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RSC Anderlecht and Branded by Geronimo Tell a Princely Tale #THEPRINCEISBACK

THE PRINCE IS BACK … this was the headline broadcast by soccer club Anderlecht on Sunday at midday. Just four words, but they sent a chill down the spines of everyone who loves the mauves: legendary soccer player Vincent Kompany would be coming home.

A whirlwind decision for Vince the Prince, for Anderlecht, and for Branded by Geronimo, the communication partner that masterminded the viral campaign video.

The news has since gone global: after an international career spanning 13 years, Vincent Kompany would be coming home to where it all began. In effect, the defender will soon be back at the place where he started learning his craft as an eight-year old. Kompany, who has bid the English club Manchester City farewell, will not only be a player, but also the manager. This is the most passionate, and simultaneously well thought-out decision of his life, Kompany explained in an open letter on Sunday.

No strings attached
The seeds for this major decision was sown last year, when Kompany spontaneously dropped by to a training session of a rather out of sorts Anderlecht. There he – with no strings attached – offered help and advice to club owner Mark Coucke and sporting director Michael Verschueren. Fast forward to three weeks ago and those same three people secretly held a meeting to ensure that everybody was on the same page about the future of the club. A future in which Vince the Prince will play a key role as a player-manager, allowing him to make a real impact on the club he’s coming home to.

No small feat
Big news, clearly, and yet it was shrouded in utmost secrecy. Only the management teams at both ex-club Manchester City and Anderlecht had any knowledge of the deal. It was on Thursday evening, just two days before the worldwide announcement that Wim de Meyer, communication advisor to Marc Coucke, informed Branded by Geronimo of their plans for the weekend: a global launch campaign. No small feat as the creative partner only had 48 hours to mould the news into a worthy launch, complete with press release, player announcement video and a behind the news interview with Coucke and Verschueren.

Goose bumps
In just a few short hours, the rock & roll communication partner from Antwerp whipped up a creative team that worked day and night to bring this ambitious assignment to fruition. A gargantuan task carried out under a strict embargo, as only a handful of people were in the know of this most sensational transfer. At 12 o’clock sharp, the fruit of a fever-inducing few days was unwrapped, and RSC Anderlecht launched a “purple” announcement video that gave hundreds of thousands of supporters goose bumps.

In less than a day, the video was viewed 2 million times on social media, the campaign hashtag #theprinceisback was trending on Twitter and the campaign assets were being broadcast by every national news outlet. This dynamic launch campaign has set the tone for a fresh and lively Anderlecht that certainly didn’t hold back from voicing its ambition through new media. As a result, the club and Kompany can face the future with steadfast, combative determination and are already laying the foundations for the next mauve generation. Or as Kompany himself put it: Belgium’s finest.

Credit list
Client: RSCA Anderlecht
Contact: Marc Coucke, Michael Verschueren, Wim De Meyer
Agency: branded by Geronimo
Business Director: Emanuel Vanderjeugd
Creative Director: Gertjan De Smet
Production Director: Jasper Moeyaert
Creation: Gertjan De Smet, Arto Cornelis, Fries Vansevenant
Production Company: Geronimo productions
Motion Design: Arto Cornelis, Fries Vansevenant, Jurgen Leemans
Content Research: Aram Chalmet
Press Editor: Ellen Meulemans

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The Big Now Takes Over One of Italy’s Oldest Stadiums for DAZN Campaign

DAZN has taken over the San Siro Metro station, outside one of Italy’s oldest stadiums and home to rival’s AC Milan and Inter Milan. A transformation which gives supporters a unique, realistic and immersive experience. Original photographs, 3D graphics and pictures make the station a new area of Meazza. Some data: 1250 mq of coated surface, 246 customised spaces, platforms, staircases, turnstiles and wall and 3 photographers involved.

DAZN is the first global pure-sport live and on-demand streaming service. It is leading the charge to give sports fans around the world affordable access to sport anytime, anywhere.

DAZN is available in Japan, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Canada and the U.S.

Credits ‘The Football Metro Station’

The Big Now (creative agency)
Executive Creative Director: Marco Peyrano
Head of Creative Strategy: Silvia Cannata
Client Creative Director: Roberto Giardinelli e Mimmo de Musso
Art Director: Camillo Addis
Copywriter: Giovanni Piroli, Michele D’Amore
Art Director jr e Copywriter jr: Riccardo Bruno e Shani Yekutiel
Graphic Designer: Laura Liguori, Stefano Trolese, Matteo Milone
Account Supervisor: Anna Chiara Pelletti
Account jr: Carlo Jochman

Photographer: Mattia Buffoli, Ricardo Nogueira, Mats Palinckx
3D Artist & Photo Retouch: Claudio Errico
Producer: Francesca Castello

MKTG (lifestyle marketing agency)
Managing Director: Silvia Rossi
Project Manager: Matteo Stella
Producer: Alessandro Rizzardi
Account Manager: Federica Capoia
Account Executive: Livia Braccini
Creative Director: Diego Tiziani

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New Shot on iPhone XS Campaign Features NHL Teammates: Matthews & Marner

Auston Matthews, of the Toronto Maple Leafs, takes viewers on a 'day-in-the-life-of' style video of with himself and teammate/best friend, Mitch Marner.

Matthews says, "I just really wanted to give fans something cool to watch that they could relate to and show a more personal and real side to us... With this, fans get a look into our lives off the ice, our friendship. We're always using our iPhone to take pics, shoot video in between games or on the road. I hope it makes them want to go shoot their own videos with their friends."

Matthews shot all the footage on an iPhone XS and the Maple Leafs forward picked some of his and Marner's favorite spots around Toronto, including Ristorante Sotto Sotto, Moss Park Arena and Lift Gym, to give fans a genuine look at their everyday lives away from Scotiabank Arena.

Watch the video below to get a peek behind the curtain into the lives of two of the biggest stars in the NHL.

Learn more: https://www.apple.com/iphone-xs/

Song: “Friction” by The Lytics: https://apple.co/2uRFo2O

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Paralympian Ellen Keane Stars in Allianz Ireland’s New ‘We Cover Courage’ Campaign

Allianz Ireland and ad agency, In the Company of Huskies today unveiled the latest chapter of its new multi-million campaign that recognises moments of courage that have defined the lives of individuals and, in turn, inspired Irish society.

Ellen Keane, Ireland’s youngest ever Paralympic athlete, stars in the newest edition of the multi-platform campaign, We Cover Courage, which will air on TV and digital from 3rd April 2019.

Born missing the lower part of her left arm, Ellen suffered insecurities as a child, preferring to wear long sleeves to conceal her impairment rather than suffer the looks of those who thought her different. It wasn’t until Ellen’s mid-teens that she found the courage to wear short sleeves and to face the world with full confidence. It is this very personal story that the Allianz We cover Courage advertisement features.

Over the course of her career as a sportswoman, Ellen has worked hard, has achieved, and has inspired. “Sometimes I meet girls or boys with one arm or any other disability, and they thank me. It's nice to know it's making a difference.”

Swimming is Ellen’s passion. With the support of her family, Ellen discovered a love of swimming at an early age. Having competed in the Beijing Paralympic Games in 2008 and placing 6th in the final of the 100m breaststroke, Ellen returned to Ireland buoyed by a new-found sense of confidence.

There was a magical moment when shooting the advert in Dublin, when Ellen and the young girl playing her younger self, Tate Willis, met for the first time. This was a significant moment for the young actor who was also born missing the lower part of her left arm. At an age when most young people are just trying to fit in, having one arm makes that even more of a challenge. This girl was facing her own challenges in living with one arm and for her to meet Ellen, who had achieved so much, offered her a role model.

“Huskies wanted to create a marketing platform that would communicate Allianz’s purpose in a compelling way. We felt this was best captured by ‘We Cover Courage’. The campaign depicts true acts of courage by Irish people and helps reconnect customers to the idealistic roots of insurance, reminding them that Allianz is there to support them when they face big and small choices that impact on their lives,” says Damian Hanley, Creative Director, In the Company of Huskies.

Allianz in Ireland is a longstanding supporter of Paralympics Ireland and their parent company, Allianz SE is a global sponsor of the International Paralympic Committee.

“I became so insecure about my arm because there was nobody in the media like me. There was nobody for me to relate to. I would like to go into media because I want to be seen.” said Paralympian Ellen Keane. “Sometimes I meet girls or boys with one arm or another disability, and they thank me. It's nice to know I’m making a difference.” Ellen’s full story can be read here: https://www.allianz.ie/blog/paralympian-ellen-keane-talks-courage.html

“In this latest chapter of our We Cover Courage campaign we step change from Donogh O’Malley to Ellen Keane, an icon for elite disability sport," said Robert McEvoy, Head of Market Management, Allianz Ireland. “Ellen’s work ethic, belief in her abilities and confidence beyond her years have seen her transcend Paralympic sport to become a household name and role model to young boys and girls in Ireland and abroad.”


Client – Allianz Ireland
Rob McEvoy – Head of Market Management
Damien O’Neill – Head of Marketing Operations
Joseph Campbell – Marketing Executive
Niamh Ryan – Marketing Executive

Creative Agency - In the Company of Huskies
Creative Director: Damian Hanley
Art Director: Damian Hanley, Nick Kelly.
Copywriter: Greg McLoughlin
Business Director: Sarah Deeny
Account Manager: Kritika Verma
Senior Account Executive: Cillian McSweeney
Agency Producer: Brian Daly
Senior Designer: Nicole McMahon
Digital Strategy: David Hayes
Social Media Manager: Thomas Ryan

Production Co.: Pull The Trigger
Director: Richie Smith
Executive Producer: Maxine Brady
Producer: Grainne Tiernan

Post Production – Screenscene
Editor: Juniper Calder
Sound: Will Farrell
Grade: Donal O’Kane
Compositing : Gavin Casey
Post Producer : Peter Greene

Music- Denis Kielty

Photography - Neil MacDougald Photography

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Planet Fitness and Barkley Create the World’s First Mobile Stationary Bike

If you ride stationary bikes and ever thought how great it would be if you could actually ride it somewhere, good news! Planet Fitness and Kansas City Independent creative agency Barkley have created the very first mobile stationary bike.

In the age of spendy SoulCycle classes and Peloton ads showing spin bikes sitting in the center of a sprawling living room with panoramic views, Planet Fitness realizes that the real at-home workout looks a lot different. The ad promoting the new product, a woman attempts to ride in a corner so cramped that she can’t even lean back without knocking art off of her walls. But the Mobile Stationary Bike lets her ride out the front door on four sturdy wheels.

“This the space you deserve. This is a breath of fresh air,” says the narrator, as the cyclist struggles through steep hills, bumpy roads, and honking cars. “This...is still in testing.”

Because, of course, this is an April Fool’s Day creation, so the product will be coming... Never.

“The world of fitness has gotten out of hand with cult-like programs and over-the-top regimens,” says Jamie Medeiros, vice president of marketing at Planet Fitness. “We wanted to have a little fun with the wave of absurdity that has taken hold of fitness, which isn’t realistic for the majority of people’s lifestyles or wallets.”

“This thing is just ridiculous enough to actually become a fad of its own. It was fun to figure out how to actually create a mobile stationary bike. Even more fun to watch our talent ride it down the street,” says Katy Hornaday, Barkley Executive Creative Director. To build the mobile stationary bike, Barkley worked with The Pineapple Agency in Denver. The bike itself is bolted to the platform and the movement is human powered, coming in at 250 pounds.

Client - Planet Fitness
Chief Executive Officer - Chris Rondeau
Chief Commercial Officer - Roger Chacko
Vice President of National Marketing - Jamie Medeiros
Vice President, Public Relations & Communications - McCall Gosselin
National Brand & Creative Director - Carrie Anderson
Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing - Jenna Reynolds
Senior Public Relations Manager - Becky Zirlen

Agency - Barkley
Chief Idea Officer - Tim Galles
Executive Creative Director - Katy Hornaday
Creative Director - Doug Hengtes
Creative Director - Chris Cima
Associate Creative Director - Jordan Breindel
Associate Creative Director - Jeremy Gilberto
Director of Integrated Production - Melany Esfeld
Producer - Shawn Wallace
Business Manager - Anne Thomasson

VP, Brand Leader - John Hornaday
Brand Director - Julie Barr
Brand Manager - Jane Skaggs

Executive Vice President of Strategy - Chris Cardetti
VP Strategy - Howard Laubscher
Group Engagement Director - Marianne Gjerstad
Social Director - Michael Lindquist
Media Planner - Lesley Carlisle
Social Media Buyer - Meg Kelly
Content Manager - Kayla LeDoux

Co-Director - Michael Martin
Co-Director - Jordan Breindel & Jeremy Gilberto
Director of Photography - Chris Commons
Production Company - TwoSeam Films

Editorial/Finishing - Barkley Films
Producer - Matthew Wilson
Editor - Amanda Moy
Finish - Colby Dolan
Color - 19 Below
Color Producer - Shawn Ketchem
Colorist - Justin Roberts
Post Audio - Evolution Audio
Engineer - John Blank

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ENVY Advertising Recreates Authentic Sounds of F1’s History for Evocative Sky Sports Promo

Sky Sports - Vintage Sounds F1 Promo by ENVY Advertising from Adstasher on Vimeo.

Sky Sports ushers in the next chapter of Formula 1 with a rousing new ad that takes us back to where it all began. The 40-second promo was created by Sky’s in-house advertising agency, Sky Creative Agency. ENVY Advertising crafted the sound design and reworked Fleetwood Mac’s classic F1 theme, ‘The Chain’ to complement the ad.

Directed by Knucklehead’s Lieven Van Baelen, the promo plays out as one seamless camera pan that takes viewers on a journey through F1’s rich history. Aptly set to the goosebump-inducing baseline of Fleetwood Mac’s track, the ad pays homage to F1’s biggest legends and unforgettable moments.

Beginning in more manual times with boundary-pushing pioneer Juan Manuel Fangio and his Ferrari in the ‘50s, the film goes on to highlight technology’s impact on speed with the revolutionary Lotus ’79 model. Dramatic rivalries are recounted through Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost’s ’89 feud, and the film ends in present day, with former World Champions, Jenson Button, and Nico Rosberg, welcoming a new chapter of F1.

With sound and music playing such a key role in enhancing the narrative of this latest promo, ENVY Advertising was tasked with crafted a highly authentic and meticulously-researched soundscape to convincingly immerse audiences in each era depicted in the ad.

ENVY Advertising’s Senior Sound Designer, Arge, comments: “The absolute focus was the authenticity of sound from the cars themselves, that they should embody and feel very much of the era they are representing. You should almost know where you are in time just from listening to the engines. This was quite a challenge as there are plenty of die-hard F1 fans who would rightly call us out if the sounds weren’t authentic. You can’t just slap a V10 sound on a V8 engine… It’s not the done thing! We spent a lot of time on YouTube listening to how engines sounded and how they differ from decade to decade. Films like Rush and Senna also proved to be useful research tools. While sourcing these elements proved a challenge, F1 aficionados at Sky were very helpful with archive material, combined with a great library of F1 sounds we have now gathered at ENVY, plus a lot of magic applied to few YouTube clips!”

On creating the sounds of the environment around the cars, Arge says: “Background sounds such as the mechanics in the pit lane, the people, and the camera shutters were also important to get right. Particular attention was paid to the commentators. The talented voice actor, Lewis Macleod, helped us create different voices of the commentators for each era, and even some of the characters. For real authenticity, we actually got Lewis to use a selection of specific microphones from the era being represented. This effect of the mics is particularly apparent in the radio version of this campaign we worked on.”

To create a suitably epic soundtrack, ENVY Advertising reworked Fleetwood Mac’s iconic tune, ‘The Chain’, into a version that would mirror the promo’s visual journey through different eras. Arge says: “After trying many different tracks, it was clear that everyone loved the idea of using this classic theme. However, we wanted to do something different, so the creatives, Simon and Nicole, had the idea of creating a more atmospheric piano and string-based version of the song. We then took that and seamlessly worked it into the original Fleetwood Mac version. The result was an extremely cinematic opening which then builds into the classic recognisable theme with a great crescendo for the final reveal.”

This upcoming F1 season marks the first to be covered exclusively on Sky Sports, which owns broadcast rights to 20 out of 21 races.


Advertiser: Sky Sports

Marketing Director, Sky Sports: Jo Fox
Head of Brand Marketing, Sky Sports: Robbie Balfour
Senior Marketing Manager, Sky Sports: Laura Pinnell

Creative Agency: Sky Creative Agency
Creative Director: Simon Corkin
Creative Director: Nicole Poppi
Producer: Ella Littlewood
Producer: Al Mcgee
Head of Production: Paul Mortimore
Strategist: Anthony Edwards
Account Lead: Nick Waddell
Senior Account Manager: Alex Rodger

Production Company: Knucklehead
Director: Lieven Van Baelen
Head of Production: Francis Mildmay-White
Production Manager: Cat Irving
Director of Photography: Glynn Speeckaert
Production Designer: Chris Oddy
Costume Designers: Bratsk
Makeup and Hair: Natasha Lawes
Casting Director: Hammond Cox Casting

Studio: Warner Bros Studio Leavesden
Offline Editor: Emmanuel Van Hove

Post Production: Framestore
Post Producer: Victoria Lovejoy
Colourist: Simon Bourne
VFX: Paul O’Brien
Audio Post Production: ENVY Advertising
Producer: Pete Burch
Sound Designer: Arge

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GOL: Mastercard Becomes Official Payments Brand of South American Football

Mastercard, major sponsor of international football for over 30 years, announced today it has closed an agreement with the South American Football Confederation, CONMEBOL, to be the Official Payment Services partner and Contactless Payment brand for CONMEBOL Copa América Brasil 2019 and CONMEBOL Libertadores 2019. Through the new agreements, Mastercard renews its sponsorship of CONMEBOL Copa America for the 12th consecutive edition and becomes a first time sponsor of CONMEBOL Libertadores until 2023.

As the Official Contactless Payment brand of CONMEBOL Copa América Brasil 2019 and CONMEBOL Libertadores 2019-2023, Mastercard solidifies its commitment to providing consumers with safe, simple and secure ways to pay for everything that matters… like football. From ticket purchasing, to paying for taxi rides to the stadium, to the snacks purchased at the concession stands, Mastercard will work with its partners to bring contactless experiences to football fans so they spend less time paying for things and more time enjoying the games.

Consumers that use contactless love the technology’s because it provides peace of mind and saves them time – they are 10 times faster than paying with traditional methods. Shop owners save thousands of hours at checkout and reduce operational costs making it the perfect technology for people that want to enjoy football.

“As a long-time supporter of football, the most beloved sport of Latin America, we are excited to add CONMEBOL Copa America and CONMEBOL Libertadores to our roster of premier football sponsorship assets which include the Brazil National Team (CBF), UEFA Champions League and ambassadors Lionel Messi, Neymar and Javier Zanetti,” said Carlo Enrico, President, Mastercard Latin America and Caribbean. “This powerful combination of South America’s best-of-the-best in football will allow us to bring Priceless payment experiences to the fans and advance efforts toward a world beyond cash.”

As sponsors of the two tournaments, Mastercard will have the following rights:

  • Exclusivity in the payment services category, including Official Contactless Payments brand.
  • Global rights to use the tournament name and brand.
  • Ability to work with its partners to offer exclusive benefits and experiences to Mastercard cardholders.
  • Exclusive rights to the Trophies of both tournaments.
  • Exclusive rights to Player Escorts to offer the experience to Mastercard customers and cardholders (only for Copa America).

“Mastercard has an established heritage in sports, with an attitude that constantly seeks to conquer new challenges and a constant search to improve payment experience for football lovers. We are delighted to announce this partnership for the CONMEBOL Copa América Brasil 2019 and CONMEBOL Libertadores, two of our greatest competitions that has inspired South America for decades with values like teamwork, self-belief, and a fighting spirit”, said José Astigarraga, Secretary General of CONMEBOL.

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Betfair and Leo Burnett Showcase What it Means to ‘Play Smart’ with Global Football Superstars

Online gambling company Betfair and creative agency Leo Burnett London have launched an integrated campaign called ‘Betfair Play Smart’ targeted at new and existing customers and using world-renowned sports legends to show them how to ‘Play Smart’.

Leo Burnett London were tasked to create a campaign that highlights Betfair’s position in the market as the go-to place for smart betting by leveraging their sponsorship contracts with Arsenal F.C, FC Barcelona and Juventus F.C.

Using Betfair’s access to high profile talent as part of their sponsorship contracts, the campaign consists of three online films, using 12 world renowned football players, including; Bernd Leno (Arsenal FC) Leonardo Bonucci (Juventus FC) and Philippe Coutinho (FC Barcelona)

The club films convey how the football players assess, predict and anticipate moves before they happen, both on and off the pitch, emphasising Betfair’s position as being the place for smart bettors and a platform that embodies ‘Playing Smart’.

The Play Smart campaign is the sponsorship evolution of the Betfair campaign ‘Where Gut Instinct Meets Smarts’, building on the cognitive process of blending instincts, intelligence and competitiveness and the ability to ‘Play Smart’.

The campaign will be supported on social channels including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter with a series of tactical short form edits, designed to drive viewers to watch the three club films. The edit featuring FC Barcelona’s attacking midfielder Philippe Coutinho will be turned in to a TV ad for Spanish markets broadcasting this week.

Stephen Mault, Brand Director at Betfair said: “We set out to create a digital led campaign, that would leverage our high-profile partnerships with FC Barcelona, Juventus and Arsenal to support our international growth. The creative positions the brand as the destination for the smart bettor, while building association between the brand and our high-profile partners. We’re delighted with the creative and the output is testament to the combined effort of brand and agency.”

Liam Hopkins, Board Account Director at Leo Burnett London said: “Betfair have managed to navigate a whole series of parameters to deliver a pioneering campaign in under one hour for each club shoot. They have positioned themselves as the place for people who ‘Play Smart’ and showcased their fantastic football sponsorship portfolio at the same time in this truly collaborative effort”.

Title/Project - Betfair Play Smart

Agency - Leo Burnett London
Agency contact - Liam Hopkins, Client Lead

Client Name, Harry Phillips, Head of Sponsorship & PR

Copywriter - Liane Dowling
Art director - Gareth Butters
Planner/CSU Director - Ben Felton
Designer - Ron Morrison

Production company - Tangerine Films
Director - Ben Jones

Audio Post Production - Prodigious

Post Production - Prodigious

Exposure (media channels) - Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TV – Spain & Brazil (Barcelona only)

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