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Theresa May trivia: 103 amazing facts about the British politician!

Theresa May is a British politician that for three years was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. She recently resigned!

So it’s the perfect time to find out some trivia and facts about her career!

  1. Her full name is Theresa Mary May
  2. She was born on 1 October 1956
  3. She is a British politician
  4. Serving as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
  5. And Leader of the Conservative Party since 2016
  6. May was first elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Maidenhead in 1997
  7. And served as Home Secretary from 2010 to 2016
  8. Ideologically, she identifies herself as a one-nation conservative
  9. May grew up in Oxfordshire and attended St Hugh’s College, Oxford
  10. After graduating in 1977, she worked for the Bank of England
  11. She also served as a councillor for Durnsford in Merton
  12. After unsuccessful attempts to be elected to the House of Commons she was elected as the MP for Maidenhead in the 1997 general election
  13. From 1999 to 2010, May held a number of roles in Shadow Cabinets
  14. She was also Chairwoman of the Conservative Party from 2002 to 2003
  15. When the coalition government was formed after the 2010 general election
  16. May was appointed Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities
  17. But gave up the latter role in 2012
  18. She continued to serve as home secretary after the Conservative victory in the 2015 general election
  19. And became the longest-serving home secretary in over 60 years
  20. During her tenure she pursued reform of the Police Federation
  21. Implemented a harder line on drugs policy
  22. Including the banning of khat
  23. Oversaw the introduction of elected Police and Crime Commissioners
  24. The deportation of Abu Qatada
  25. And the creation of the National Crime Agency
  26. And brought in additional restrictions on immigration
  27. She is to date, the only woman to hold two of the great offices of state
  28. In July 2016, after David Cameron resigned, May was elected as Conservative Party Leader
  29. Becoming Britain’s second female Prime Minister after Margaret Thatcher
  30. As Prime Minister, May began the process of withdrawing the UK from the European Union
  31. Triggering Article 50 in March 2017
  32. The following month, she announced a snap general election
  33. With the aim of strengthening her hand in Brexit negotiations and highlighting her “strong and stable” leadership
  34. This resulted in a hung parliament
  35. In which the number of Conservative seats fell from 330 to 317
  36. Despite the party winning its highest vote share since 1983
  37. The loss of an overall majority prompted her to enter a confidence and supply arrangement with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)
  38. To support a minority government
  39. Since forming a second ministry on 11 June 2017, May has faced a significant number of ministerial resignations
  40. May survived a vote of no confidence from her own MPs in December 2018
  41. And a Parliamentary vote of no confidence in January 2019
  42. May said that she would not lead her party in the next general election scheduled for 2022
  43. Under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act
  44. But did not rule out leading it into a snap election
  45. May carried out the Brexit negotiations with the European Union
  46. Adhering to the Chequers Agreement
  47. Which resulted in the draft Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and the EU
  48. This agreement was defeated by Parliament in January 2019
  49. In the largest majority against a British government in history
  50. May announced a revised deal
  51. But this was defeated in Parliament by 391 votes to 242
  52. In March 2019, May committed to stepping down as Prime Minister if Parliament passed her Brexit deal
  53. To make way for a new leader in the second phase of Brexit
  54. However, the Withdrawal Agreement was rejected for a third time
  55. On 24 May 2019, she announced that her resignation as party leader would take effect on 7 June
  56. She stated that she would remain in office as prime minister until a successor is chosen in a Conservative Party leadership election
  57. Born on 1 October 1956 in Eastbourne, Sussex
  58. May is the only child of Zaidee Mary and Hubert Brasier
  59. Her father was a Church of England clergyman
  60. Who was chaplain of an Eastbourne hospital
  61. He later became vicar of Enstone with Heythrop
  62. And finally of St Mary’s at Wheatley, to the east of Oxford
  63. May’s mother was a supporter of the Conservative Party
  64. Her father died from injuries sustained in a car accident in 1981
  65. And her mother of multiple sclerosis the following year
  66. May later stated she was “sorry they [her parents] never saw me elected as a Member of Parliament”
  67. May initially attended Heythrop Primary School
  68. A state school in Heythrop
  69. Followed by St. Juliana’s Convent School for Girls
  70. A Roman Catholic independent school in Begbroke
  71. Which closed in 1984
  72. When she was 13, May won a place at the former Holton Park Girls’ Grammar School
  73. A state school in Wheatley
  74. During her time as a pupil, the Oxfordshire education system was reorganised
  75. And the school became the new Wheatley Park Comprehensive School
  76. May attended the University of Oxford
  77. Read geography at St Hugh’s College
  78. And graduated with a second class BA degree in 1977
  79. She worked in a bakery on Saturdays to earn pocket money
  80. And was a “tall, fashion-conscious young woman who from an early age spoke of her ambition to be the first woman prime minister,” according those who knew her
  81. A university friend, Pat Frankland, said: “I cannot remember a time when she did not have political ambitions. I well remember, at the time, she was quite irritated when Margaret Thatcher got there first”
  82. May has been married to Philip May
  83. An investment relationship manager currently employed by Capital International
  84. They are married since 6 September 1980
  85. It is widely believed that former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto introduced the two during their time at Oxford
  86. May has expressed regret that she and her husband have not been able to have children
  87. The Mays are passionate walkers
  88. And they regularly spend their holidays hiking in the Swiss Alps
  89. May is also a cricket fan
  90. Stating that Geoffrey Boycott was one of her sporting heroes
  91. She also likes cooking
  92. And has said that she owns 100 cookery books
  93. May is a member of the Church of England
  94. And regularly worships at church on Sunday
  95. The daughter of an Anglican priest, the Reverend Hubert Brasier, May has said that her Christian faith “is part of me. It is part of who I am and therefore how I approach things”
  96. May is known for a love of fashion
  97. And in particular of distinctive shoes
  98. She wore leopard-print shoes at her ‘Nasty Party’ speech in 2002
  99. As well as her final Cabinet meeting as Home Secretary in 2016
  100. On Desert Island Discs in 2014, she chose a subscription to Vogue as her luxury item
  101. However, she has been critical of the media focusing on her fashion instead of her achievements as a politician
  102. May was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus of type 1 in November 2012
  103. She is treated with daily insulin injections


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