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This Cancer Patient’s Joke Took 18 Months To Notice

Pranks are an incredible way of bringing out either a humoured or annoyed reaction out of someone.

They can be taken over the top in a good or bad way, but joker Cormac Seachoy went over the top in the best way possible.

Cormac was a heartwarming prankster who only wanted to make people smile.

With his creativity and Harry Potter dedication he created a plaque for fans to enjoy.

The Bristol University graduate showed his love for Harry Potter and decided to use a rather subtle reference for the plaque.

This plaque was planned to be built on the 2001 interactive sculpture that was designed by Andrew Smith on the Bristol Royal Hospital For Children.

The lights on the sculpture can be controlled from inside the hospital by a remote control.


The Kickstarter campaign back in October 2014 to fund the making of the plaque, saying:

“There’s a massive sculpture outside the children’s hospital in Bristol, which consists of these really tall hoops, and looks amazing.

“Every time I pass them, I think they look like Quidditch Posts, and so I thought it would be an awesome idea to somehow convey to Bristol that the sculpture is actually the Quidditch Posts from the 1998 World Cup and that they have been enchanted into place as a gift from wizards to the Bristol Children’s Hospital.

“So I bought a really classy and permanent cast bronze plaque, got it engraved with a dedication message, and it’s going to be stuck to the wall beneath the sculpture at the start of December as a Christmas gift to the hospital.”

After it got funded, Seachoy put the plaque up during the night, but the reference was only ever mentioned on J.K Rowling’s Pottermore site.

A year after, Seachoy was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer and passed away aged 27 on the 16th December 2015.

During the 18 months of its existence the hospital never realised it was there until the Bristol Post asked them about it.

The hospital were light-hearted about it after only just noticing the plaque by keeping in memory of Cormac Seachoy.

A UBHT Spokeswoman said: “We do plan to keep this but ask that any other magical beings that wish to erect plaques on our site do speak to us first so that the muggles amongst us can say thank you and look after and maintain these gifts”

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