mixed feelings with the WWE lately. RAW has been pretty horrible for a while now and the the last few PPVs...

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Ash vs Evil Dead: The Review

For the sake of this review lets say I added Starz to my satellite TV package and didn't download this episode by elicit means...Last night after the kids went to bed and my wife was still on her way home from the Sounders game, I sat down and watched ...

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Pixel Gun 3d: The Review

A few weeks ago my son introduced me to a new game (yep, that's a thing that happens now) called Pixel Gun 3d. It's funny, Minecraft is so popular that there's this whole subgenre of minecraft rip-off games. Basically take any game you've liked in th...

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