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Everything’s fine at the WB

Yikes, an anonymous letter to Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara was posted over on Pajiba yesterday implies that the upcoming Wonder Woman movie is a mess. I mean it does a bunch of other stuff too but even though this has shown up on my facebook and tw...

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Nothing but Links

No, It's Not Just You, Suicide Squad Makes No Sense. Suicide Squad is not a good movie, all those DC fanboys throwing a fit over its Rotten Tomatoes score need to take a chill pill. Yes, it has it's moments and it's not the complete shit show that Batman v Superman was, still it's not a good movie.

I'm glad this list of plot issues starts out with the most glaring. A team specifically created to take out an evil Superman should not container 4 people without any sort of super powers. Maybe I'll give you Deadshot because he's the worlds greatest assassin and that's something that could be helpful but Captain Boomerang? Harley Quinn? Katana? Rick Flag? This is a fantastic example of DC and WB awkwardly shoehorning their version of a shared universe into the plot weather it fits or not. Don't drop Superman's name, just say you're putting together a team full of expendable idiots to do stuff the government can't get caught doing. It's not hard and it actually makes sense, heaven forbid one of these DC movies makes sense.

It’s real: Ars Technica goes hands-on with the fabled Nintendo PlayStation. It's cool that there's one of these in existence. I mean there's not really much you can do with it but it's just cool that it exists. Imagine how different things would be for both companies if they had kep this partnership together.

50 Shows I Would Watch Based On Nothing But The Title. I'm 99.9% sure that Loose Cannons premieres this fall on USA.

‘Rogue One’ Hi-Res Images Reveal the Best Looks at Gareth Edwards’ Epic Yet. This movie had better be good. All those reshoots they reportedly went through make me nervous. Suicide Squad went through a ton of reshoots and more than likely they made the movie worse. Don't blow this Disney.

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Suicide Squad does the Ballroom Blitz

Hoooo doggie was Emerald City Comicon fun this year. I've got a lot to unpack and am massively behind at work so instead of talking about it lets just post this new Suicide Squad Trailer. It's pretty good. Word on the street is that Warner Bros orde...

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Suicide Squad, Worst Heroes Ever

Last night DC/Warner Bros did some big special on the CW that I completely missed. The showed off some new footage of Batman V Superman (yawn), like 10 seconds of Wonder Woman footage (double yawn) and the new trailer for Suicide Squad (yaw... wait a ...

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Hey, Look at that Joker

A couple days ago Empire Magazine, who I'm pretty sure only exists as a magazine so they can be the first to leak superhero movie pics, premiered a cover that shows Jared Leto in full on Joker costume from the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. I like it, I...

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Suicide Squad Trailer!

Well this is a weird turn of events. Just hours after DC was pretty adamant that they weren't going to be releasing the Suicide Squad teaser they showed at Comic-Con this year DC has done just that. It's almost like they realized people were watching...

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